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The best-rated bassinets for breastfeeding moms (ultimate guide)

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Once you have your newborn baby there is a lot to adjust to when you are deciding to breastfeed and of course you want to have it as easy as possible to feed your baby at night.

While a crib is great because it will last you until your baby is about 3 years old it is a hassle to get the baby at night.

A bassinet can be a great helper here even if you can only use it for a short amount of time due to weight restrictions or simply because your baby gets too big.

We were using a bassinet right by my side of the bed and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate how easy it was to just wake up in the middle of the night and just reach over to get the baby instead of having to get up and walk over to a crib.

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What makes a great bassinet for breastfeeding?

When you are looking for the best bassinet for breastfeeding you should check for the following criteria:

  • Can you adjust the height to fit perfectly to your bed?
  • Is it very sturdy?
  • Is it safe? (using mesh on the sides)
  • Can you easily take your baby in and out from your bed?

So in a nutshell it should make your life easier while being also safe.

The best bassinets

Looking at customer ratings there are a few clear favorites with great ratings and reviews.

But let’s start with the one I was using for my baby.

Halo Swivel Bassinet

This particular bassinet is one of the best selling ones you can find.

The sturdiness here comes from a super heavy base with 4 arms that make it impossible to tip over.

Those legs can also be moved under the bed which makes it a great use for small space.

The sides are made with mesh so there is a low risk of suffocation and SIDS.

It can be moved in 360° motion perfect if you need to move your baby a little bit closer to the bed or move the whole bassinet out of the way when you get up in the morning.


  • Very sturdy
  • Mesh all around
  • Two storage pockets on the side
  • Can be moved 360°
  • Vibration and soothing sounds
  • Including waterproof mattress and fitted sheet


  • limited height adjustement (we have a queen size bed with box spring and it was sitting too low)
  • The heavy base makes it hard to take it somewhere else

Personally I liked this bassinet but did not love it.

The Halo Swivel Bassinet is overall a great bassinet for breastfeeding which comes with a few really good extras and I would still give it 4/5 stars.

But for our next baby I will go with the next one on the list.

Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper

is currently the best seller of all the bassinets you can find on amazon.

And for a good reason.

You can use it as a stand-alone bassinet as is or a bedside sleeper where one of the sides gets taken down.

To install it on your bed the bassinet can be height adjusted and is safely secured with fastening straps that reach under your own mattress and out on the other side of your bed with hooks so your bassinet can’t even move an inch while installed.


  • One side can be unzipped
  • super easy height adjustment
  • Mesh on both sides
  • Pockets for extra storage
  • Used as bedside sleeper or alone
  • Good for newborns up to 33 lbs or until they can pull themselves upright
  • Affordable


  • Can’t be used beside with a extended bed frame

Yes, I could only find that one con for the Mika Micky Beside sleeper which makes it my absolute favorite and a must buy for a future baby.

The bedside option with the side you can unzip just makes it absolutely genius for breastfeeding if you ask me.

And with a 5/5 star review from over 4,000 reviewers I don’t think you can go wrong with this bassinet.

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Snoo smart sleeper

While this bassinet is more on the high end with the price it is super stylish and uses breathable mesh all around.

It automatically detects when your baby starts getting fussy and helps you out by adding more built in white noise and rocking motion so your baby can calm down again and doze off.

And the best part is that it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • automatically detects and responds to baby getting fussy
  • Comes with 3 safe sleep sack swaddles
  • Mesh all around
  • Prevents baby from rolling by keeping baby safe on the back
  • White noise and rocking motions can be adjusted via app


  • Price

Overall the Snoo smart sleeper is a genius bassinet making it easier for parents and a sign of modern technology being able to use a app to control motion and white noise.

The only thing that makes me unsure is the price but according to over 170 5-star rating customer it is absolutely worth it.

After all you get a 30-day guarantee so if you are not absolutely satisfied you can send it back and get reimbursed.

Great low-budget alternative

If you don’t have much money available for a bassinet in general this might be a great alternative for you.

MiClassic all mesh 2in1

With a price of currently under $100 this is a budget friendly alternative to the bassinets above.

It can be used in stationary or rock mode.

The breathable mesh all around the bassinet and the ability to fold it completely makes it a simple and useful sleep alternative.


  • Mesh all around
  • Can be folded for traveling
  • Stationary and rocking mode
  • Price
  • lightweight


  • no height adjustment
  • Not as sturdy as comparable products

Overall the MiClassic all mesh is a good bassinet for the small budget.

With over 1,900 5/5 Star ratings it’s definitely a great alternative to classic bassinets.

Are you still not sure which one of these bassinets fits best for your needs?

Compare all of the bassinets you could find in this buying guide for the best bassinet for breastfeeding right on amazon with the current prices.

Final thoughts

I have been breastfeeding my toddler for almost 18 months and would say all of these bassinets are a great choice but for me it is definitely the option to use it as a bedside sleeper which makes or breaks a great bassinet for breastfeeding.

If I ever buy a bassinet again it would be one that you can attach directly to the bed and roll down one side of the bassinet.

It is just so much easier to have a baby bed that is on the same level as your bed for night time feedings.

We would always feed laying on the side which is not possible with a different bassinet unless you put your baby back in it after you are done breastfeeding.

Did you have a bassinet you absolutely loved while breastfeeding?

Let us know in the comments.

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