creative ideas to announce pregnancy to husband

Unique and creative ideas to tell your husband you’re pregnant

Doing a surprise pregnancy announcement for your husband can be super emotional and so much fun especially when you have been trying to conceive for a long time.

The first moment you find out that you are pregnant is something completely magical and your personal little secret until you decide to share it with someone.

Usually that first person to tell is your husband or significant other.

I still remember when I held that pregnancy test in my hand and saw the second line appear making it a positive pregnancy test.

I absolutely could not believe that I was really pregnant and at the same time so happy.

My husband was in Texas when I found out (we live in California) and it was so hard not to just call him right away and let him know but wait to be able to surprise him.

I had a few days to plan the perfect surprise before he got back and couldn’t believe how creative some people get with their surprise pregnancy announcement for their husband.

So if you are asking yourself “How can I surprise my husband with a pregnancy announcement?” – Here are my absolute favorites to tell your husband that you are pregnant.

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1. Write it on a T-shirt

You can grab a basic white T-shirt and write on it with a permanent marker or extra fabric paint marker.

It could be something simple like “Mommy est. YEAR” or #PREGGO or something completely personalized – you can let your creativity run wild.

Or you can of course just buy a Tshirt that has something smart about pregnancy on it.

I absolutely love this Tshirt with the writing “I tested positive, but not for covid” that you can get on Etsy.

Or something super obvious like this “ICE, ICE, BABY” T-shirt.

These are other great choices for a fun pregnancy announcement T-shirt:

The good thing about most of these t-shirts is that they are maternity shirts meaning you can also wear them through your pregnancy.

2. Bun in the oven

Literally take a bun and place it in your oven.

Then you just have to come up with a excuse as to why he has to open the oven.

It could be something like “Could you please take the top rack out of the oven so we can start dinner” and then wait for him to realize why there is a bun in the oven.

You should totally get this on video because it could get pretty funny.

3. Spill the beans

Another pun one is to “spill the beans” about your pregnancy.

You can place some whole coffee beans somewhere in your kitchen with a container looking like it just fell over and spilled the beans and then add your positive pregnancy test on top of the beans for your husband to find.

This makes sense if you are using coffee beans in your house anyway but you can also buy a extra bag of low priced coffee beans just for the pregnancy announcement.

funny pregnancy announcement spill the beans

4. Pregnancy test in a box

This is what I did when I found out I was pregnant with my now toddler.

Take your positive pregnancy test and get a cute little gift box.

You can decorate the box with other baby items like socks, a hat or a onesie or just add the pregnancy test with nothing else.

It’s a super simple DIY approach to surprise your husband and you can even get all the materials from a dollar store.

Then you can just give it to your husband as a little gift.

5. Hiding in plain sight

This one is pretty fun.

All you have to do is “hide” your pregnancy test somewhere in plain site where you know your husband is gonna find it.

Great places for that are:

  • his desk (if he is a gamer)
  • on his side of the bed
  • on his night stand
  • in his car
  • in his dresser
  • on top of his clothes while he’s in the shower

This works best if you use a simple pregnancy test with lines and not a digital one because on the digital one the result can disappear after a few hours.

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6. Baby onesie

This is one of the classics – a Baby onesie with a message on it.

Just like the T-shirt for you you can create your own onesie with fabric marker or buy one online.

My top picks are these ones:

7. Candy

Buy your husbands favorite candy and write on the package “I am going to get fat so are you” or download a template for you to print at home and glue it on top right here:

8. Surprise diaper delivery

Have a box of diapers shipped to your house addressed to your husband.

He will be so confused but hopefully realize what is going on.

You can buy a whole box of newborn diapers for this surprise (You will need those diapers later anyway)

9. Pregnancy App

A super sneaky and cute way to let your husband know about your pregnancy is to install a pregnancy app on your phone that tells you how many weeks you are pregnant and what size the baby should be.

You can then set up push notifications on his phone for your app and he will get any updates on your baby.

This is definitely a fun one.

10. Baby shoes

You can buy a pair of cute little baby shoes and put them in a shoe box for men shoes.

When you ask in the shoe store you buy the baby shoes from they are usually more than happy to give you a empty shoe box.

Then you can gift your husband “his” new shoes.

You can also add the pregnancy test and any other baby items in that box.

11. Beer glass

If your husband is the type that likes to drink a cold beer after a long day at work why not surprise him with a new dad beer glass?

These are also great gifts for a first fathers day.

12. Lottery ticket

Did you know you can buy some actually authentic looking scratcher tickets for a pregnancy announcement?

I didn’t until I did the research for these ideas and think this is awesome.

You can just come home saying something like “Let’s try our luck with the lottery” and have your husband scratching away the fields until it reveals that you are expecting a baby.

They come in a pack of five so you could even use them for family members too.

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13. Homemade Card

You can make your own Pregnancy announcement card for your husband with card stock and a few colorful markers.

The most simple card could be the card stock folded in half and writing “You’re not just a great Husband” on the outside followed by “You’re also going to be a great daddy” on the inside.

Of course you don’t have to make it yourself if you don’t feel crafty.

You can hop over to Etsy and get super cute costum made greeting cards for your pregnancy announcement.

These are my favorites:

14. Color changing mug

This is what we did for my parents.

Since we could not be with them to tell them in person (they are living overseas) we send them a color changing mug that is black and changes to white revealing the sweet message when you pour hot liquid inside of it.

15. Surprise photo

Book a appointment for a “couple shooting” with one of your local photographers letting them know that you want to surprise your husband with your pregnancy.

During the shooting you can then hold up a sign saying “We are pregnant” or “You’re going to be a dad” where he can’t see it until he sees the final photo.

To make it even more interesting but a bit risky you can let him hold the sign hoping he won’t see it or let him hold it and then read what it says with the photographer taking pictures the whole time.

16. Baby owner’s manual

Yes, that is really the title of a book.

We actually got it from friends at our baby shower and it is filled with lots of humor for new parents actually reading it like a manual for a new household appliance.


Buy the baby owner’s manual and wrap it up as a gift for your partner.

He might be a little confused on why he would need a book like that but it’ll click fast.

17. Funny t-shirt for him

If your husband is already the type to make silly dad jokes this t-shirt is a must buy for a pregnancy announcement.

18. Hidden message

Take a sharpie and write the hidden message “I’m pregnant” on the bottom of your coffee cup.

Then make sure you are sitting across from your husband while sipping your morning coffee or tea and he can see the message while you are drinking.

Depending on how fast you want your husband to know about the pregnancy (right away, a few days or weeks) you should plan what idea you want to use since some of these items might have a longer shipping time so keep that in mind.

I hope this post gave you THE perfect idea to surprise your husband with your pregnancy.

Which one was your favorite?

Did you have a super smart surprise for your husband that is missing on this list?

Let us know in the comments.

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