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24 creative pregnancy announcement photo ideas

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Announcing to the world that you are pregnant is so incredibly exciting especially if it has been taking a while to conceive.

I remember the feeling of holding that positive pregnancy test in my hands – both times it was a complete rollercoaster of emotions.

You’re so filled with joy that you want to scream it out into the world that you are expecting a baby.

But how should you announce the pregnancy?

Don’t worry – I got a whole collection of cute and creative pregnancy announcement photo ideas for you right here.

Feel free to recreate any of these ideas for your own pregnancy announcement.

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Announce your pregnancy with a photo

It is most common to share exciting news about your new pregnancy whenever you are ready on your social media channels.

I mostly use Facebook so that is where we announced our pregnancy at about 14 weeks (you know, that first trimester is tricky with a high chance of miscarriage that is why we waited)

From simple to funny pregnancy announcement photos you will find the perfect pregnancy announcement photoshoot ideas from the list below.

1. Ultrasound picture of the baby

This was the picture my husband and I used to announce to friends and family that we are pregnant with our first baby.

A friend of ours took the photos during a quick pregnancy reveal photoshoot and it was so much fun to create them and then wait for the crazy amount of reactions after posting the picture.

It was a sunny fall afternoon so we took it outside and held up a picture of the very first ultrasound of the baby.

2. Involve your pet

Are you a proud dog owner? Cat? maybe even a lizard?

No matter what pet it is I know it is your baby right now and will be just as excited to meet the new member of your household.

So since your pet is a important part of your life why not involve them in your pregnancy announcement picture?

3. Halloween pregnancy announcement picture

If you found out on time for Halloween then the spooky season is a great opportunity for a unique pregnancy announcement.

Go ahead and buy a cute skeleton maternity costume that includes a little skeleton on your belly and take a family picture in Halloween costumes.

This was my idea for the second baby as well but then my husband kinda messed it up because he already told his family about the pregnancy (he is a terrible secret keeper) so it wasn’t really a surprise anymore.

4. Say it with cupcakes

Not only are cupcakes super delicious – you can also ass some baby decorations and use them for a unique pregnancy announcement.

If you are not really into baking you can also have cupcakes made by a professional baker and then invite your family or friends to a coffee date to present them with these special treats.

But don’t forget to take the pictures before the cupcakes are all gone.

5. Use shoes of all family members

To recreate this picture all you need is a nice location to present your pregnancy announcement and your shoes.

Plus shoes for the future baby (plus points if you are all rocking the matching style)

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6. Writing on the beach

Do you live close to the beach or are on a vacation soon?

Then this idea might be perfect for you.

Write your exciting news in the sand on the beach and add a few cute baby accessories to create your sweet pregnancy announcement photo.

7. Guess what?

Hold up a the positive pregnancy test and add a simple question to the picture “guess what” and you have a quick and easy pregnancy announcement for your social media channels.

8. Holding the belly

Have your spouse stand behind you and give you a hug while you both form hearts with your hands around your growing belly.

Then you can either leave it at that or add a short sentence on top of the picture like “coming soon”.

9. Use your fridge magnets

Write your pregnancy message on your fridge using fridge magnets and take a picture of it.

This is a very simple pregnancy announcement photo idea and you could even add a lightweight baby toy to add to the fridge with an extra magnet or other baby accessories like a hat.

10. Baby onesie and shoes

Another classic idea for a pregnancy announcement photo is a custom-made onesie with the announcement and a few other baby items around it like baby shoes.

This is also a very popular way of telling your spouse that you are pregnant.

11. Newspaper announcement

I instantly love this idea when I saw it – announce your pregnancy to the world with a newspaper.

This one is saying “a little witch is on the way” which is a perfect way of announcing the pregnancy around halloween.

The newspaper is completely customizable and you can find a variety of products like this in the etsy shop of lythium art.

12. Little pumpkin

Another really great announcement idea for the fall time is the pregnancy announcement written on a pumpkin.

If you love this idea you should absolutely check out Emilys shop on Instagram – there are tons of really cute pumpkins like these for sale.

She also makes custom Christmas ornaments that can be used for pregnancy announcements as well.

13. Baby hat and ultrasound pictures

Another classic pregnancy announcement photo includes the ultrasound pictures and baby hat and shoes.

The colors used in this photo are perfect for a fall announcement.

14. Baby pumpkin

This cute pregnancy announcement includes a small pumpkin inside a big one resembling the baby inside you.

15. Powerful scenery

If you are someone that loves to travel this might be a great idea for your announcement.

A letterboard by the Waterfall.

The waterfall in the background combined with how the lighting is with the sun makes this photo truly magical.

16. Call me pumpkin

This one is also a really cute idea for a pregnancy photo shoot around halloween – a onesie that says “call me pumpkin” or “scary cute”.

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17. Message candle

Say it with a candle!

This cute small business on Instagram makes custom message candles including this one with a pregnancy announcement.

18. What should I be?

This is a cute way to somewhat include a older sibling in the pregnancy announcement.

The picture is simply asking “What should I be for Halloween” and the answer that is ticked is “Big brother”.

Another cute halloween themed pregnancy announcement photo idea.

19. Belly Fruit

I really like this cute letter board idea that calls the new baby a belly fruit.

20. Involve older siblings

Chances are good that your kids are just as excited for their new baby brother or baby sister as the parents so you should absolutely involve older siblings if you have other kids.

Like this pregnancy announcement idea where everyone is holding their belly.

21. Custom clothes

How about some customized shirts or jackets with your new title “mom”?

Like this cute family photo shoot announcing that the toddler will be a big sister.

22. IVF pregnancy announcement

If you are going through IVF treatment to hopefully have a baby you know how incredibly emotional, exhausting, and hard it can be.

IVF needs parents to be extremely determined and you can go through failed cycles before you end up with a successful one.

I can only imagine how hard this is and all moms that go through it have my utmost respect.

So if you are lucky and had a successful IVF cycle this might be a really cute idea to showcase the hard work behind it and to let your friends know about your baby.

23. Christmas ornaments

These pregnancy announcement Christmas ornaments are a great gift idea and look very elegant while also announcing the great news.

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