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Ultimative pregnancy survival kit (with free checklist)

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What can I buy for my pregnant friend?

If this is a question you have been asking yourself lately I got the perfect answer for you – make a pregnancy survival kit.

But what is that anyway?

A pregnancy survival kit includes all the little products that make pregnancy much easier and help with all the problems pregnant women go trough.

It can be a sweet gesture and will be very appreciated.

I know for sure I would be over the moon excited if someone would be so sweet to assemble one for me.

Of course you can also make one for yourself in case you are the pregnant friend.

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To make sure you got everything covered download this free printable checklist for the pregnancy survival kit that you can print at home and check off.

free pregnancy survival kit checklist

What can you put in a pregnancy survival kit?

Pretty much everything that makes the pregnancy easier and the pregnant women feel better, appreciated or just relaxed.

If you are a mom already you probably have a pretty good idea of what products a kit like this could include.

First you should get a cute basket to assemble everything in.

You can leave the basket just as is or add clear foil at the end decorated with a cute bow and the gift basket is perfect.

Let’s start by covering the products you can mostly use during the first trimester for the always hitting nausea and morning sickness.

1. Sea Band

Sea bands are originally made to relieve motion sickness when you are traveling by plane or on the boat.

They are pretty simple – a band around your wrist with a plastic piece that is designed to stimulate a specific acupressure point that relieves nausea.

I can’t even express how much I wished I would’ve known sooner about the existence of these.

Sea Bands are very affordable and can be used even after your pregnancy for travel.

So this is a absolute must have item even if you or your pregnant friend does not suffer from morning sickness.

2. Ginger everything

Ginger is a total magic potion for anything morning sickness related.

No matter if you use it as tea (fresh or store bought), drops or drink a ginger ale or ginger candy – it will help your nausea.

I would suck on candied ginger during my pregnancy when I started to feel a little funky and granted it doesn’t taste the best it was very helpful.

Besides helping with nausea ginger tea has a variety of health benefits.

I prefer to make mine fresh.

All you need is fresh ginger and hot water.

Slice that bad boy up and drop a few slices in a thermos tumbler and add the hot water.

Don’t leave it in there for too long tho – the ginger burns more and more the stronger it gets.

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3. Funny Mug

A mug with a funny saying can lighten the mood right away and is perfect to enjoy the ginger tea in.

4. Water bottle and personalized tumbler

Water is the essence of life especially when you are pregnant it is extra important to stay hydrated at all times.

Not drinking enough can send your body in early labor and we want that baby to bake as long as possible right?

You can make drinking your water even more fun with a personalized tumbler.

These can be found on etsy in all kind of beautiful designs and colors.

My Friend Jovanka actually has a own shop on etsy and makes the most beautiful tumblers – make sure to check it out.

5. Saltine Crackers

Another thing that can help keep morning sickness in check.

When you are suffering from morning sickness it can be hard to keep anything down.

Eating a few saltine crackers during the day can help with that.

I would always put a few crackers on my bedside to eat first thing in the morning together with a glass of water.

This really makes a difference starting your day as a pregnant women.

6. Gatorade, Powerade – any sports drink.

Throwing up makes you lose important electrolytes that your body really needs right now – I mean you are growing a whole human inside of you!

Make sure you get those electrolytes back by sipping on any sports drink like Gatorade or Powerade to get them back. 

This is also a great item to pack for your hospital bag.

7. Breath Refreshers

Unfortunately people don’t have the best breath after throwing up.

I have and love these Breath Refresher strips because they give you an instantly good breath and fit in any small purse.

A true life saver when morning sickness hits you on the go.

Enough about morning sickness – Let’s spoil yourself or your pregnant friend with the following items on the list:

8. Chocolate 

Or any other candy your the pregnant women loves most.

Chocolate just makes everything better.

It is a sweet little treat and can put you in a good mood instantly.

I LOVE chocolate but I have to say it – American chocolate is not good at all.

If you want to get something really good make sure to buy european chocolate like Lindt.

The swiss really know what they are doing with their chocolate.

Trust me – the extra money is so worth it.

9. Lip Balm

This is a must have when you or your friend is pregnant during the cold winter time when lips get chapped all the time.

Lip balms will help them get smooth again.

The dry hospital air when you go in to have your baby will have the same effect by the way.

The same goes for…

10. Hand lotion

Especially since we are sanitizing our hands way more often with the whole pandemic going on our hands are suffering big time.

A good hand lotion can work wonders on that cracked skin.

This one is my personal favorite.

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11. Sleep mask

There comes a time in pregnancy where you will have a hard time with sleeping if not all pregnancy long.

A cute sleep mask can help you get better sleep by blocking out all the light at night.

During my research I stumbled upon these satin sleep masks on etsy.

You can have them personalized as well and the price is more than reasonable for what you get.

I might have to order myself one of those.

12. Pregnancy Pillow

Yes, yes and yes.

I don’t think I could’ve slept at all during my second and last trimester without a pregnancy or body pillow to rest that growing belly on at night.

Instead of spending lots of money on a pregnancy pillow this long pillow from target does the same job and you can buy the pillow plus two covers for the same price as a pregnancy pillow.

After doing research target doesn’t seem to have that pillow anymore but I will link it for you as soon as I can find it again.

Your friend will absolutely love you for this.

13. Night light

For those endless pee breaks at night during the whole pregnancy.

A night light is great so you don’t have to turn on the light or stumble through a dark room and stub your toe on the corner of the bed (been there).

The night light is still great when the baby is born and you have to get up for night time feedings.

I bought a couple and use one in our room and one in my daughters room.

14. Maternity compression socks

Oh, they make you feel so much better.

At some point during your pregnancy your body will probably start to keep water everywhere which makes mostly your feet and legs swollen at the end of the day.

Wearing compression socks can help keep your feet and legs from swelling up and make you feel better overall.

Before you use any compression make sure to talk to your doctor – compression socks should not be used for people with heart problems.

15. Cozy non-slip socks

Who doesn’t need cozy and warm socks?

I got these for my hospital bag and was wearing them in the hospital the whole time after giving birth.

And just got a new pair for christmas.

Since our house is mostly wooden flooring the non-slip socks are perfect.

16. Face mask

No, not the one we have to wear right now.

A calming, anti-stress mask is great for those 5 minutes of self-care a day after your shower.

I think I got pretty much every freeman face mask that is out there by now and they last forever.

17. Heating pad

For all the little and big pain of pregnancy or just to relax your muscles.

After pregnancy these can also be used for your monthly period symptoms.

18. Small Trash Bags

Hear me out – these are genius on the go for those moments the nausea just hits you and you have to throw up.

I would also always have small trash bags in my diaper bag for the baby for dirty diapers.

So you can use them later on too.

19. Belly Oil or Cream

Even though it is not proven that Belly oil or belly cream really prevents stretch marks – it helps with the itching that comes with a growing belly.

20. Parenting Books

A absolute must have are the “what to expect when you’re expecting” book as well as the “what to expect – the first year” book.

Both a great read filled with tons of helpful information for pregnant women and new parents.

The book for the first year helped me understand milestones better and always gave me great ideas on what to do to help my daughters development.

21. Pregnancy Journal / Diary

I know there are tons of apps for this nowadays but if you or your pregnant friend are someone that likes it old school on paper a pregnancy journal or diary is a great addition to add.

It is so much fun to add photos of your growing belly to it and write down all the little things that happened during pregnancy.

It can help you track symptoms and keep track of your doctors appointments during pregnancy.

22. Tissues

Just because they are always handy to have.

23. Prenatal Vitamins

Depending on what brand you chose to use the prenatal vitamins can become quite expensive.

Every pregnant women should take them daily to ensure the best development possible for the growing baby and to make sure you get all the needed vitamins too.

Adding a extra bottle of prenatal vitamins to the pregnancy survival kit will me much appreciated.

Even after pregnancy it is a great idea to continue to take prenatal vitamins especially when you are breastfeeding.

You can read more about the benefits of folic acid here on WebMd.

24. Bellaband

A set of Bellabands in each neutral color and you can go through the whole pregnancy without even buying a single pair of maternity jeans.

These bands are a piece of fabric like a top without the straps that is usually worn over the belly and stretches as the pregnancy belly grows bigger.

You can even leave your jeans open under the Belly band and nobody will know.

25. Long tank tops

Or buy a set of long tank tops instead of the bellabands for the same effect.

Make sure they are maternity tank tops so the belly has enough space or buy a size bigger.

26. Tylenol

Tylenol will he highly appreciated when you get hit by that headache that just won’t go away.

At some point during my second trimester I had the worst headache ever.

It felt like my head would explode any moment and it just wouldn’t go away.

According to WebMd Tylenol is one of the very few pain killers that are ok to use during pregnancy and usually the go to recommended by doctors for pregnant women.

27. Gift Card for Restaurant or Doordash

Get a gift card for the favorite restaurant in town to enjoy a nice date night for the parents to be before the baby is born.

Another great idea is a gift card for delivery services like Doordash – You’ll thank me later when the midnight munchies hit where you grave something specific to eat and you can’t leave the house.

There are also other delivery companies for food like grubhub or instacart for your whole grocery delivery.

28. Tums

Or any other chewables that help with acid reflux.

Acid reflux is very common during pregnancy which absolutely makes sense.

The growing fetus is squeezing all your other organs together including the stomach which results in stomach acid being pushed up and you having acid reflux.

29. Funny movies about pregnancy

There are some really good movies out there that have pregnancy as their main theme like the movie “knocked up”.

If you want to make it extra great pack some microwave popcorn on top.

30. Flossers

Make sure to take extra good care of your dental health during pregnancy especially if you have to throw up a lot.

All that acid can do a big number on your poor teeth.

Flossers can help you make sure your mouth stays healthy.

Even better in combination with a…

31. Electric toothbrush

That makes it super easy to have squeaky clean teeth even when you feel super tired.

The electric toothbrush saves you lots of scrubbing since it does all the work and you just have to move it from side to side.

During pregnancy the gums are extra sensitive so make sure you get a brush that doesn’t have super hard bristles on it.

32. Calcium Pills or chews

Getting enough calcium is very important during pregnancy.

The growing baby inside your baby takes everything it needs to grow big and strong from your body which can result in your bones and teeth suffering.

So getting extra calcium from pills or calcium chews might be a good idea.

Check in with your doctor before you take any additional supplements besides the prenatal vitamins.

33. Pregnancy tea

A pregnancy tea usually consists of a nice blend of herbal tea that is safe to drink during pregnancy.

(some herbs can cause early labor so it is important to make sure the tea is ok to drink)

Tea in general is great for your immune system and with a splash of honey delicious and calming.

Add a box of pregnancy tea and some honey to the pregnancy survival kit and your friend will thank you.

34. Maternity clothes

A few more cute maternity clothes are always a great gift for pregnant women.

No matter if it’s maternity pants, a cute shirt or even a dress.

has adorable clothes and usually always some maternity wear on sale.

Don’t have the energy to make your own pregnancy survival kit?

There is a variety of great baby boxes or pregnancy boxes that you can have sent to your house every month.

1. Bluum

Bluum has a box for everyone from pregnancy to toddlers tailored to the specific part of your pregnancy or the age of your child later.

This subscription box costs $34 a month and can be canceled anytime.

2. Bump Box

This is probably the most popular pregnancy box out there.

You can buy just a single box monthly or bundle up and buy the boxes for your whole pregnancy ahead of time.

Each box includes items for your pregnancy worth $60+ with at least 5 items that are hand picked perfect for the current month of your pregnancy.

I know a pregnant women that got a bump box gifted from her own husband and was beyond excited over the sweet gesture and loves her box.

3. Earth Mama Organics

One of my favorite companies for moms and moms to be.

Earth Mama uses only organic ingredients and offers a little something for pregnant women.

This is a one time purchase little goodie bag with sample sizes of their ginger deodorant, wellness body wash, belly oil and belly butter and their ginger lip balm.

A great way to test their amazing products before you commit to buying a full size version.

I used and still use a variety of their products like the raspberry leaf tea.

Either way if you make your own kit for the pregnancy or buy a subscription box – it will make your own pregnancy or your friends pregnancy so much sweeter.

I hope this post gave you some great ideas what pregnant women really appreciate and enjoy during the pregnancy journey.

So what are you going to include in your pregnancy survival kit?

Let us know in the comments!

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