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10 facts about pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the greatest things

Once you find out about your pregnancy you might have a lot of questions in your head.

That positive test can truly turn your whole world upside down.

Here are 10 common questions about pregnancy with detailed answers.

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#10 – Can pregnancy tests be wrong?

Many home pregnancy test are supposed to be accurate from the first day of missing your period or even earlier.

You are always likely to get more accurate results if you wait until you miss your period or even a few days longer.

Once the fertilized egg implants inside your uterus your body will produce the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (short HCG).

This hormone is what the test will detect to determine if you are pregnant or not.

The longer you are pregnant the higher concentrated will that hormone be.


Your results can be false-positive. That means it shows pregnant when you are actually not. A false-positive can happen when:

  • You had a pregnancy loss shortly after the egg attached to the uterus
  • You take the test too soon after taking fertility drugs that contain HCG
  • Ectopic pregnancy, problems with ovaries or menopause can result in a false-positive too.


A false-negative is possible too. It can happen when:

  • You took the test too early (not enough HCG in the blood yet)
  • Check the result too soon (Read the instructions how long you have to wait)
  • use diluted urine (it is best to test with the first morning urine)
pregnancy test

Extra TIP: If you are planning on getting pregnant it may be worth it to buy pregnancy tests in bulk so you can test as often as you want. (I didn’t believe I was really pregnant until I made like 3 different tests)

These very basic pregnancy test strips come in a set of 20 with 20 urine cups.

#9 – where do your organs go?

This is a very good question. When your baby starts growing it will need a lot of space.

Just expanding to the outside is not enough.

Your growing uterus will push your organs out of the way on the inside too.

This will cause some discomfort for the mother too.

Your intestines are completely getting pushed out of the way.

They will push on the stomach which then pushes on the lungs.

You as expecting mother will recognize these changes with heart burn, congestive problems or being our of breath a lot.

#8 – Why does pregnancy cause constipation?

At the beginning constipation is mainly caused by the hormones.

Those pregnancy hormones cause your intestinal muscle to relax more which causes food and waste to go through your system slower.

If food stays in your intestines longer it can also cause a lot of gas and feeling bloated.

Iron supplements can help with that but you should always consult your doctor before taking anything while pregnant.

Later on during pregnancy constipation can be caused by the growing uterus and baby putting pressure on the intestines. (see #9)

#7 – Which pregnancy book is the best?

In my opinion it is hands down – what to expect when you’re expecting.

This book goes so much in detail explaining every aspect of pregnancy.

Every Month of the pregnancy is it’s own chapter with interesting facts and helpful tips.

It has been a Bestseller for a long time and is available on Amazon as well as many stores like Target or Walmart.

If you want to find other great items for your registry check out my blog post – great finds to add to your registry.

what to expect book

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#6 – When do you start showing?

This is not so easy to answer. Every woman is different and it depends on many factors.

If it is your first pregnancy it might take a while until you can tell it is a pregnancy belly.

The first few weeks you could be very bloated which looks like a bit of a tummy but is just gas.

Somewhere around 12-16 weeks is when you can usually see something.

This is right around the time most people announce the pregnancy too.

If you have been pregnant before chances are that you start showing sooner.

That is because your uterus muscles and belly have already been stretched in your last pregnancy.

#5 – Are pregnancy pillows worth it?

Once your tummy grows bigger it can get more and more uncomfortable to sleep.

A pregnancy pillow can be a great addition. I never had a actual pregnancy pillow but bought this long body pillow from Target.

They are only $10 compared to actual pregnancy pillows starting around $30 and you can buy pillow cases for them too.

It does the same job so why not save a little money.

#4 – How is the due date calculated?

Most pregnancies last about 40 Weeks total. Or 38 weeks from conception.

That means a pregnancy is roughly 280 days long.

These 280 days start from the first day of your last period.

So it is important to know when you had your period.

This sounds really complicated to count 280 days so a easier way is:

  • subtract three months from the last day of your last period
  • add seven days

So for example your last period started May 11. Subtract three months = February 11
February 11 + 7 Days = February 18. This is your due date.

This is how your doctor will determine your due date.

But keep in mind that nobody can tell you exactly when you will give birth.

A due date is just a estimated date based on the information given.


#3 – What vitamins should you take?

The most important thing your pregnant body needs is folic acid.

Folic Acid is important for your baby’s healthy development.

Also Calcium and Iron are very good during that time.

To give your body and baby all the important vitamins you should take prenatal vitamins.

Prenatal Vitamins come in different forms.

From Powder or the classic pills to prenatal gummies that you can chew – you will find something that works best for you.

I personally have a hard time with swallowing big pills so the prenatal gummies where great for me and taste good.

You can start taking those vitamins even before being pregnant.

If you are planning on having a child it is a great idea to take them about 1-2 months before you start trying.

Prenatal Gummies from smarty pants are very popular and taste good.

#2 – Will pregnancy ruin my body?

Let’s be honest – this is a question we all think about at some point.

I’m not gonna lie to you, your body will definitely be different.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

You could bounce back right after giving birth or have some extra weight for a long time.

Your stomach will never be the same and your breast will sacrifice a lot too especially when breastfeeding.

You could have no stretch marks or have them all over your body.

But you know what? That is totally OK!

Your body did an unbelievable amazing job.

Your body created life.

It was the safe space for another human being for 9 months.

Your body nourished not only you but a second body growing inside you.

Your Body is amazing and it is beautiful exactly the way it is – embrace it!

Adult holding baby hand pregnancy questions

#1 – Will my stretch marks fade?

Good news – Yes, they most likely will fade over time.

A stretch mark is a basically a scar that develops when our skin stretches or shrinks very quickly.

Most common with quick weigh gain or loss and pregnancy.

This abrupt change will causes collagen and elastin – which both support your skin – to rupture.

So when that ruptured skin heals it can cause stretch marks to appear.

Can you answer all these questions?

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