Moms tell their funny pregnancy stories

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Hilarious pregnancy stories will probably happen to most of us.

Raging with hormones and constant changes our body is going through a lot during the pregnancy and it can take the smallest things to crush the whole world of a pregnant woman.

They are usually things that would never concern us when we are not pregnant.

While it might be very embarrassing or just straight up horrible for you at that moment you will most likely laugh about it later.

I personally was very emotional during my pregnancy. I started crying when I saw an ultrasound picture of my baby’s face because “It is so beautiful”.

funny pregnancy stories

I had the pleasure to collect a few funny pregnancy stories from fellow moms that confessed and allowed me to share them with you (thank you!)

Garlic and Sex overload

When I was pregnant with my son my first pregnancy anything I put in my mouth I had to have a clove of garlic with and then when I was about five months pregnant I would start getting sick and the only thing that would stop me from getting sick was having sex every two hours. – Deborah B.

R.I.P. Yogurt

During my first pregnancy when I didn’t know I was pregnant yet I had to go to the store. Since I didn’t have a car at that time I had to walk and store the groceries in my backpack. After shopping I came back and put my backpack on the kitchen counter and started putting the groceries away. I put the yogurts right next to the backpack and when I turned around it fell and one of the yogurts dropped on the ground. It smashed on the ground and broke while splattering all over the floor. I was devastated and felt so bad for the poor yogurt. I started heavily crying and only my best friend was able to calm me down after a hour. – Nicole M.

Dry Cereal

It was two in the morning, and I was STARVING! I was so excited to eat the Lucky Charms cereal I bought the other day, and I discovered there was no milk. My husband found me as I sat on the kitchen floor, literally sobbing, and clutching a bowl of dry cereal. I was 5 months pregnant at the time. – Pickett K. 

Butt flashing

After being induced in the hospital, my husband and I were walking down the hallway when a nurse comes running up behind us holding up a hospital gown. My husband neglected to tell me that the back of my hospital gown was open and my backside was out there for all to see! – Steph E.

pregnant woman pregnancy stories

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Prank gone wrong

When I was about 30 weeks pregnant I had to pee really bad. My boyfriend wanted to tease me and busted trough the door in the bathroom about 5 seconds after I went in there trying to scare me. Well…I got scared and did not have to use the toilet anymore since I had peed myself. – anonymous

Broken Bed

I gained almost 100 lbs during my whole pregnancy and one day I sat down on the corner of our bed and it just broke down under my weight. I spent a good 10 minutes laying on the floor laughing. – Cornelia V.

Stumble and Fall

Two days before I had my oldest, I went out to dinner with my husband, parents, and brother. We lived in the village, and decided to walk to the restaurant to eat. Every Thursday bands would set up outdoors at the restaurants, and it brought a big crowd. Mind you, I was a BIG lady… that baby in there was 9lbs! On our walk back home I tripped and completely WIPED OUT on the cross walk in the middle of Main Street. I was totally OK, but it took two people to get me off the street, and at least 100 people were there to watch and make annoying “OHHHHH!” sounds. Both of my knees were bleeding and I had a nasty bruise. I had my daughter that Saturday, and mid-pushing the doctor says, “what on EARTH happened to your legs and knees?!” I had to relive the whole thing to the staff (while my vagina was in the open for all to see, as if it could get more embarrassing!) and was placed on fall precautions throughout my stay. Looking back…it was kind of funny. – Lindsey A.

Ice Cream Addiction

I would eat so much calippo coke ice cream that it was sold out in two stores nearby. Every day a whole package or more. One evening my husband came home with calippo strawberry…I made a scene and told him he can eat that himself and get me the right one. He went to a small kiosk and got all the coke calippo they had just to be safe. – Jasmin Y.

Pee Alert

I only had an embarrassing moment in the birthing room while giving birth. I had to pee really bad and once I laid back on the bed to push and the contractions started I peed on the nurse. – Jane D.

Pregnant woman with daughter funny story

Irresistible Turkey Sandwich

During my third trimester, I made a really good turkey bacon ranch sandwich on a croissant. Absolutely amazing. Then I got down to the last bite and it just FELL out of my hand. My hand was like “nah” and let go. It went all over the floor. I burst into tears and my husband wordlessly and cautiously picked all of it up and just placed it all back into my hand then backed away slowly. And I ate it. – Nikki

Royal Treatment

When I was 6 months pregnant with my oldest, my family took a trip to Germany and we got to tour the incredible Neuschwanstein castle. None of the group had ever been pregnant except for my MIL, but she has such a go-getter attitude that I never received much sympathy from her as we had many long walking days with little opportunity to sit down. So no one in the group understood the pains of constantly being on your feet when you are pregnant! I was particularly tired this day because we had to hike up some stairs to get to the castle. At the beginning of the tour, the tour guides were very clear about their strict rules to not touch ANYTHING. Don’t touch the roped-off furniture, don’t lean on the walls, don’t stroke the artwork!! Our group walked into the center of a small room, the perimeter surrounded by a bunch of old furniture that was all roped off, and we were listening to the tour guide talk when all of a sudden the room started to spin… I wrapped by arms around my husbands neck and told him I was starting to get light-headed. My husband said I went completely limp and the next thing I remember is looking up at a crowded room full of people staring at me, one of those faces being my father in law asking me if I knew how many fingers he was holding up!! HAHAH that concerned/frantic look on his face will never leave my memory. I was totally fine, I just got a little dehydrated, but you know how people get all freaked out about pregnant women? The attention would NOT go away. A random guy acted all official and said he was a firefighter, so he checked my pulse (which I definitely could have done myself) and said I just needed to rest and hydrate. Thank you captain obvious. Another random guy gave me his half-drunk bottle of pepsi. Mmmmyeah definitely don’t want to drink that but everyone was STARING at me and there were not other fluids in the room. gross. But the best part about it was that they opened up the ropes and let me sit in one of the fancy chairs that they were so adamant about everyone NOT touching! Everyone laughed and one joked that he was starting to get light headed too. And then a different tour guide came in the room carting a wheelchair for my husband to roll me around in for the rest of the tour. Not gonna complain about that! – Courtney W.

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Hormonal overload

When pregnant with my first baby her dad grabbed my slice of pizza I was eating and took a bite. So I slapped him in the face with it while he was driving bc he ruined it. He would lose me like everytime we were at a Walmart but he would always find me, in the baby section crying over how tiny and cute nb shoes/socks are. Also he once came outside our house and found me bawling my eyes out bc she wouldnt be born in time for mothers day but she would for fathers day and how unfair that was.. also best advice to new moms eat BEFORE arriving at the hospital bc no one ever tells you that they make you starve until the baby is born. That was the worst part of labor for me with both kids. – Lisa S.

couple pregnant woman

McDonalds Cravings

During my second pregnancy I had a strong craving for McDonald’s in the middle of the night. I was getting on my ex’s nerves until he got up and went to go get me McDonald’s. He does not have a drivers license so he had to take the train and where we live the train only drives every hour after 3 AM. He didn’t know that. He got everything and called me at the train station telling me he’ll have to wait an hour for the next train to arrive. He was already annoyed from having to wait and being tired and I was annoyed having to wait for my food. By the time he came home the food was cold of course and I started crying over it for probably a hour, eating while crying isn’t easy I can tell you that. – Maria N.

What a great Doctor

While 13 weeks pregnant I had to go to the pediatrician with my older kid. Once he was done checking my kid i started sobbing out of nowhere telling the pediatrician what a amazing doctor he is and what a great job he always does with our son and that our future child will definitely come to him too. Well it’s a surprise I didn’t propose to the doctor right there. Once we got back to the car I started crying again asking my husband if he also thinks that the doctor is so amazing. – Kim B.

Nothing to wear

I was pregnant during the winter so I used layers to cover my baby bump. I am obese so until I was like 6 months everyone would tell me I had a baby bump or that it was soo cute and we tell at them because I was just fat. Might I add I started showing at like 4 months. It all hit me one morning as I was getting ready at 6 months pregnant. I was putting on a part on dress pants and they didn’t fit. I then tried a dress and my boobs didn’t fit. So I got leggings and a tunic. I was like okay I got this, we have clothes on. All I need is shoes. I went through about 5 pairs and I couldn’t get into any of them. So I am crying on my bedroom floor. When my husband looks at me and says hunny your pregnant and beautiful. Just put on your clogs. Which made me cry more. I literally couldn’t handle it. I changed my clothes three more times. Ended up wearing the tunic, leggings And clogs – Kathi R.

Chicken Nugget phobia

Any time my husband said chicken nuggets I’d throw up. So we referred to them as tiny poultry, which my body decided was fine 😀 It was awful. And I would eat them before the pregnancy, so it’s not like it was a food I didn’t eat and was disgusted – Kendra L.

Hey, why are you pointing at me?

I was 19 years old when I was pregnant with my first born. Quiet, friendly, notoriously nice. In my last trimester my son’s father & I were in White Castle and I was waiting to get the cashier’s attention to get a bag (he was in the restroom); I was visibly miserable. A couple was in a table near by and I caught the man pointing and laughing at me. I felt a rage surge thru my body and I exploded! “Do I know you? Cause I’m pretty sure I don’t! Why are you pointing at me, do you want my attention?! You got it!!” My son’s father comes out confused he asked what happened and I yelled “this motherf@#ker thinks he can point at me!” and shaking I stormed out. I’m tearing from frustration and after a couple of minutes my son’s father comes out with a wide smirk. The guy explained to him that his girlfriend had just found out they were pregnant and he was innocently pointing at me to show her how she was going to eventually look like. I had felt so stupid for a whole 10 seconds; then yelled “who the f@ck points at a pregnant woman?!” (that was 2005) – C. Cruz

Unusual cravings

When I was pregnant, I had an overwhelming craving to eat soil, to the point where I would drool over flower pots! Nothing the doctor gave me stopped it, and the only thing that helped was eating the ice that had built up on the inside of my freezer. (Disgusting, I know – but it had a metallic taste that brought me such relief!) I kept this a well-guarded secret until one day, when I was on my knees busy scraping and eating ice out of my freezer, I heard a tap at the kitchen window. I turned around to see my friend’s shocked face peering at me through the glass! She’d caught me red-handed. I was so embarrassed, but I guess it would have been worse if she’d found me tucking into the flowerbeds! – Nadine W.

In my feelings

During my first trimester, I was basically in bed all day from being sick and exhausted. My husband put on the movie Happy Feet and I cried the entire movie. The little penguin family made me realize that we were creating a little family of our own and for some reason it made me cry for 2 hours straight. Yea, Happy Feet is a cute movie, but I really think my hormones got to me that day. – T. Simmons

Those sneaky pregnancy hormones really do get the best of us causing us women to act all crazy. I hope you got a good laugh from these funny pregnancy stories. At this point, I also definitely want to shout out to all the brave husbands and boyfriends dealing with the craziness the hormones make us do during pregnancy and surviving the pregnancy stories.

Do you have a funny story to tell? Send me a message and I will include your story.

Pregnancy hormones are the best material for funny stories.

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