10 cute baby shower gift ideas

It is really difficult to find an actual good gift for a Baby shower.

Depending on how good you know the person you might not want to spend that much for a big-ticket item like a stroller or crib.

A lot of people gift clothes which is a great thing because you will need a lot. But what else is a good idea?

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Baby Shower gift ideas

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#10 – Shadow Box

A simple shadow box is a great gift.

The mom to be can put a lot of keepsakes in there like the first onesie the baby ever wore and the first binkie (pacifier). There are endless ways to customize them.

A shadow box is truly a unique and thoughtful idea to gift to a new parent.

I wish I would’ve gotten one at my baby shower. I have yet to buy one to put my baby’s first pajama, a newborn diaper and her hospital bracelet with other keepsakes inside.

#9 – Personalized Blanket

Depending on the gender you can choose pink or blue and this blanket can be customized with just the Baby’s name or also the birth date.

You can never have too many baby blankets. A personalized Baby blanket adds a special touch to the gift.

I bought a similar blanket before as a gift and the new mom absolutely loved it.

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#8 – Portable Changing Pad

This is an absolute must-have in my opinion.

I got one of those gifted and definitely don’t want to miss it. It goes with us wherever we go. The pockets give you enough space for some extra diapers and wipes.

I also have small samples of Aquaphor lotion in there in case the baby has a rash.

When your baby is bigger you can even ditch the big diaper bag and just take this portable changing pad along with a small bag with snacks and water and you’re good to go.

#7 – Handprint Kit with Picture

I got this exact same one.

Yes, getting the hand and footprint was a bit hard but you can redo it if it doesn’t work right away.

It is white clay and you just let it try once you’re done getting the prints in there.

The frame also includes a pink and blue outline so you can personalize it depending on gender or just leave it white.

Right next to it is space for two pictures of your bundle of joy. Definitely worth the money.

#6 – Baby Carrier

The Ergobaby Carrier with 79% five-star reviews is one of the best baby carriers on the market.

A baby carrier is so useful. You can use it inside while doing some household or outside on a hike.

Your baby is always safe and sounds snuggled to your chest and you can even breastfeed while carrying. We had a phase were my baby did not want to be put down at all.

But you still need to do your household. I literally did everything with my baby comfy snuggled to my chest, half the time sleeping and sometimes even breastfeeding inside the carrier (at the airport, while hiking).

For me, the carrier was definitely a lifesaver and huge help to get anything done.

#5 – Gift Card

Who doesn’t like gift cards? With a gift card the parents to be can get whatever they are still missing from their registry.

If they have a registry with Target or Amazon they can even save up to 15% off everything left on their registry close or after the due date.

Getting a gift card for a baby shower will also give parents enough time to buy what they still need before the baby arrives.

#4 – Night light

Instead of a boring white night light to plug into the wall – get a cute one like this.

Color changing with stars on the ceiling will make the baby sleepy.

My toddler loves to watch the stars on any occasion.

She will even stroll off in our bedroom and turn it on herself just because even during the day when you can’t really see the stars on the ceiling. Night lights are a great tool to get your baby to sleep faster.

#3 – Hanging Diaper Caddy Organizer

When the parents to be do have a changing table or plan on getting one a hanging diaper caddy organizer is a very useful gift to give.

With the organizer nothing will be in your Baby’s reach on top of the changing table but easy to grab for mom and dad.

You could prefill the hanging diaper caddy organizer with diapers and wipes or small toys and lotion for the baby.

#2 – Aquaphor Gift Set

If you read my post “Great finds to add to your registry” you already know how much I love the Aquaphor lotion.

Rashes are history within just a few hours when you use their lotion and this gift set includes their big jar which will literally last you forever.

Also it includes the wash and shampoo and a smaller Diaper rash cream all in a cute basket.

#1 – Baby Memory Book

A baby memory book for all those precious pictures and first moments.

The Book includes monthly stickers for the baby belly so you can get that adorable monthly photo.

This journal even goes up all the way to the age of 5 years. It could also include pictures from the baby shower.

I hope these gift ideas helped you a bit with picking out the perfect gift for a baby shower.

Free baby shower bingo printable

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How about something completely different? A Faceless portrait can be a awesome memory and could be painted with a maternity photo or later on when the baby is born with the Baby. Available here.

Or a pack of Nursery Prints with these three cute babies.

The colors are all customizable for the perfect picture.

These could be done once the baby is born so you can add the right hair and skin color.

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