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10 ways to announce your pregnancy

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Announce your pregnancy the creative way

Looking for ways to announce pregnancy? We made a list of some fun ways to announce pregnancy to your partner, family, friends, and the rest of the world! Read the full post for more details.

Pregnancy is such an exciting time, and announcing it to your loved ones is a huge part of that fun! But with all the creative ways people are announcing their pregnancies these days, it can be a bit daunting to choose one.

We’ve put together a few ideas for you to think of the different ways to announce pregnancy. Some of them even give you a good excuse to start shopping early and stock up on baby gear Use them for surprising your partner, family, and friends with your exciting news!

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When to announce pregnancy

The decision of when to announce your pregnancy is completely up to you, but many people want to know: when is it safe to announce pregnancy? Here are the general guidelines:

Many people announce pregnancy after their first sonogram, which is at about six weeks.

Otherwise, most people choose to announce pregnancy only after 12 weeks once the risk for miscarriage is lower

How to announce pregnancy

There are so many clever and cute ways to announce a pregnancy, and not only do you get to be the bearer of such happy news to your partner, you get to do it over and over to all your friends and family!

Including creative ways to announce your pregnancy to your parents.

If you’re contemplating various ways to announce pregnancy we’ve got you covered!

Here are our top ways to announce pregnancy broken down into categories.

Ways to announce pregnancy to your husband

Your partner should definitely be the first person you tell.

It’s also the most exciting, so you probably won’t want to spend too long planning a cute announcement in case you blurt it out!

Here are our top three picks for ways to announce pregnancy to your husband that are sure to surprise him!

Hide baby clothes somewhere for him to find them

This could be on your bed or his clothes drawers.

Or you could ask him to help you with dinner and lay the clothes in the cutlery drawer to really surprise him!

announcing your pregnancy

Good old balloons

Fill a room with balloons to surprise him when he gets home. On the balloons, write: “Ready to POP on March 14” or whenever your due date is.

Write it on the bottom of a plate

Get a custom plate or write on a plate with a safe marker, “I’m pregnant!” or “You’re going to be a dad!”.

Then cook their favorite meal and pile the plate high. Once they are finished, the message is revealed!

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Announcing pregnancy to your close friends and family

Once you’ve told your partner, the next big question arises: How to announce your pregnancy to the family?

While sonogram pictures are a classic, why not do something a bit more creative that will take a little longer for them to grasp onto, making it all the more fun?

Here are our top four ways to announce pregnancy to your family.

Custom puzzle

Make a custom puzzle for them to solve at a family gettogether that reads, “We’re expecting!” 

baby announcement

Takeaway coffee cups

Invite your family or friends to a picnic and bring along their favorite drinks in coffee cups with their new titles (Grandma, Auntie) on them.

It may take them a few minutes to notice!


Plan a family games night and sneak in your pregnancy announcement in the form of a drawing. 

Wine labels

This one is particularly good for friends! Gift them a bottle of wine at your next gathering and swap out the label. Instead, write on it “Have one for me. I’ll join you next year!”

Announcing to the world!

Now that you’ve told your friends and family, it’s time to let everyone else know.

Forget about the pressure to post something incredible; we’ve got you covered with our top four ways to announce pregnancy on social media.

A pregnancy photoshoot

This is a cliche for a reason.

Make it unique by including a pair of baby shoes, a chalkboard with a funny announcement, or even include any siblings your baby might have.

Eating for two

For a more whimsical announcement, bake a huge cake and snap a pic of you eating it with a sign that says, “Eating for two!”

Include your pets

If you have pets, why not include them? Make your dog or cat a sign that says, “They’re getting me a human!”

This is a sure winner, who doesn’t love dogs?

Announcement video

For a very personal and sentimental announcement, post a video collage of you announcing your pregnancy to your family and close friends.

With so many ways to announce a pregnancy, be sure to choose what feels right for you personally.

Enjoy your friend’s and family’s’ reactions. These are sure to surprise them!

Which of these cute ways to announce pregnancy was your favorite?

Have you done any of them before? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I loved your idea about hiding baby clothes around the house to surprise your husband! I just found out that I am pregnant with our first baby and I am so excited to tell him. I would love to get a cute little stork or something and hid that with the baby clothes!

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