Girl names inspired by flowers

Flower inspired baby names for girls and their meaning

Uncommon flower names for your baby girl

First names for baby girls inspired by flowers can be so beautiful.

They make a great combination as a second name with most of the classic baby girl names.

Overall botanical names from flowers, trees and other plants gained popularity.


The name Daisy has american origin.

The meaning is simply the word for the white flower daisy.

But the original meaning of the name Daisy comes from the old English and means”day eye” because daisy’s close their flowers at night and open in the morning.


This name is of English origin. It originally comes from the latin language.

It can be written Lily, Lillie or Lilly.

One of the most famous persons with the name Lily might be singer Lily Allen.


Come from Persian and french origin.

The delicate flower is associated with “love” and can also symbolize beauty.

When you take a look in the bible the name Jasmine is known for purity.

Overall a absolutely beautiful and pretty popular name for sweet little baby girls.

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Iris means rainbow and has it’s origin in the Greek language.

Looking at the old Greek mythology Iris was the goddess of the rainbow and also a messenger for Zeus.

When referring to the flower Iris the name has Hebrew origin.


When you are thinking about baby girl names that are inspired by flowers then rose is probably one of the first that comes to your mind.

It’s a classic and truly timeless while never losing it’s charme.

Rose has it’s origin in the Latin language meaning rose or flower.

It comes from the Latin word Rosa which refers to the flower we know and love.


From the evergreen holly tree the name holly has old English origin.

It comes from the word “holegn” which means “to prick” and refers to the holly tree leaves which are really pointy.

In the bible holly is used as a unisex name for boys and girls and has a different meaning – it is used to refer to someone who is sacred.


While the evergreen and climbing Ivy plant can destroy whole buildings it makes a absolutely beautiful name for a girl.

With it’s origin from the old english it makes a great and short name for a sassy little girl.

The ancient Greeks gave Ivy wreaths to newly married couples as a symbol of their faithfulness.


The willow tree grows tall and has a very graceful appearance.

That is what the word willow means in the english language – graceful.

It became quite popular over the last few years and goes great with a variety of other flower names too.

If I had another girl this name would definitely be in the race.

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This one is pretty simple – it comes from the latin origin and literally means purple.

The flower violet stands for love, modesty, faithfulness and affection.

It is a great symbol of good luck for women.

I can see this name being used for a rainbow baby.


Coming from the ancient Greek meaning of “star” the name Aster also refers to the flower.

This one was also used for both genders but mostly for girls.

Aster is a popular name in Britain.


With it’s origin also from the Latin language most likely the word “magna” is a typical botanical baby name and means “great”.

The magnolia tree also stands for beauty.

I can see this name perfectly fitting for a strong and beautiful baby girl that’ll come far in life.


The name petunia comes from the old english and means “trumpet shaped flower”


In the latin origin the name poppy means “red flower”.

Poppys are absolutely stunning flowers with seeds you can use for baking.

In the greek origin it is used as a short form of “Penelope” and also refers to the flower.

Which botanical baby girl name is your favorite?

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