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Kawaii anime girl names

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Anime’s have been gaining a lot of popularity worldwide over the last few years.

They are something unique and special to use for your baby girls name and not overly used yet.

Anime names are cool and special.

A lot of famous Anime series or movies are to blame for that trend in naming girls after anime characters.

Anime characters are usually quirky, fun and over dramatic.

Below you can find a list of over 100 great girl names from popular animes.

This list of anime girl names is in the order of the anime they came from.

Top anime girl names and their meaning

The female names for anime characters usually have a pretty cool meaning behind it too.

Some names do not have a meaning or I couldn’t find the meaning of it.

Anime girl names starting with A

  1. Ai

meaning “love” or “affection”

2. Aiko

meaning “little loved one”

3. Aimi

meaning “beautiful love”

4. Aina

meaning “forever”

5. Airi

Airi is a combination of the name Ai meaning love or affection and the Name Ri meaning jasmine or pearl.

6. Akane

meaning “deep red”

7. Akeno

meaning “bright shining field”

8. Aki

meaning “autumn” or “bright”

9. Akiyama

meaning “autumn mountain”

10. Amaya

meaning “the end” or “pleasant place”

11. Anko

meaning “red bean paste” – this might sound like a weird thing to name a child but it is a quite popular name.

12. Aoki

meaning “green tree”

13. Asami

depending on how the kanji character is written this name can mean three different things – “hemp” or “beauty”, “morning” or “beauty” and “morning” or “sea”.

Either way it is a beautiful name.

14. Asuka

meaning “tomorrow”

15. Asuna

meaning “tomorrow” or “apple tree”

16. Atsuko

meaning “child of profound emotions”

17. Aya

meaning “woven silk”

18. Ayaka

this one also depends on how it is written and can mean “colorful” or “flower” and “colorful” or “summer”

19. Ayako

can have a variety of different meaning depending on the writing: “writings, child”, “coloring, child”, “twill, child”

20. Ayane

meaning “colorful sound”

21. Ayano

meaning “color” or “design”

22. Ayu

meaning “beautiful” or “gorgeous”

23. Ayumu

meaning “walk”, “dream” or “vision”

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Anime girl names with C

24. Chikako

meaning “friendly child” or “child of thousand joys” – I really love the meaning of this name.

25. Chiharu

depending on how the word is written it can mean “thousand, spring” or “thousand, sunny weather”

26. Chihiro

This name as well can have different meanings like “thousand fathoms”, “thousand gains” or “thousand, abundance”

It will forever remind me of the first anime movie I watched as a child called “spirited away”.

27. Chinatsu

And another name with different meaning depending on the writing.

It can mean “thousand summers”, “wise summer” or “intellect, summer”

28. Chiyo

meaning “thousand generations” or “thousand worlds”

29. Chiyoko

also meaning “thousand generations”

30. Chizuru

meaning “thousand cranes”

31. Chouko

meaning “butterfly child”

Anime girl names with D

32. Dai

meaning “large, to shine”

33. Daisuke

One of the many names with different meanings depending on the writing of the Kanji character.

It can mean “big, assist”, “big, mediate” or “big, bless”

Anime girl names with E

34. Eiko

meaning “flourishing” or “prosperous”

35. Emika

meaning “blossom, bloom” or “flower”

This name also has it’s origin in the slavic language where it means “charming”

36. Emiko

Emiko is a combination of Emi meaning child and Ko meaning region of origin.

It is usually used in the meaning for “blessed”

37. Eri

meaning “drawing”

38. Eto

meaning “river wisteria”

39. Etsuko

meaning “joy child”

Anime girl names with F

40. Fubuki

depending on the kunji character it can mean “blown” or “snow”

41. Fujiko

meaning “wisteria”

42. Fumiko

simply means “beautiful” or “child”

Anime girl names with H

43. Hana

meaning “happiness” or “flower”

44. Haruka

With the different writing it can mean either “spring, fragrance”, “spring, flower” or “distance, flower”

45. Hideko

meaning “excellence”, “beauty” or “child”

46. Himara

meaning “to become”

47. Himari

meaning “sunflower”, “ball of light” or “home of light and love”

48. Hinata

meaning “sunny place” or “in the sun”

Hinata is actually a unisex names and can be used for male, female and non-binary people.

49. Hikari

also a gender neutral name meaning “light”

50. Hiraki

This is more common used as a last name and can either mean “even, flat” or “castle”

51. Hitagi

meaning “battelfield”

52. Hitomi

meaning “wisdom” or “intellect”

53. Holo

meaning “whole” or “entire”

54. Hoshi

meaning “star”

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Anime girl names with I

55. Ichigo

meaning “strawberry”

56. Ichika

meaning “one thousand flowers”

57. Ino

meaning “wild boar”

This name is well known from the anime series Naruto.

58. Inori

meaning “prayer”

59. Isamu

meaning “courage” or “bravery”

60. Itsuki

Depending on the kanji characters it can either mean “tree” or “servant of god” and “fiber, moon” or “that one moon”

61. Izumi

meaning “spring” or “fountain”

While this name is mainly used for girls it is actually also a unisex name.

Anime girl names with K

62. Kaeda

meaning “assembling a small dragon”

63. Kaede

meaning “maple tree”

Kaede is also a gender neutral name.

64. Kagome

meaning “fragrance”

65. Kagura

meaning “entertaining the gods” or “god entertainment”

66. Kaguya

meaning “radiant light”

67. Kamiko

meaning “little goddess”

68. Kan

meaning “citrus”

69. Kaori

meaning “scent or aroma”, “fabric or weave” and sometimes also “perfume”

70. Karui

meaning “light” or “non-serios”

71. Keiko

meaning “be glad” or “rejoicing child”

72. Kiko

A variation of keiko also meaning “be glad”

73. Kin

meaning “golden”

Can also be used as a unisex name.

74. Kobato

meaning “little dove”

75. Kokoro

meaning “heart” or “mind”

76. Kurenai

meaning “crimson”

77. Kurisu

meaning “chestnut”

78. Kurumi

meaning “walnut” is a common name for females in japan even though you can occasionally find a male with that name.

79. Kushina

meaning “wondrous inada princess”

80. Kyoka

meaning “a mirror” or “fragrant capital”

81. Kyoko

meaning “mirror”

Anime girl names with L

82. Lin

meaning “forest” or “sun goddess”

Anime girl names with M

83. Madoka

usually means “circle”

84. Maki

Either means “true, precious” or “true, timber trees” depending on the writing.

85. Mao

meaning “true center”

86. Masami

has a few different meaning including “prosperous beauty”, “gracious beauty” or “become beautiful”

87. Mashiro

meaning “white”

88. Mayu

meaning “true” or “gentleness”

89. Megumi

meaning “blessing” or “grace”

90. Mei

meaning “beautiful”

91. Michiko

meaning “beautiful wise child” or “child of beautiful wisdom or knowledge” or “child of thousand beauties”

92. Mikasa

meaning “bamboo” or “three hats of bamboo”

93. Miku

meaning “a beautiful sky” or “a beautiful time”

94. Minori

meaning “beautiful harbor”

95. Mio

meaning “beautiful cherry blossom”

96. Mirajane

meaning “master”, “educated” or “cheerful”

97. Misako

Misako is a name with many meanings depending on the kanji characters used.

It can mean “beauty, blossom, child” or “fascination, help, child”

In general it is a combination of Mi (meaning beautiful), Sa (meaning sand) and Ko (meaning child).

98. Misato

meaning “beautiful knowledge” or “beautiful village”

99. Mitsuri

meaning “honey”

100. Mitsuru

meaning “fullness”

Mitsuru is also a beautiful gender neutral name.

101. Miu

meaning “beautiful feather”

102. Miwa

Can mean “tree, harmony” or “beauty, harmony”

103. Mizuki

meaning “beautiful moon” or “water moon”

104. Momo

meaning “peach”

105. Momoe

meaning “a hundred blessings”

106. Mononoke

meaning “the spirit of a thing”

That is basically the japanese form of paranormal – when unexplainabe things happen the Mononoke or spirits are blamed.

107. Motoko

meaning “beginning” or “fountain”

Anime girl names with N

108. Naigsa

meaning “a calm beach”

109. Nami

meaning “beautiful”, “red apple” or “wave”

110. Nana

meaning “seven”

111. Nanami

this name has different meaning depending on the writing and can mean “seven, sea” or “seven, beauty”

112. Nao

meaning “love” or “affection”

113. Naoko

depending on the writing can mean “obedient, child” or “esteem, child”

114. Name

meaning “peaceful”, “quiet” or “preferably”

115. Naru

meaning “someone charming and wholesome”

116. Natsu

meaning “summer”

117. Natsuki

Again depending on the writing can have different meanings – “summer, rare” or “summer, life”

118. Nezuko

meaning “snowball flower”

119. Nobara

meaning “wild rose”

120. Nobuko

meaning “child of faith”

121. Nori

meaning “belief”

Nori can also be used for any gender since it is considered a unisex name.

122. Noriko

meaning “law” or “order”

Anime girl names with O

123. Ochako

meaning “tea child”

124. Oiwa

meaning “large” or “big”

125. Origami

meaning “folding” and is also the name of the famous paper folding technique.

126. Orihime

meaning “weaving princess”

Anime girl names with R

127. Rei

meaning “law” or “rule”

128. Rias

meaning “natural born leader”

129. Rika

meaning “pear blossom”

130. Rikka

meaning “snowflake”

131. Riko

meaning “jasmine” or “truth”

132. Rin

meaning “companion”

Can also be used as a gender neutral name.

133. Rina

meaning “jasmine”, “village”, “vegetables” or “greens”

Anime girl names with S

134. Saeko

meaning “accomplish”, “truth” or “child” and can also be used as a unisex name for babies.

135. Saki

meaning “blossom” or “hope”

136. Sakura

meaning “cherry blossom”

Sakura is probably one of the most popular anime names mostly thanks to the character with that name in Naruto.

137. Sayomi

can mean “honor” or “beauty” depending on the writing.

138. Sayuri

meaning “small lilly”

139. Shinobu

meaning “endurance” and can be used gender neutral.

140. Shizuka

meaning “quiet” or “calm”

141. Shizune

meaning “quiet”

142. Shoko

meaning “bright”, “clear” or “happiness”

143. Sora

meaning “sky”

Sora is a unisex name that can be used for any gender.

144. Sumiko

meaning “child of goodness” or “beautiful child”

145. Sumire

meaning “violet”

Anime girl names with T

146. Taiga

meaning “large river” also another name that can be used gender neutral too.

147. Takara

meaning “treasure”

148. Temari

meaning “hand ball” – also a popular craft.

149. Tenten

meaning “thanks”

150. Tora

meaning “tiger”

151. Toshiko

meaning “quick”, “clever” or “sharp”

152. Touka

meaning “good perfume”

153. Tsubaki

meaning “camellia flower”

154. Tsukiko

meaning “moon”

155. Tsunade

commonly translated to “mooring rope”

Anime girl names with U

156. Uiharo

meaning “early spring”

157. Usagi

meaning “rabbit”

Anime girl names with W

158. Wakana

meaning “harmony”

Anime girl names with Y

159. Yasu

meaning “calm”

In general a gender neutral names but often used for females.

160. Yoi

meaning “born in the evening”

161. Yoko

meaning “good” or “positive”

162. Yubaba

meaning “elderly women of the hot water” and also the name of a famous character in spirited away.

163. Yui

meaning “superior garment”

164. Yukino

meaning “be like snow”

165. Yumi

can mean “reason or cause”, “abundant beauty” or “evening fruit” depending on the use of the kanji characters.

Anime girl names with Z

166. Zuiko

meaning “light of the gods”

Which one of these cute anime girl names is your favorite?

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