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12 Free pumping signs to print and hang on the door

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Pumping itself can be stressful for new moms and even more when you have to do it in places like your work.

Maybe your job doesn’t offer a room that can be locked where you can pump breast milk for your baby in peace.

There is nothing worse than someone coming in when you are still learning the whole pumping process on top of the hormones that are still in your body from pregnancy and maybe some guilt of being back at work instead of being at home and spending time with your new little baby.

I get it.

But you can do it mama!

And here are a few free pumping signs you can print out and hang on the door wherever you are pumping to make people aware to not come in at all so you can express that liquid gold in peace.

No matter if you are pumping at your job, at a friends or parents house or anywhere else outside of the comfort of your own home.

To download the signs simply click on the one you like the most and it will open up a jpg file in a seperate tab that you can print and save to your computer.

If you do not own a printer you can also have it printed at any print shop near you or places like Walmart.

Of course you can also print all of them.

For more durability you can print the pumping sign and laminate it before you hang it on the door.

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Classic pumping signs

1. Stop. Pumping session in progress.

Stop pumping sign with cow

Cute cow pumping sign telling everyone to stop.

2. Stop sign pumping

Stop pumping in progress printable sign

To make it really clear that people should not enter the room.

3. Privacy, please

privacy please pumping session in progress printable sign

This sign is a little more polite and simply asking for your privacy.

4. Privacy please breast pump sign

Privacy please pumping sign with breast pump

Another pumping sign asking for privacy during the pumping session.

5. Do not enter

Do not enter pumping mama printable pumping sign

The red on this picture makes it very clear to stay away.

6. Pumping mama

Pumping mama please to not disturb pumping sign to print

This one is also a more polite way to ask people to please not disturb you.

7. Pumping session in progress

Pumping session in progress free printable sign

Just like this one with a picture of a manual breast pump.

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Here are some super useful pumping accessories to make pumping breastmilk even easier and more convenient for you:

Funny pumping signs

If you want to make it a little bit more fun these pumping signs might be more for you.

8. Boobs at work

Boobs at work funny pumping sign

I'm pretty sure everyone will know.

9. Dairy producer at work

Dairy producer at work funny pumping sign

A funny sign calling yourself a dairy worker.

10. Got milk?

Got milk? funny pumping sign to print at home

Because yeah you do have milk.

11. Moooove along

Move along funny pumping sign with cow

This dancing cow tells everyone to just keep walking to let you pump breast milk in peace.

12. Holy cow

Holy cow pumping in progress sign

Innocent little cow with a halo on top of her head letting people know you are pumping.

I hope you were able to find a few good signs that work for you.

Which one is your favorite?

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12 free pumping signs to download and print at home

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