Breastfeeding must-haves that make your life easier

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What you really need for breastfeeding

These breastfeeding must-haves are essential to make life so much easier for you as a breastfeeding mom.

You can never predict when your newborn will be hungry again and you will spend a lot of time feeding your newborn.

These must-haves will make it easier for you.

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1. Breast pump

If you are going back to work while your baby is still nursing a breast pump could come in very handy.

Depending on your needs there are many different types of breast pump. Double electric, hand pump, etc. and some of them can get pretty pricey.

Free pump

But hold on – before you go and buy one yourself check in with your health insurance.

I was able to get a double electric breast pump completely covered by my insurance.

All I had to do is ask.

In case you are receiving WIC you can get a pump from them too.

To set up a appointment just call the nearest WIC office.

Used pump

Of course you can also buy a previous owned one from places like OfferUp or Facebook.

I would suggest to use the pump itself but replace all the parts that come in contact with milk or breast to make sure everything is 100% clean.

Alternative you can sterilize the parts which should be done before the first pumping anyway.

2. Breastmilk storage bags

In order to store your pumped milk correct storage bags are the best way to go.

The milk can be stored in the fridge or even frozen in the bag and you can write on the outside with a sharpie when the milk was pumped.

Correct storage of your breast milk is very important for the health of your baby.

Breast milk that was standing outside of a fridge or freezer in room temperature can spoil very easy.

If it is not stored correctly bacteria can get in the milk spoiling it or end up being a health risk when fed to a newborn.

milk storage bags
Breastmilk stoarge bags bestseller “Lansinoh”

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3. Nursing tops

Nursing tops might not be the most important thing but they definitely make things easier with a suddenly hungry newborn.

I bought a ton of them for every day and for the first 7-8 months of my baby’s life they where all i was wearing.

I like nursing tops that don’t look like nursing tops right away and that you can use later on too. These ones from Amazon are perfect and very comfortable.

They come in so many different colors and as sets of you can buy a single one.

I found out that different colors have a different fit in the same size but overall a great top.

nursing tops
Breastfeeding tops

A great alternative to these tops is the website of kindred bravely.

They have everything for maternity and breastfeeding needs.

Right now there is even a big sale going on!

breastfeeding outfit
Nursing outfit

4. Nursing bras

The Nursing bras are THE breastfeeding must haves.

You are gonna wear a Nursing bra until you and your baby are completely done nursing.

Make sure you get very comfortable ones and i would recommend to have at least 5.

They will get dirty quick with milk or spit up from your baby.

The first few weeks at home I was basically only wearing a nursing bra and comfortable pants.

You will feed your baby a lot so this was very comfortable.

Besides nursing tops and maternity wear Kindred bravely also has a lot of cute, soft and very comfortable nursing bras.

And since you are gonna need a few they have a deal on bras:

If you Buy 2 Bras, Save 10%
Buy 3 Bras, Save 15%
Buy 4 Bras, Save 20%
nursing bras breastfeeding must haves
Nursing bras

5. Nursing pads

You have the choice between reusable nursing pads or single use ones.

I tried both and as much as i wanted to use the washable ones more I preferred the single use ones.

The washable ones were soaked with milk a lot faster and it felt very uncomfortable since they weren’t holding the wet feeling away from the breast.

The single use ones would always feel dry no matter how much milk they soaked up.

This is a trial and error thing, you have to find out what works best for you.

A breastfeeding must have if you have a lot of milk and are leaking.

nursing pads
Bestseller single use nursing pads “Lansinoh”
reusable nursing pads
Bestseller reusable nursing pads “Bamboobies”

6. Lanolin cream

About one or two weeks into breastfeeding you will understand why this is a breastfeeding must have.

Your breasts are absolutely not used to having a small human sucking milk out of them.

Your nipples will get cracked and hurt a lot.

Lanolin cream helps heal those while it is safe for the baby to have in their mouth when feeding.

You can also ask in the hospital where you are giving birth.

They might have a small tube or sample size of lotion free of charge for you to take home.

A small tube goes a long way.

This is definitely one of the breastfeeding must haves.

Lansinoh cream
Bestseller nipple cream “Lansinoh”

7. Nursing Pillow and Cover

A nursing pillow is not absolutely needed but it will make nursing so much more comfortable for you.

The baby can relax comfortable on the pillow while nursing and your arm won’t get too heavy from holding the baby.

Of course you still have to make sure the baby can not roll off the pillow.

I bought two covers with mine.

They get dirty very quick and that way I always had a backup.

nursing pillow breastfeeding must haves
Bestseller “Boppy” Pillow
nursing pillow covers

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Essentials for breastfeeding moms

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