10 creative gender reveal ideas

28 unique and creative gender reveal ideas

Unique gender reveal ideas 2023

The day you find out what gender your baby will have is definitely one of the very special days in a pregnant woman’s life.

But how do you reveal the sex of the baby in a creative way without the overly used practices everyone else does?

These great ideas for a baby gender reveal might be perfect for you.

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1. Cake-licious

The absolute classic – You order a cake filled with either pink or blue frosting and cut into it at your gender reveal party.

You can either be in the unknown and just give the baker the envelope with the gender or tell them what color to put inside and just surprise friends and family.

Alternatively you can trust someone of your family or friends to bake a colored cake for you.

gender reveal cake

2. Cupcake roulette

Instead of one big cake you can have a bunch of cupcakes filled with pink or blue frosting.

To make it even more interesting have only one cupcake filled with colored frosting and the rest with while frosting.

Your guests then take turns biting into the cupcake revealing what color the frosting has inside until someone bites into the colored one and reveals the gender of your baby.

Make sure your guests don’t eat the whole cupcake at once but only take a bite so everyone can see the filling.

3. Burn out reveal

Another classic especially for car enthusiasts.

There is special powder you can buy to apply on the car tires.

The owner of the car then does a burn out in front of the whole group of people for the gender reveal party and the smoke will have the color of the gender.

For this you will also need one designated person that knows the gender beforehand.

car burn out

4. Chocolate Heart

Have you seen the popular chocolate hearts that you can break for a surprise inside?

You can use that for a gender reveal too filling the chocolate heart with colored sprinkles.

5. Blindfolded tasting

This is another really fun gender reveal using food.

You can choose what you want to use – cupcakes, cookies or anything else that can use frosting or jam as a filling.

For a girl make a pink frosting with a flavor that resembles red or pink like raspberry or strawberry.

For a boy you can use flavors like blueberry.

Then blindfold the couple that is expecting and have them taste a few plain muffins and then the filled one or go straight to the filled one and have them guess the flavor.

6. The Hershey Reveal

If you are on a budget or need a last minute ideas THIS IS IT!

Jamie over at the denver housewife had the great idea to simply use sharpies in blue and pink and hershey’s chocolate bars for her gender reveal.

Since I love chocolate I absolutely love this idea.

You could send them to family and friends for the reveal which is absolutely great during quarantine right now.

Or hand them out at your gender reveal party after letting people guess.

cheap and easy gender reveal

7. Stuffed Cake pops

These cake pops are a delicious treat and easy enough for everyone to make.

You can find the recipe with full tutorial and lots of pictures to follow at mom&munchkins.

gender reveal cakepops

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8. Teaser reveal photo

Holly from Simplify Create Inspire had the idea to tease friends and family a bit before actually revealing the gender.

Once she found out what gender her baby would be she had a fun little photo session with her older kid and send a black and white photo of the reveal first to tease before actually sending the colored one.

Gender reveal on pregnant belly

9. Quick long distance gender reveal idea

With everyone still being stuck at home the idea of having a long distance gender reveal with family might not be very appealing but still a great way to share your happiness.

Mary from the mom friend combined a few different ideas she found to make her gender reveal unique.

Since she didn’t want to wait for other people to get their packages to finally reveal the gender she actually send a package with both options to family on each side.

But no still make it surprising once she found out she had family skype her and would tell them which one to open.

Find out how exactly she did that without giving away the gender right away here.

Gender reveal package

10. Pop the balloon

This is probably one of the classic gender reveal idea.

You start with a Black balloon that is filled with pink or blue powder or confetti to give away the gender once the balloon is popped.

This is usually prepared by a friend or you can hire people to do that job and deliver it to you.

black balloon

11. Color filled balloons

Another ideas using black balloons is to fill one of them with pink or blue color.

You will need a board where you can write “He or she” on it and get creative.

To that board you add the one balloon with the revealing color and the other black balloons will be filled with air.

Then you let the parents to be pop the balloons until they get to the one filled with the color that will reveal the gender of the baby.

12. Confetti Pop balloons

Instead of filling one of the black balloons with color you can also fill it with colored confetti and switch the game up.

Instead of just one fill up 3 balloons with the colored confetti and 2 balloons with the wrong gender.

The parents to be will then have to pop the balloons with darts until they have all three of the right balloons to reveal the gender.

You can even buy a whole premade set for this game.

13. Baby Outfit

This one sounds like a lot of fun and is perfect for people that can contain themselves from looking in the bag.

Go to the store and pick two outfits – One for a boy and one for a girl.

Take both of them to the register and hand the cashier the envelope with the gender and tell the cashier to only scan the appropriate outfit.

This only works if you step aside for a second so you can not see which one gets scanned.

Then open the bag at your gender reveal to find out what you are having.

baby outfit girl gender reveal

14. Box with balloons

This one is very interesting and best to do when you have a friend knowing the gender.

That person will then make the box look nice and add balloons for both genders.

BUT only one will be filled with helium and the other one with regular air.

Once the box opens up the “wrong” balloon will fly away giving everyone a little shock thinking the gender balloon is taking off when they find the second balloon inside the box with the right gender.

gender reveal balloon box

You can also have someone make a custom made gender reveal sign for your balloon box if you don’t want to make your own.

15. Powder color cannons

A powder canon works just like a confetti cannon and can be purchased here.

All you have to do is grab it and pull the string and it will pop out the color for your baby’s gender.

gender reveal idea

16. Gender reveal roulette

This is a fun one using confetti or powder canons.

For the roulette you can order this set with 6 canons total with 5 of them filled with white confetti and one with pink or blue.

Then take turns to shoot of the gender reveal poppers until you get to the colored one.

Or you can take the approach with a set of 6 powder filled poppers only using 5:

3 of them with the right gender of the baby and two with the other color.

The expecting couple then has to pop all the poppers until they have 3 of the same color to reveal the gender.

17. All in one poppers

And if all that is too boring or ordinary for you or you can’t decide if you want to use powder, confetti or streamers to reveal your baby’s gender go and get this all in one popper.

These fun gender reveal canons include power, confetti AND streamers for the ultimative reveal.

18. Ice ice baby

Are you serving Ice cold drinks at your baby gender reveal party?

Then you should consider using color changing straws for all your guests.

They are white and change colors with ice cold water.

To reveal the gender of you baby have everyone drink at the same time to see the color of the straw.

19. Colored handprints

Using nontoxic finger paint in pink or blue you can let the person that knows the gender paint your significant other’s hands without you or them seeing it.

Your partner will stand behind you and for the reveal will hold your tummy with his hands.

Once it’s time to reveal the gender simply lift the hands to show what color was on there.

You can also wear a white shirt that will have the color on there after the reveal and keep that white shirt with the colored handprints as a keepsake memory of your gender reveal party.

20. Scratch it off

Did you just love scratch off cards as a kid?

Me too.

There are also fun scratch off cards you can use for your gender reveal.

And you could even make your own card with a few simple ingredients:

  • Crayons in pink or blue
  • Black watercolor paint

Color the part for the scratch reveal of your homemade gender reveal card with pink or blue and then paint it over with black watercolor paint.

Once it is completely dry you can scratch it off like any commercial scratch off card.

21. Pinata reveal

You can also take it to a whole different approach and have a pinata filled with pink or blue confetti, candy or whatever else you can think of in the right colors.

You can make your own from scratch and off course there are also premade gender reveal pinatas for sale that only need to be filled up.

22. Balloons in gift bag

This one is a great idea to reveal the gender of the new baby to your kids.

Simply add a single pink or blue balloon to a normal gift bag and seal it with a bow.

For the reveal make sure to have your camera ready and let the kids open the ribbon at the same time to see the color of the balloon inside.

23. Water gun fight

Instead of having the water guns filled with water add your nontoxic finger paint to the guns.

You can dilute it a little more with water so it’s easier to get out of the water gun.

The parents to be then wear something white and shot at each other with the colored filled water guns at the same time revealing the gender with the color.

If you don’t have any water guns and don’t want to buy any just to do the gender reveal you can also use squeeze bottles that are usually used for sauces and fill those with the color.

You have to make sure to color the bottle itself black first or it will spoil the surprise.

24. Golf balls

If mom or daddy to be are a big fan of playing golf this is the perfect gender reveal idea.

You can buy golf balls filled with colored powder in pink and blue and place the golf ball on the ground.

Let dad hit the golf ball with his gear to reveal if it is gonna be a boy or girl.

Make sure you place the golf ball with the little sticker that tells you what color it is on the ground or remove the sticker before using the golf ball.

25. Baseball reveal

Of course you can do the same thing with a baseball and baseball bat instead of the golf balls.

Have the right baseball tossed at the significant other that will then hit it with the baseball bat to reveal the color inside.

26. Smash it

Get yourself a powder filled white ball with the pink or blue powder inside for both of the expecting parents.

To reveal the gender smash the ball on the ground at the same time revealing the colored powder inside.

This is a great way to get rid of any stress too.

27. Christmas light reveal

This is a fun and cute one.

If you are having a gender reveal around Christmas time you can have someone from your family decorate the christmas tree with blue or pink Christmas lights.

All you have to do to reveal the baby gender is to turn on the lights to see if it lights up in pink or blue.

This works great if you only want to have a small gender reveal with family.

28. Fireworks

If you are revealing your baby gender around july 4th why not make it extra special with shooting pink or blue fireworks to find out what gender your baby is?

Please always be very careful with fireworks and don’t use them if they are illegal in your state or county.

Which one is your favorite gender reveal idea?

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10 creative ideas for a gender reveal
28 unique and creative gender reveal ideas

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