Hospital bag snacks

21 genius snacks for your hospital bag

Depending on if your hospital allows you to eat during labor you can pack a variety of great snacks for your hospital bag.

When I went to the hospital to give birth I was only allowed to have water and ice chips during labor.  

The reason why hospitals have that policy is that there is a risk of aspiration,  meaning that you could accidentally inhale food or liquids.  

Which would cause a serious reaction or even death. 

Especially when you have to get put under anesthesia for emergency C-section.

It’s basically for the same reason why you’re asked not to eat anything when you go in for surgery. 

One of the hormones that are being produced during pregnancy called progesterone acts as a muscle relaxer which can make it even easier for food to accidentally slip in the wrong hole.

However, some practitioners do allow or even encourage eating during labor.

I can tell you that the snacks I had in my bag word true lifesaver after giving birth.

Yes, the hospital provides food for you but it’s great to have snacks in between especially when you’re breastfeeding.

Disclaimer:  I am not a medical professional and this is not medical advice you should check with your hospital what they allow.

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Great snacks are basically everything that is not perishable but of course you can also pack fresh ingredients to make it a little healthier.

When choosing what to take with you it’s always a good idea to watch the nutritional value of the products.

Snacks to pack in your hospital bag

What are good snacks for the hospital bag?

1. Graham crackers

Or any type of crackers really. 

Instead of graham crackers you can also pack Goldfish crackerssaltine crackers and anything you like.

Crackers in general are a great snack when you just need something small for your stomach or if you’re feeling a little nauseous.

I was using them during pregnancy as well. 

2. Trail mix

No matter if you get store-bought trail mix or make your own at home –   it comes packed with a lot of different nutrition that is perfect for recovery after giving birth.

Usually trail mix consist of a variety of different nuts, dried fruit, M&M’s or some type of cereal.

 If you decide to make your own trail mix you can pick only the things that you really love.

 To make trail mix at home all you need is a few ingredients that you buy separate and then get them mixed together.

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3. Muffins 

There’s a huge variety of muffins you can buy at the store or Bakery.

The beauty of making homemade muffins though is that you can make them as healthy as you want or as unhealthy as you want.

I mean after all we new moms need a treat too.

4. Cheese sticks 

Cheese sticks are great as snacks to give you lots of protein. 

5. Granola bars 

I had a bunch of granola bars with me when I went to the hospital.

They’re great for giving you the extra boost of energy that you need during or after labor and birth of your baby.

6. Applesauce

 Applesauce comes in little pouches or cups that you can use for on the go.

Alternatively to that you can also buy baby food for yourself.

The fruit pouches for toddlers are usually pretty good.

7. Jerky of all sorts

No matter what type of jerky you’re choosing it will give you well needed energy to care for your new baby and recover from giving birth.

8. Water

You will get so thirsty all the time once your milk comes in so water is a must have in your hospital bag.

I remember the feeling of just dying of thirst all the time while breastfeeding my baby and no matter how much water I was drinking it never felt like I had enough.

8. Powerade or Gatorade

 Or any other sports drink to give your body important salts, electrolytes and minerals that you probably sweat out during labor.

9. Hard boiled eggs

Another great source of protein.

10. Raisins and dried dates

 Dried fruit in general is packed with lots of great vitamins and they are little sweet treats without extra sugar.

We always have dried fruit in the house – it is a popular snack for my toddler and myself.

11. Honey sticks

Did you know that honey is used for healing and a lot of different cultures and can help you get better faster?

Thanks to it’s antibacterial properties.

And on top of that they taste deliciously sweet without any processed sugar.

It gives you that boost of energy exactly when you need it.

So of course you want to pack some honey sticks in your hospital bag .

12. Frozen pancakes

Usually those pancakes are already baked so all you have to do is let them defrost and enjoy.

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13. Jaffa cakes 

Fluffy light biscuit topped with jelly and chocolate – Jaffa cakes are just the delightful treat you deserve after having a baby.

14. Fruit leather

Similar to other dried fruits fruit leather is usually a blend of different fruits just dried in the oven.

They’re packed with all kinds of different vitamins to give you that extra boost of energy that you need after delivery.

15. Plain nuts

Just snacking on a few cashews, almonds or walnuts can be a great snack too.

Nuts can help your body to lower cholesterol and they are known to be a real power food for your brain.

They contain healthy fats, phytonutrients,  minerals and vitamins for the best brain health and lots of energy.

16. Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are similar to nuts filled with lots of Healthy fats, Proteins and antioxidants.

17. Peanut butter and jelly

The classic sandwich should definitely be included in your hospital bag.

18. Pretzels

While pretzels are not the healthiest choice of snacks it’s still something nice and crunchy to munch on that gives you a body a bit of the salt back that it probably lost while sweating during delivery.

19. Oatmeal to go cups

Oats are one of the healthiest grains you can use.

Gluten-free and filled with antioxidants and important fiber for your body ( trust me you will need fiber)  it can help lower your blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of heart conditions.

Whether you get a store-bought cup of oatmeal to go or make your own – all you need is to add hot water that you can definitely get at the hospital or bring with you in a thermos bottle

Those thermos bottles are also great to carry in your diaper bag to easily have hot water to warm the baby bottle.

To make your own oatmeal all you have to do is blend some oats into oat flour and add other ingredients like cinnamon, whole oats, brown sugar, and raisins.

Then you can seal them in ziplock bags or containers until you are ready to use them.

You could also add one of your honey sticks on top of the oatmeal.

20. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is not only a delicious and creamy source of protein –  it also supports your gut health with the probiotics that are naturally found in yogurt.

You can buy flavored Greek yogurt or just get the plain one and add your own toppings like honey and fresh fruit or nuts. 

21. Chickpea snacks

Chickpeas are a really great source of protein.

They are a so-called “complete protein” which means they contain all important amino acids our body needs and are therefore a great alternative to animal protein.

There are different types of chickpea snacks you can buy or you can make your own by simply roasting some chickpeas in your oven.

How to pack snacks for your hospital bag 

If you do own an insulated lunch box it’s a great idea to add perishable snacks with some ice packs in that box.

The non-perishables can be packed just like they are and can be thrown into the hospital bag. 

To avoid soft food from getting smashed you can put them in separate little boxes or food containers.

That way you also prevent leaking from fresh fruits.

Did you have a must-have snack in your hospital bag?

Let us know in the comments.

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  1. One of my must haves was beef jerky and hot chocolate protein bars. My hospital had some good food but I felt like I was always hungry after breastfeeding. I also had some body armor drinks that I downed in seconds.

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