I spy games for kids to print at home

Free printable “I spy” games for kids

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I spy games are a very handy tool to entertain kids at home or on the road when you are having a road trip.

But besides being a fun game I spy will teach your kids how to recognize different visuals and to be able to determine different shapes and objects.

They can also be great to see differences in the letters of the ABC which is a fundamental skill for reading and writing later.

Especially with letters that look very similar like b, q, p.

I spy games can be played alone or together with others.

When the game is played with other kids it can also strengthen your kids social skills and learning how to wait for their turn and let others take turns as well.

Another great benefit of letting your kid play I spy games is that it helps with their language development and understanding since they have to say out loud what they see and use their vocabulary.

If you want to take it to the next level you can also play them in two languages when your kid is bilingual.

Benefits of playing I spy

As described above there is a variety of great benefits to let your child play I spy games so in a nutshell these are the benefits:

  • Strengthens vocabulary
  • Helps with language development
  • Teaches social skills if played with others
  • Helps to learn to recognize visual differences

So if you ask yourself if you should let your children play I spy – yes, absolutely.

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How to play I spy

Playing a I spy game is very simple.

You can download and print the different I spy games for free by clicking on the pictures.

Download just one or all of the free I spy games.

The rules are simple – all your child has to do is find and count the different objects.

You can give them the paper and just let them search or you can play together taking turns saying “I spy with my little eye…” and count together.

This is especially helpful if your kid is still smaller and not as great with counting yet.

You could also make it a race where two kids get the same I spy games and start at the same time to see who is faster at finding all the different objects.

However you like to play I spy I hope you are having a great time with your children.

These are the free printable I spy games (click on the picture to open and download or print it):

I spy game farm
Printable I spy game with pets
I spy printable game ocean theme
Printable I spy on the beach
Print at home I spy game christmas
Printable Valentine's day I spy game
I spy printable new year
On the road I spy game printable

Which I spy game theme is your favorite?
Is there a theme you would love to have with your kid?

Let us know in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Free printable “I spy” games for kids”

  1. I love these “I spy” games for kids! They’re so much fun and they’re perfect for keeping little ones occupied.

  2. I love these “I spy” games for kids! They’re so much fun and they’re perfect for keeping little ones occupied.

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