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The best Nursing Necklaces for Breastfeeding

Using a nursing necklace is a real life saver.

We all know the situation –  you are in the middle of breastfeeding your baby and your baby is getting distracted fiddling with everything you can reach like your hair or your other breast which can get really annoying.

Your baby might start yanking your hair which can surprisingly hurt pretty good. (Those little baby arms are strong)

Or hurting you by pinching your skin really hard.

Around three to four months of age babies start to get  distracted during feedings which is usually when their vision starts to get better and they can see more clearly.

Some babies even start to get distracted as early as 2 months.

 All of a sudden everything else seems so much more interesting than eating.

 And this is where nursing necklaces or breastfeeding necklaces come in.

Nursing necklaces I made with very sturdy material like silicone,  wood,  or a combination of wood and fabric.

Compared to normal necklaces they are very durable and safe for your baby .

And give it to your little hands something to do while being fed on your breast.

They can pull on them,  put them in their mouth which is filled with them during a feeding.

And the best part?  you can reuse them later when your baby starts teething. 

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Why shouldn’t I use a regular necklace?

 Well there’s a few very simple reasons:

  • a regular necklace is not safe.  it is not made to be pulled by little hands and can break very easily and become a choking hazard.
  •   you don’t know what material your necklace is made of and what do babies actually putting in their mouth if you let them suck on a regular necklace. (They could end up being toxic)

Reasons to use a breastfeeding necklace

  • Wearing a nursing necklace during breastfeeding can keep your babies attention.
  • Playing with the different shapes and colors of the beads also helps working on their pincer grasp which helps them picking up toys and later to write with a pen.
  • It can also be used for teething when your baby gets older.
  • Wearing a nursing necklace or breastfeeding necklace can even help your little one with their motor skill development.

Modern nursing necklaces are quite pretty and very colorful with a huge variety of what you can buy.

They can be combined with anything in your regular wardrobe and can compliment your style just as much as any normal necklace would.

This list includes 8 top-rated nursing necklaces you should check out when your baby likes to get distracted.

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Classic Nursing Necklace

This nursing necklace is made with food grade silicone beads that is non-toxic and tasteless.

The length is fully adjustable so you can wear it as low or as high as you prefer.

To clean you can just use regular dish soap and warm water and it can even be put in the freezer to double as a teething necklace.

This one is currently the amazon choice product under all the nursing necklaces and very affordable.

Colorful necklace

A great and colorful alternative to the commonly used white-green-grey.

This breastfeeding necklace just looks like so much fun and is also made with food grade silicone beads.

Nursing necklace set

I love the tasteful colors of this nursing necklace set which also comes with a bracelet and a pacifier clip – great gift for a baby shower.

This set actually combines three different materials.

The beads are made with food grade silicone, natural wood and knitted cotton.

With the brown and grey it can be combined with a variety of outfits and colors.

Timeless necklace

With the combination of white, grey and black this nursing necklace is elegant and timeless making it the perfect jewelery for moms.

As well as the other necklaces so far it is also made from silicone.

Rose nursing necklace

With a chewable silicone rose in the middle of the nursing necklace this one is fun and cute.

All of the beads are made with silicone as well.

Pastel colors

Made with beautiful pastel colors and different shapes of the silicone beads this nursing necklace is pretty stylish.

Breastfeeding necklace with feather

This cute breastfeeding necklace is made with 100% food grade silicone and wood beads and includes a cute little feather as the center piece.

It comes in a set with three different colors so you can wear whatever color works best for your outfit of the day.

Make your own necklace

You can also make your very unique nursing necklace using a set with beads and everything else you need to create a breastfeeding necklace.

Like this adorable set with a Panda theme or this adorable wooden elephant as the center of your homemade nursing necklace.

Making your own nursing necklace gives you the chance to be creative and personalize it as much as you want.

You could also buy different sets and combine them with each other for even more fun and super unique necklaces.

Buy on Etsy

Etsy is a great place to get personalized nursing necklaces and helping a small business at the same time.

You can find a lot more of the wooden or wood and fabric breastfeeding necklaces here than compared to amazon with mostly silicone necklaces.

I like to shop on etsy for all kinds of creative products.

wood and crochet nursing necklace

Interesting fact: Did you know that silicone necklaces can help kids with autism too? It gives them something safe to bite on and helps concentration.

In general nursing necklaces are a genius invention and I love the fact that you can use them for teething problems too.

So as a final thought I would say the purchase is absolutely worth it and they also make a adorable gift for a new mom or mom to be at the baby shower.

Have you bought a nursing necklace?

How helpful was it to you? Do you have any tips you would like to share with other moms?

Let us know in the comments.

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