19 places to have baby showers at

19 creative places to have baby showers

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Including low cost or free baby shower venues

During the whole pregnancy a baby shower is one of the many special moments any mom-to-be looks forward too.

I know I was excited and even though I was surprised with a party I had a feeling that something was being planned secretly and it was an amazing baby shower.

While there are certain traditions there are not really rules as to who has to host and where you have a baby shower at.

Before we dive into the best venues let’s clear up some basic questions that many moms have.

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How much does a baby shower cost?

The cost of hosting a baby shower widely varies on different factors like how many guests you will have, what food you will serve, what games you will play, if you want to go all out on decoration or keep it simple, and of course the venue of the baby shower.

You are probably looking at a cost of anywhere between $100 – $1000 to host a baby shower.

As with anything there are no limits and you can spend as little or as much as your budget allows you to spend.

Keep in mind that instead of spending that extra money on the super great decoration or hiring someone to decorate it to perfection you could also save some money and rather spend it on much-needed essentials for your baby.

Who pays for a baby shower?

This is pretty simple – whoever hosts is the one that pays.

Traditionally the mom-to-be does not host her own baby shower. 

Instead you’ll see close family members or friends organize a baby shower but over the last few years it became quite popular that the new parents host their own baby shower.

Organizing a surprise baby shower is a great way to appreciate your pregnant friend.

Ok, but where do I host?

There is a huge variety of places you can have your baby shower at.

Keep in mind that you should book venues well ahead of time because very popular ones can be booked out for months (Just like wedding venues).

It is probably best to start planning about 3-6 months in advance if you want to get into a very popular venue.

This also goes for venues inside especially in the winter due to high demand.

If you do decide to go with a free or low-cost venue for your baby shower you can pull it off rather short notice.

Whatever you decide it is great to have an idea in mind on how to make the baby shower memorable and unique.

It can be a small intimate baby shower or a super fancy huge one – you decide.

And if you are looking for hosting locations nearby you can always google for “baby shower venues near me” and it will give you a few great local ideas as well.

The average baby shower facts to know

Can you throw your own baby shower?

Absolutely you can.

Nowadays a lot of moms actually plan their own baby shower party and organize everything with some help from friends and family.

Some people may find it weird if you host your own baby shower but if you feel like that is something you want to do then just go for it.

The good thing about throwing your own baby shower is that you have a lot of control over how the party will be and what activities will be done – that way you can avoid games and activities you don’t want to do.

And these are some of your options of places to have baby showers:

1. At home

This can be your own home or the home of a family member or close friend.

It is probably the easiest venue to set up and doesn’t cost you anything besides food for the guests and maybe to rent a few extra tables and chairs.

Decoration can be found at any dollar store or walmart nowadays and is very budget friendly.

Of course amazon has a huge variety of decoration too.

And you have all the gifts right where they belong already – in your house (unless it’s someone else’s house)

Only downside? You need to clean up after.

To make that part easy it’s best to use paper plates and plastic silverware (I know, it’s not good for the environment)

2. Come and go baby shower

While this type of baby shower is still at home it is a great way to enjoy the company of all your guests when you have very small space.

Every guest comes to your baby shower for a certain amount of time and then leaves again.

This type of baby shower doesn’t really allow for games to play together but helps if you want to stay at home and still be able to see everyone.

You could make little party favor thank you bag for every guest to take home and offer cupcakes.

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3. No place at all

Sometimes the perfect shower locations are nowhere at all.

Right now many people are hosting their baby shower virtually due to restrictions with quarantine.

There are tons of great ideas to throw a virtual baby shower out there.

Doing this is quite simple even if it is not as much fun.

The parents to be create their baby registry online where people can shop and have the gifts sent to them and on a certain date there will be a live event or zoom call to all guests.

The new parents to be can open gifts in front of the camera and even play games with their guest online.

4. Park

While this venue is completely free you have to consider the season you are planning on having your baby shower in and the weather forecast.

It can literally always rain on your parade. 

And nobody wants to sit in 100 degree weather at a party either.

The park is a great option for spring and fall baby showers.

Make sure to check in with your local city – some require you to check in with them for parties at the local parks.

Parks are amazing for guests with kids that can just play on the playground.

The only downside here is the cleanup afterwards and you will need to take all the gifts back to your home which can become quite a lot depending on the amount of people coming to your baby shower.

Or you can turn the party into a…

5. Picnic

Ask all your guests to bring a picnic blanket to sit down under the trees in your local park.

Sitting together while breathing fresh air filled with the laughter of children playing at the playground nearby or the quacking of ducks in the pond.

If you are organizing the shower with other people you can all do a potluck style and everyone brings some food and drinks to share with the whole party.

6. Beach

Who doesn’t love to be at the beach?

Just imagine yourself sitting at the beach breathing in the fresh ocean air with good food, all your friends and family while being celebrated and having a good time.

You can rent tables and chairs to set up at the beach or use picnic blankets.

If you plan the baby shower at a later time in the afternoon you could even watch the sunset together with your guest.

Make sure to check if you need a permit to host a party at the beach before you plan anything.

7. Community Center

Most community centers offer their space for rent for special occasions.

If you are lucky they might even let you host your baby shower at no cost.

The community center is a great venue because there is usually all you need like chairs and tables and you just need to bring the food and decoration.

You can also ask the center if they provide cleaning services for a small fee and save yourself the clean up after the party.

8. At a tea room

If you think about a classic tea room it is fancy, elegant but also inviting and has a cozy flair to it.

It is a great venue for people that like it classy and it is a quite an intimate setting.

No need to prepare anything – the tea room offers tea and snacks for everyone that you just pay after the party.

All you have to do is enjoy the afternoon and open the gifts.

It can be the perfect venue for private parties in general surrounded by family and friends.

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9. At the botanical garden

If you have a botanical garden close to you this is an amazing venue to host a baby shower.

A relaxing atmosphere filled with the smell of lovely flowers and great views truly makes it a creative and unique place to have a baby shower.

Your guests can walk around and enjoy the beauty of all the different plants.

10. Your favorite Restaurant

Book just 1-2 tables or the whole restaurant depending on the size of the venue and the amount of guests that are going to be at your baby shower.

Some restaurants even have a separate dining area dedicated for parties away from their other guests.

If you have a separate room or booked the whole restaurant you can decorate however you like and even ask the staff if it is possible to get a certain style of decoration on the tables.

You might even be able to get a specific menu for your party that people can choose from.

11. On a Farm

Wait, a Farm?

Yes – Farms and especially the classic red farm barns are becoming very popular as a venue for a variety of different events.

It comes with a rustic and charming vibe to it and can be amazingly decorated.

If you live in a big city this is also a great way to get out of your town and even spend a few days in a more rural area.

There are usually also tons of great opportunities for stunning photos.

12. Local Church Hall

This is great if you are a faithful person or part of the church you are looking at as a venue (if you do organize the baby shower for friends make sure they agree with the same believes)

You can usually find a separate room or hall that the members of the church usually use for weddings or other social events.

However if you do decide to celebrate the baby shower at a church you should stay away from inappropriate party games that could offend the church.

You will also need to provide your own food, decoration and drinks plus do the clean up after the celebration.

13. Rooftop terrace

Having a baby shower on a rooftop with great views is definitely something I would consider very unique.

Many places in bigger cities have a rooftop or big terrace that is available to book for such occasions. 

Keep in mind that these places are probably very booked during the summer season since everyone wants to take advantage of great weather and the great location.

You can call ahead and ask if it is possible to book the whole rooftop – If not you might need to share the space with regular guests of the venue.

14. Winery

Even though the pregnant women that the baby shower is organized for can not drink – a Winery has beautiful photo opportunities.

Sitting on a terrace with a view over all the vineyards has a special kind of vibe to it.

Wineries usually also offer small dishes or a full restaurant menu.

The same thing goes for…

15. Breweries

If you go to a brewery you will probably see pretty modern decor with the charme of old wooden barrels that were used back in the day.

And if the brewery offers an outdoor space even better.

Breweries are definitely a creative place to host a baby shower even if you can’t drink alcohol.

friends celebrating a baby shower

16. Rent a Tent

You can rent a tent plus tables and chairs from a rental company and set it up in your own backyard.

Tent rental companies also offer decorations to go with it.

If you don’t have any shaded area in your garden a tent might be the perfect alternative and is great for a low budget.

This would be extra fun if you are planning on hosting a circus themed baby shower.

And all the decoration you want to use is super easy to attach on a tent.

After you’re done with the clean up the rental company will just pick everything up from your house again.

easy , peasy! 

17. Fancy at the Club House

This is super simple if you are a member of the club or a close friend of a member.

Clubs that have a club house usually include golf clubs or tennis clubs.

Having a baby shower in a Club house makes it feel very exclusive and private which sets a great intimate vibe for the whole party.

The privacy is a big plus and probably my favorite after having a baby shower in your own home.

Many clubhouses offer different services including snacks and drinks or other food options.

You can simply call your local clubhouse and get a breakdown of the services and costs provided.

18. Girls night in a Hotel room

If it’s only you and a few girlfriends, a hotel room is a unique place to have your baby shower.

Grab your closest friend, book that suite in the spa hotel and enjoy.

You literally don’t have to lift a finger for anything regarding the party because the hotel will take care of it.

All you need to do is ask for what you would like at your party.

This can also be transformed into a sleepover or pajama party where everyone stays the night at the hotel room or suite.

A great way to celebrate your last girls night out before the baby arrives cause let’s be honest – you won’t have time for anything like this in the first months of your baby’s life.

Make sure to combine your party with the spa offers and spoil yourself while you are there.

19. Bed and breakfast

A classic bed and breakfast offers a private area that is usually for business meetings or small events such as your baby shower.

Compared to a hotel the bed and breakfast has a more cozy and family oriented environment and is great if there are going to be guests with kids at your party.

You also won’t have to take care of food and drinks since the bed and breakfast will offer their own.

I hope this post gave you some great ideas on where and how to celebrate your baby shower.

Did you have a baby shower in a place that is not listed but should absolutely be on the list of top places?

Make sure to let us know in the comments.

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19 creative places to host a baby shower

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