Great finds to add to your baby registry

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What products should you have on your baby registry?

So many products for Babies, so many choices – what are really good buys?

Find out what are great finds to add to your baby registry.

Don’t forget to open a registry on Amazon , BuybuyBaby and Target – see my article Basic Buys for your Baby for more information.

Make sure to grab your free Baby registry checklist.

free baby registry checklist

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Fetal Doppler

You can listen to the heartbeat of your baby in the comfort of your home.

This Doppler comes in a set with everything you need.

But – sometimes it can be hard to find the heartbeat so don’t panic if you can not find it.

Your baby could just be laying in your uterus in a way the doppler can’t pick up the heartbeat.

Honey Bug products

Honey Bug is a company that has a bunch of different products that are organic and ethically produced products.

They have a huge variety of wooden toys without nasty chemicals too.

And they sell gift boxes – perfect for a new baby.

When you use the code LITTLEBUG you’ll get 15% off your first order.

What to expect Books

These Books are bestsellers for a very good reason – they are so helpful and give a new mom a lot of confidence.

Each month of the pregnancy and each month of baby’s first year are a completely own chapter with so much information – this is amazing for first time moms!
What to expect: the first year also includes tips on traveling with Baby and Development and a lot of Baby CPR and what to do for certain wounds.
These are a must buy in my opinion and should always be added to a baby registry.

What to expect when you’re expecting and What to expect: the first year


I always thought – is this really something you need?
Once your Baby gets the first sniffles you will know…a humidifier makes it so much easier and more comfortable for baby and you.

During Winter when we have the heater running I use the humidifier all night long and we are all having a much better sleep than waking up in the middle of the night thinking you are gonna die of dehydration any second.

The Safety 1st 360 Degree Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier is inexpensive and effective.

You can also buy it at Walmart or Target.

Nose Frieda

The Nose frieda really gets everything out of the nose.

Those cheap little suckers that everyone seems to have are completely useless honestly…But Nose Frieda is a really good thing to have when your baby gets sick.

I bought this set with the Nose Frieda and Saltwater Nose spray – it worked like a charm when my Baby got sick.

The Saltwater spray is also 100% natural (only Water and Sea salt, no extra chemicals) and moistens the inside of the nose for better breathing.

Baby Healing Ointment

Babies get rashes pretty easy for different reasons. Mine would always have a diaper rash when we changed brands so if you found a brand you like i would stick with it to prevent that from constantly happening.

Also some foods can cause a rash on their little bottom.

We have the Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment the 7 oz Tub will last you for very long.

We have been using it for over a Year now!

It heals rashes in less than 6 hours, if i see a rash before bed time i put the ointment on before going to bed and in the morning the rash is gone.

You can also use it on their face or if they get scratches (those sharp little fingernails)

Of course it works great on your own skin too!

Nail Clipper/File, Hairbrush

Their little Fingernails grow like crazy so you will need a nail clipper of files whichever you are more comfortable with.

I bought a whole Safety Kit which already includes the Clipper, File, a basic thermometer, hairbrush, toothbrush and a bag to store everything in.

They come in different colors and you can get them from Amazon, Target or Walmart.

If you do have time tho Amazon is still the choice with the best price.

I like the safety 1st product – they work great and are inexpensive.

Hooded Towels

I would suggest at least 4-5 of them like this adorable Elephant hooded towel or you can see if you can find a whole set for a good price.

If you have a Burlington or Ross near you go check them out – i got a set of 3 Bath Towels for less than $20 at Burlington.

Ross is amazing for small stuff like Washcloths and Clothes.

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You will need a bunch of clothes for the little human.

Actually you are probably gonna end up like me and every other mom i know and have way too many, well who can say no to all that adorable clothes?

Baby clothes can get pretty pricey and after all they are only wearing them for a short time.
My favorite Brand is definitely Carters.

They are regularly having sales on their website or if you have a Ross near you you can score an even better price on their clothes.
The childrens place also has a great selection and sales during the year.

Those two are definitely my go-to brands.

If you don’t mind used clothes make sure to check out local groups on facebook or the marketplace.

A lot of people just want them gone and you can have great condition clothes for a very low price.

Receiving Blankets

These Blankets are great for everything.

They are light and a thin material so it is great to use them in the summer when it gets hot or just on top of the baby in the car, put it on the ground in the park,… unlimited uses.

I always have at least 1 Blanket in the Diaper Bag.

For colder months i would get 1-2 really thick blankets (like this super cozy one) so your baby stays cozy and warm.
I don’t think there is such a thing as too many blankets, who doesn’t like infinite comfort and Coziness?

Also we know that babies like to spit up so it is always good to have a backup.

Burp Clothes

I can’t even count how many we have.

They are just handy for every situation and if you end up having a Baby that spits up a lot you will need a lot.

I personally prefer the big muslin ones over the smaller burp clothes.

I just feel like they cover more surface and if needed you can wash them in the hot cycle without destroying anything or losing color.

When my baby was small i would have them stashed all over the house for every situation.

There is no such thing as too many burp cloths so make sure to add plenty to your baby registry.

Crib Mattress

This is a very important product too, after all your baby will spend quite a lot of time on the mattress.

We opted for a Dream On Me mattress that already has a waterproof layer. (they are available at your local Walmart too) If you choose a regular foam mattress instead it would be a good idea to get a mattress protector.

Even better layer mattress protector, sheet, mattress protector and another sheet – If you do this you can simply pull of a sheet including protector to deal with it later if a liquid accident happens in the middle of the night.

The last thing you want to do is wash sheets when you could be sleeping.

Matress protector for YOUR Bed

We are co-sleeping most of the night (meaning baby in bed right next to us).

The mattress protector we have on our Bed saved my mattress twice already.

My Baby had a phase where she would stick her fingers so far in the mouth that she would gag and because of that throw up all over our bed twice. Thanks to the mattress protector the mattress still looks like new and i could just wash everything else.

This is also great in case your water breaks at home in your bed so it won’t ruin your mattress. This is definitely worth the money and should be added to every baby registry.

Diaper and Wipes

No matter what brand you want to go with make sure the wipes are unscented if your baby has a sensitive skin.

I love the Target Brand wipes, they are thin and strechy and have a great price.

Diapers honestly – generic brands do the job too.

We tried Aldi, Walmart and Target Brands and are using the Winco brand at the moment.

They work just as great as any Pampers or Huggies Diaper for half the price.

If you do want to get Pampers or Huggies check out their websites for the Rewards program where you can get points for each purchase and then trade those for toys or more diapers. (Check my article Baby Freebies for more information)

If you get Coupons with your newspaper there are usually some for diapers too or online and their websites you can find some too.


A rocker or bouncer for the Baby is fun and so useful.

I bought the Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker and mainly used it to take a shower in peace while the baby was in the bathroom with me and i could have an eye on her.

It also comes in handy while cooking or folding laundry and still entertain the baby and the baby can see you and also play with the attached toys.

This rocker transforms in a toddler seat which she is still actively using and the whole seat part is washable.

Even now my daughter still loves sitting in it or uses it to rock her stuffed animals.

Baby Gym

A baby gym is a good activity for your Baby. There are different ones for each stage/age of theirs or you can buy one that you can use long term like the Bright Starts 5-in-1 Your Way Ball Play Activity Gym.

I love this one because you can use it for a very long time.

At first you can unfold the whole mat to use it for tummy time (skin on skin is tummy time too), have the baby laying on the back looking up to all the toys and later when your baby can sit by itself it is a ball pit with the balls that come with it.

You can easily clean the whole mat and toys.

My baby actually fell asleep in it before while laying on her back.

I also used the mat as a cushion on the ground inside the playpen.

Do you have a great tip/must have for a baby registry?

Leave a comment below and tell us.

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What products should you put on your baby registry?

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