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How to swaddle your baby – with video tutorial

Swaddling your baby is so beneficial

You may have heard that swaddling your baby is a good thing but how do you actually do it?

These step by step instructions with video and photo show you exactly how to swaddle your baby the easy way. (I don’t have a newborn anymore so I used my toddlers stuffed unicorn to demonstrate)

Disclaimer: using a swaddle blanket is always at your own risk. If you do not feel comfortable or your baby absolutely does not like being swaddled you should not do so. 

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Why should you swaddle?

Swaddling your baby can have many positive effects on your baby.

They feel like they are back in the womb and are all snuggled up comfy and cozy.

It can calm your baby down and get them to sleep better at night.

However there are babies that absolutely do not like to be swaddled and that is okay too.

If your baby does not like to be swaddled a footed pajama and sleep sack is a good alternative.

Step by step instructions 

  • Start by laying the swaddle blanket on a flat surface in front of you. If you are going to swaddle your baby on top of your bed make sure your baby can’t roll off.
swaddle blanket flat on ground
  • Next you want to fold the corner on top to the middle of the swaddle blanket.
folded blanket
  • Place your baby on the swaddle blanket with the head sticking out above the folded down corner.
baby on top of blanket
  • Before you start to swaddle your baby make sure the arms are both on the chest. Start with the corner on your left and lay it over your baby.
swaddle blanket
  • Tuck the corner in under your baby’s body.
tuck in one side blanket
  • Take the bottom corner and lay it over your baby also.
half way swaddled baby
  • Tuck it in under your baby’s body.
baby in blanket half done
  • Now all you have left is the corner to your right. Lay that corner over your baby’s body.
baby in blanket

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  • This part of the blanket should go under your baby’s body all the way around and stick out on the other side like this:
Baby being swaddled
  • Take that small piece of blanket and tuck it in under your baby’s head. Now your baby is all snuggled up and comforted.
tucked in


  • When you swaddle your baby make sure the blanket is not too tight and not too loose. The more you practice the more you will get a feeling for it.
  • Do NOT use a swaddle blanket anymore once your baby can start rolling over by themselves. At this point swaddling is not safe anymore since it could ultimately lead to your baby suffocating from laying on their stomach and not being able to move a lot wrapped up in the blanket.

I also made a video with the step by step instruction on how to swaddle your baby to make it easier if you are the more visual type:

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