powerful names for boys

Strong and masculine names for baby boys

Boys are always seen as very powerful and strong so of course, you would want a boy name that reflects that.

It can be hard to find a strong boy name that hasn’t been overly used already and is unique.

This list of 101 strong and masculine baby boy names and their meanings will help you find the perfect one for your son.

When we think of masculine and manly names for sons we like to picture a warrior or soldier and big historical figure.

Starting with the letter A all the way to Z filled with unique, strong, masculine and powerful boy names for your little warrior.

Manly boy names are very popular right now and you can never go wrong when choosing masculine boy names.

Masculine and strong boy names and their meanings

1. Abram

translates to “high father”

2. Ace

Latin for “unity.

3. Adam

Hebrew origin meaning “of the earth”

4. Aiden

from the Irish “little fire”

5. Akins

meaning “brave boy”

strong and powerful baby boy names

6. Albert

German meaning “noble”

7. Alec

as a different variation of alexander also meaning “defender of men”

8. Alexander

“defender of men” also of Greek origin

9. Anders

English origin meaning “strong” or “manly”

10. Andre

the Spanish version of Andrew also meaning “manly”

11. Andreas

Greek origin meaning “manly”

12. Andrew

“manly and powerful” of Greek origin

13. Anthony

from the Latin meaning “priceless one”

14. Apollo

Greek meaning “destroyer”

15. Archer

you guessed it, means “the archer” or “bowman”

16. Austin

meaning “majestic”

17. Axel

meaning “father in peace”

18. Azai

Hebrew origin meaning “strength”

19. Baron

coming from the Hebrew meaning “young warrior”

20. Barrett

English, meaning “bear strength”

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21. Beau

from the french translates to “beautiful” or “handsome”

22. Bennett

Latin meaning “blessed”

23. Brian

from the Irish origin meaning “noble”

24. Brock

meaning “Badger”

25. Bryce

Celtic origin meaning “strength”

26. Caleb

Hebrew origin meaning “bold” or “brave”

27. Carlo

Spanish origin meaning “free man”

28. Cohen

meaning “priest”

29. Connor

English origin meaning “lover of wolves”

30. Conrad

German origin meaning “brave counsel”

31. Corbin

Latin meaning “Raven”

32. Damon

Greek origin meaning “one who tames”

33. David

Hebrew meaning “beloved”

34. Dexter

Latin origin meaning “fortunate”

35. Draco

from the English meaning “dragon”

36. Duke

Latin origin meaning “leader”

37. Enzo

Italian origin meaning “winner”

38. Eric

Scandinavian, meaning “everlasting ruler”

39. Ethan

in Hebrew it means “strong” or “safe”

40. Everett

from the English meaning “brave” or “strong”

41. Ezra

meaning “helper”

42. Ferguson

from Scottish origin meaning “highest choice”

43. Finley

from the Scottish meaning “fair warrior” or “hero”

44. Franklin

from the English origin meaning “free man”

45. Frederick

German origin meaning “peaceful ruler”

46. Gabriel

Hebrew origin meaning “god is my strength”, also the name of an well known arch angel in the bibel.

47. Gage

meaning “pledge”

48. Godric

translates to “power of god”

49. Grant

meaning “great” or “large”

50. Griffin

meaning “strong lord”

51. Gunner

from the Scandinavian are means “warrior”

52. Harvey

French origin meaning “battle warrior”

53. Hunter

meaning “hunter”

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54. Igor

with Russian origin, translates to “warrior”

55. Jabbar

Arabic meaning “mighty”

56. Jamal

Arabic origin meaning “handsome”

57. Jax

English origin meaning “God has shown favor”

58. Joseph

Hebrew origin meaning “god will increase”

59. Kane

meaning “warrior” or “tribute”

60. Kendrick

English meaning “bold ruler”

61. Kenzo

from the Japanese “wise one”

62. Leo

from the Latin “lion”

63. Leonard

German translates to “brave lion”

64. Leonardo

Italian origin meaning “brave lion”

65. Lucas

Latin origin meaning “light”

66. Magnus

with Latin origin meaning “great”

67. Malik

Arabic origin meaning “king”

68. Matteo

Italian origin meaning “gift of god”

69. Matthew

from the Hebrew also means “gift of god”

70. Maverick

meaning “independent one”

71. Maximilian

Latin origin meaning “greatest”

72. Michael

from the Hebrew origin “who is like God”

73. Milo

German origin meaning “soldier”

74. Orion

translates to “son of fire” or “great hunter”

75. Otto

German origin meaning “wealth”

76. Owen

meaning “well-born, young or noble warrior”

77. Oz

from the Hebrew meaning “strength” or “courage”

78. Patrick

Latin origin meaning “nobleman”

79. Qadir

Arabic meaning “powerful”

80. Rex

from the Latin meaning “king”

81. Rhett

coming from the dutch language meaning “advice”

82. Ricardo

Spanish origin meaning “brave ruler”

83. Richard

German origin also meaning “brave ruler”

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84. Richmond

with English origin translates to “protector of the king”

85. Rowan

from the Irish meaning “red” or “red haired”

86. Ryker

meaning “rich”

87. Samuel

from the Hebrew meaning “name of god”

88. Sebastian

from Latin origin meaning “venerable” (admired or respected)

89. Sterling

meaning “of high quality” or “pure”

90. Talon

meaning “claw”

91. Thor

from the Scandinavian “thunder”

92. Titus

meaning “title of honor”

93. Trent

from the Latin language meaning “dweller by the river”

94. Ty

meaning “house” from the Latin language

95. Ulric

translates to “wolf ruler”

96. Valentino

Italian origin meaning “strong” or “brave”

97. Victor

Latin origin meaning “champion”

98. Walter

German origin meaning “commander of the army”

99. Wilder

German origin meaning “hunter”

100. William

German origin meaning “a willing protector”

101. Wyatt

meaning “brave in war”

102. Xander

Greek origin with the meaning “defending men” or “protector of men”

103. Zachary

Hebrew origin meaning “God remembers”

104. Zeke

meaning “god strengthen”

Does your son have a strong and powerful name?

Let us know in the comments!

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