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Father’s Day questionnaire free printable (and coloring pages)

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Father’s day is the one day of the year where kids show their dad how much his hard work for the family is appreciated.

Especially when it is a rather traditional household where the dad goes to work and the mom stays at home with the kids.

A questionnaire about their dad or coloring pages for father’s day are a easy but thoughtful way for your kids to show their dad how much he is appreciated and loved.

But did you know how the whole tradition started?

History of father’s day

The whole reason why father’s day is a worldwide holiday nowadays is thanks to a girl named Sonora Smart Dodd.

It was founded 1910 in Washington.

Her father was a Civil War Veteran and single dad to six children.

He was a widower and had no other choice than to raise his children on his own.

So his daughter decided that there should be a equivalent for mother’s day for all the male parents out there.

Father’s day tradition in Germany

As you probably know by now I am originally from germany.

Father’s day there is celebrated in a rather unique way.

You could say all the male parents celebrate themselves by taking a long hike with their other father friends.

But of course it’s not just a hike – there’s usually also a little wagon (we call it Bollerwagen) that can be used for transporting all kinds of things including children.

On this specific day they fill it up with beer, food and liquor and drink while on their hike.

Some even take a whole bbq grill with them.

It comes in super handy for transporting drunk friends back also.

As you can see they have a lot of fun on their special day.

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Free printable father’s day questionnaire

And here it is – your free printable father’s day questionnaire that lets your kid answer questions about their dad like “What is his favorite color” or “This is what I love to do with my dad”.

It is printer friendly without color so your children can color the questionnaire however they like.

You can download and print it as many times as you want for personal use by clicking on the picture below.

It will then open a new tab where you can download or print the father’s day questionnaire.

free father's day questionnaire to print at home

And if that is not enough you can download this set of free father’s day coloring pages also by clicking on the picture below.

free printable father's day coloring pages for kids

How are you celebrating father’s day?

Does your family have their own special tradition?

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