Discomforts during the second trimester

The best part of pregnancy

Every woman experiences pregnancy different. It is never the same even if you already have children.

Most women will agree that the second trimester is the best part of pregnancy.
I agree, i had so much energy and even traveled overseas while the belly slowly started to get bigger.

But with the Belly growing bigger there are a few discomforts that could happen during the second trimester.

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Couple holding pregnancy belly

Acid Reflux

A burning or pressing feeling and always feeling full.

This is one of the most experienced pregnancy symptoms.

During pregnancy the organs will reorganize in your body to allow space for a growing baby.

Your other organs will push on your stomach while at the same time the hormones are making the muscle that usually prevents food from going back up weaker. This combination causes heartburn.

I personally experienced it a lot too.

Unfortunately there is not so much you can do.

TIP: Drink a sip of milk and cut back on carbonated drinks. Eat smaller meals more often and less fatty. Ask your doctor for medication that is ok during pregnancy.

Nose bleeding

During Pregnancy your mucous membrane have a better blood supply.

Also they are more sensitive than usual. That higher blood supply also puts more pressure on the small veins.

These small veins widen. Because of all that it can be enough to simply blow your nose or sneeze to cause bleeding.

This is not a concern for the pregnancy and completely harmless. Of course you should see a doctor in case it will not stop.

TIP: Try to sit relaxed, squeeze the soft tip of your nose and put a cold wash cloth in your neck. Don’t bend your head back. That will only cause blood to get in your stomach.

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Teeth problems

Thanks to your hormones all your tissue softens too.

Your gums get more sensitive, swells and can bleed when you brush your teeth.

Be careful if it becomes a gingivitis.

Gingivitis is an inflammation caused by a film of plaque or bacteria on your teeth.

It is important to have a good hygiene while pregnant. Bad cases of gingivitis can lead to periodontitis.

It is also said to be a cause for premature birth. If you have to throw up you should actually not brush your teeth right away.

It is better to just flush with water or mouth wash (without alcohol) and brush after 30 minutes.

TIP: Make sure you brush your teeth regular and use dental floss. It is advised to see your dentist at least once during pregnancy.

Woman in second trimester of the pregnancy

Ligament pain

The round broad ligaments (ligamenta rotunde) are there to keep your uterus in a upright position insdte your stomach.

During pregnancy – especially the second trimester – they get pulled more than usual.

That is because the uterus gets bigger and heavier.

This can cause some pain or a feeling of stretching something inside.

It can be more intense when you are on your feet a lot. This is normal and no reason to get concerned.

The pain or stretching feeling should get better during the second half of your second trimester.

If you have pain paired with a very hard belly, bleeding or fluids from your amniotic sac leaking see your doctor immediately.

TIP: Enjoy a warm bath. Relax with a cherry pit pillow on your stomach. Walk upright not making a hollow back. You can get a pregnancy belly support belt like this.

These are also available at Target or Walmart and of course Motherhood maternity.

Weak Cervix

Around pregnancy week 36 your cervix starts to get shorter and softer.

It will slowly start to open up to get ready for birth.

Cervical insufficiency can cause the cervix to open at the beginning of the second trimester.

This will allow bacteria to get inside. If there is bacteria inside there is a possibility of premature birth or miscarriage.

Cervical insufficiency can occur because of a handed on tissue weakness from family.

Past surgeries can be a cause too or simply after giving birth a few times before.

A simple pH test at your doctors office can determine if there is any bacteria.

TIP: Relax and take it slow.

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