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Toddler-approved Banana Pancakes Recipe

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Helathy and delicious banana pancakes

Banana pancakes are a great healthier alternative to the normal buttermilk pancakes and taste delicious.

This banana pancakes recipe is easy to make and my toddler absolute loves to eat them.

So you could even say that they are toddler approved.

The banana provides all the sweetness and there is no extra sugar added.

What you need:

2 very ripe bananas 

1 Egg

2 tbsp flour

⅓ cup water or milk

1/2 teaspoon Backing powder 


Optional: Cinnamon, additional fruit, chocolate powder, oats, nuts, fresh fruit

Mixing bowl

Fork / Food processor / hand mixer

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How to make them:

  1. Peel the two bananas and break them into smaller pieces. With a fork you can mash them up in a mixing bowl. If you want the banana very fine mashed you can also use a food processor. The food processor can also be used to mix all ingredients. I just used the fork the banana was mashed with to mix ingredients.
  2. Add flour, baking powder and egg mixing it very well. You only need to sprinkle a bit of baking powder in there. Once those ingredients are combined you can add the water and optional ingredients like cinnamon if you feel like it. The banana pancake batter should have the same consistency as normal pancake batter (just with banana chunks)
  3. Heat the pan to medium heat (I set it to 3-4) and add butter to it. Once the pan is hot enough you can start making the pancakes. It takes a bit longer for them to be done than normal pancakes. I like to use a tbsp measuring cup to pour the batter in. It makes the perfect toddler size pancakes.
  4. Carefully flip them (I used a silicone spatula) and let the other side brown too.
  5. Enjoy!
banana pancakes in pan

After you’re done you can sprinkle the pancakes with any topping you want or the classic – drizzle them with some syrup. We like to eat them with a side of fresh fruit and some honey. This Banana pancakes recipe is delicious and healthy so why not switch it up once in a while.

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