Ideas for a online gender reveal

Creative virtual gender reveal ideas

Gender reveals are a fun and unique way to share  if you’re going to have a boy or a girl with your family and friends.

Since we are all home right now with the pandemie going on the possibilities of having gender reveals in person are very limited.

But don’t worry – you can make it online or virtual gender reveal fun too.

All your guests will need is a computer or phone and an internet connection. 

Virtual gender reveals a great way to celebrate with family and friends over long distance. 

Even with a gender reveal online you can still play the typical gender reveal games with your guests.

Check out these 10 ideas for unique online gender reveals and make the party memorable for everyone. 

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Where to host the virtual Event

There are many different platforms we can host a virtual event.

Some are a lot easier to set up than others.


Zoom is a great example but on the free plan you can only have a limited amount of people in your events and a limited time.


A lot of people have Facebook accounts anyway so it might makes sense just to set up a Facebook event where people can RSVP and you can host the games plus the live video for the gender reveal within the event. 


You can set up a Skype call with all of your friends and family.

 they just need to make an account to be able to join. 

How to host a virtual gender reveal

A virtual gender reveal is not that much different than the classic gender reveal party.

You can still decorate your living room with cute gender reveal decoration for a nice background of your party or set your own personalized zoom background.

The whole idea is that you meet with your friends and family at a specific time or host a live video.

Then you can proceed to do what you would’ve done at a normal gender reveal – games, prizes, revealing the gender of your baby.

Make sure to check out the tips below to make your gender reveal amazing.

What to do during a online gender reveal?

1. Crack the code 

This is a fun game that you can play with your guests live during the baby shower.

Send them the printed worksheet to guess the baby’s gender with the invitation via mail or send them the digital file via email to print out at home.

This only works if you already know the gender of your baby or you need to let a friend handle it that knows the gender since the right sheet has to be sent to the guests.

 once the game starts your guests have to crack the code that will reveal if it’s a boy or a girl.

 You can offer a small prize for the person that Cracks the Code first.

 Make sure you download this free printable gender reveal pack baby to make it easier for you.

free gender reveal printable pack

2. Sealed box or envelope

Using this classic method none of the parents to be or any one of your friends and family know what the gender is.

Take a cute box or an envelope that you decorated before to your doctor’s appointment and let the doctor put the ultrasound picture of your visit and the  gender your baby has in the envelope or box and seal it.

For the box you can also give the note with the gender to a friend and have the friend fill the box with gender specific colors (for example a blue pacifier, pink socks…)

You can then open the box or envelope during the life gender reveal online.

3. Record the reactions

Make sure to get a screen recording while you’re doing the reveal to record all of the reactions from your friends and family that are attending your event.

Their websites online where you can make a free account like Loom to record your screen.

 This will make a great memory and you can send the video to everyone that was attending. 

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4. Let them guess

You can simply create a poll in your Facebook event to let people guess what the gender will be beforehand.

If you’re hosting on Zoom your guests can upload a custom background in pink or blue to show what team they’re on.

Or you can use the printable cards for team blue or Team Pink from the printable bundle above and ask your guests to hold up the card at some point during the event before you do the reveal.

You can also create a list with clues that will tell the baby’s gender and let your guests search their house for the items on the list and show them on the screen.

Those kloos could be obvious boy or girl items,  blue or pink products, hobbies that  are typical for boys or girls. (for example: Baking would stand for a girl and your guest could bring a cookie sheet)

No matter what you do make sure to take a screenshot  of everyone guessing or a video. 

5. Classic Games can still be played

Just because your gender reveal is online doesn’t mean you can play the classic games.

 Classics are:

  •  old  wives tales that your guests can collect to indicate the gender.  your guests can ask you questions to determine what the gender will be.
  •  a cake with blue or pink frosting inside
  •  balloon pop will you have a Black Balloon that includes blue or pink confetti.

 You can find more unique gender reveal ideas here: 10 Creative ideas for a gender reveal

6. Open gifts with your guests

if you decide to combine your baby shower with the gender review you can make a baby registry on pages like Amazon,  Target or a babylist  and add all the products you can use for your new baby just like you would with a normal party.

Especially Amazon makes it super easy to have gifts sent to you automatically.

Your guests can  decide to share their name in the little message with the gift.

You can then open the gifts during the baby shower / gender reveal while your guests a what time from the comfort of their home. 

I hope you found a great idea to make your online Gender reveal awesome.

Did you have a virtual gender reveal and have a great idea to share with us?

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Virtual gender reveal ideas

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