Unique girl names

Unique Baby Girl Names

Names for girls that are rare?

Once you find out that you are expecting a girl or even once you are pregnant you are probably going to start to think about names for your beautiful new addition to the family.

Little Baby girls are truly a special gift and daddy’s biggest joy in the world. At least mine is. She is a total daddy’s girl.

There are so many girl names that are completely overused.

Like Sara, Zoe or Summer for example. (Please don’t be mad if that is your name)

Which is a shame because they are really nice names but who wants to have the 5th kid with the same name in the same school class?

I definitely really like the name on top of the list – Waverly. It has a nice sound to it and I could see me naming my own daughter like that if I ever have another one.

It can be so hard to find the perfect name for your baby. We changed out mind probably more than 5 times before we decided on the one name we both really liked.

What if you want a truly unique name for your baby girl that nobody or rarely any other child has?

This list of baby names for girls might help you out:

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– Baby names starting with A

  1. Waverly
  2. Adaline
  3. Odessa
  4. Coraline
  5. Raelynn
  6. Tenley
  7. Lorelei
  8. Ivelle
  9. Lovanna
  10. Zayne
  11. Emery
  12. Hazelyn
  13. Jada
  14. Baylen
  15. Addison
  16. Wren
  17. Ryleene
  18. Kariah
  19. Raylah
  20. Wynter
  21. Charlee
  22. Remington
  23. Jalyn
  24. Navaya
  25. Maisey
  26. Aspen
  27. Mallory
  28. Oaklynn
  29. Willa
  30. Sumarah
  31. Loretta
  32. Presley
  33. Willow
  34. Adaleigh
  35. Emery
  36. Tinsley
  37. Bonadelle
  38. Ellowyn
  39. Aubrie
  40. Weslynn
  41. Nova
  42. Harper
  43. Ezra
  44. Charli
  45. Haisley
  46. Amina
  47. Paisley
  48. Billie
  49. Teagan
  50. Pearl
  51. Aura
  52. Amelia
  53. Beatrice
Sisters with unique names for girls

I personally only know two people that have a name on the list. Navaya (even though it is spelled different) and Remington (our new baby niece).

Do you have any very unique names for your baby girl?

Drop them in the comments below.

unique names for girls
unique names for baby girls

11 thoughts on “Unique Baby Girl Names”

  1. My daughters name is Aslin (pronounced like ay-z-lin) and I love it! I also really love the name Ferelith for if I ever have another girl, but I’m not sure I’ll use it because I’m worried that it’s too different and people would give her a hard time about it.

    1. Oh I love it πŸ™‚ Ferelith is definitely a unique name! Yeah especially kids can be so mean :/ I would still do it if you really love the name πŸ™‚

  2. I named my only daughter McKenna, it’s not a family name, I just really liked it. It wasn’t popular when she was born ( 26 years ago) but I’ve heard it being used a few times now but spelled differently, like Mackenna or Mickena. I’ve also seen it spelled without the capital K, Mckenna.

  3. Sherolyn Martin

    My name sherolyn is unusual have only met one other person with the same name, certainly never found a coke bottle with it on!

  4. My name is Xaira. A lot of people find my name unique. I used to be the only one in my school with that spelling. My friend made a list
    Xabrina and it goes on.

    1. That is a really nice name and I actually never heard it before πŸ™‚
      Thank you for all the name suggestions – maybe they can inspire a new mom πŸ™‚

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