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Push present for dad – 34+ genius gift ideas

Have you ever heard about the tradition of giving a push present to the new mother? – Probably.

It is a nice way to appreciate the hard work of labor and childbirth for the woman but there is a new trend to give dads a push present as well.

You might be thinking “a push present for dad? why?”

It is a nice way to show the dad he is appreciated as well and a great way to introduce him to fatherhood.

The dad is celebrating a major milestone in both of your lives with you.

Most of the time we forget that not only the mom’s whole life changes the moment they have their baby.

Of course, we all know the mother goes through a lot more to bring new life into the world but the dad deserves a present as well.

If you are not quite convinced yet let me give you a few reasons why dads deserve a “push” gift as well.

  • He goes through a lot of emotional changes as well
  • The new father is usually involved in a lot of the changes and decisions along the way
  • He helps prepare for the arrival of your baby

(And if he is not doing those things he shouldn’t get a gift)

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What is a push present?

In a nutshell, it’s a gift whether big or small to show the mom how appreciated she is for going through labor and delivery of the baby as well as maybe a tough pregnancy before.

Some men go all out by buying a new car for the family or other lavish gifts for the new mom.

Of course, it all depends on how big your budget is but after all it’s not really about the gift but the message behind it – appreciation and saying thank you.

Typically only the mom gets a push present since she is the one literally pushing the baby out but it has become a thing to give the dad a push present as well.

How much to spend on a push present?

There are absolutely no rules on how much you should be spending on a push present.

Whatever you can afford no matter if it is a small gesture or a really big gift.

After all it is the thought that counts.

Push present ideas for new dads

So if you want to tell your husband thank you for all his help during your pregnancy and childbirth by your side here are a few thoughtful gift ideas he will love.

From just a small thougthful gift to more expensive ones there is something for every budget on the list.

1. Newspaper from day of the birth

I always love this gift idea for various occasions.

You can get crafty and make your own newspaper style poster with information about the day of the birth of your baby by checking what happened in the world by simply doing a google search.

But you can also order some cute ones from etsy for example.

Like this Birthday chronicle that is then sent to you by email and all you have to do is print it out and frame it.

2. Keychain for dad

Or how about a sweet new keychain for the brand new dad so he always has something with him that reminds him of his baby.

You can find this one on amazon along with other really cute dad keychains.

3. Personalized coffee mug

Does the new dad love to drink coffee? How about a cute personalized coffee mug then?

There’s tons of really cute coffee mugs for new dads on etsy.

And my personal favorite is definitely this coffee mug for dads with name and cartoon pictures of the family.

4. Neck massager

A neck massager is great for those stiff muscles from rocking a crying baby to sleep all night.

Of course you as a new mom can borrow that one too so it’s a win-win gift if you ask me.

5. Engraved watch

Getting a new watch is also a great push present for dad especially if you have it engraved.

You could add just your baby’s name or the name and birth date or a personal quote for dad.

There is a great variety of engraved watches with all kinds of materials on etsy.

6. Dad jokes book

All dads need to have some cheesy dad jokes of course so you can get your spouse prepared with the ultimate dad jokes book.

7. Funny low battery T-shirt

T-shirts are always a great gift idea and this new dad low battery T-shirt is a funny present for any new dad.

We all know that the battery is always running low with a baby at home.

8. Engraved whiskey glass

If the new dad is one that likes to enjoy a glass of good whiskey here and there then an engraved whiskey glass will surely make him happy to receive as a gift.

This was one of the gifts I got for my husband as well and it is still a cherished glass.

9. Daddy diaper duty tool belt

To make sure dad has everything that is needed for a quick diaper change always on hand a daddy diaper duty tool belt is the perfect gift.

Or a whole diaper duty apron that will also protect your clothes from any crazy blowout or peeing during a diaper change.

I love the ideas of this “Call of doody” diaper change apron.

10. Baby onesie

There are plenty of cute baby onesies for dads available with sayings like “hello daddy”, “cuter version of dad” and many more.

Of course you can always go with a personalized onesie for dad as well.

Etsy is your friend if you are looking for onesies with sweet phrases for their dad.

11. His own baby carrier

Especially if you want or have a very feminime baby carrier that he does not want to use you can get him his own baby carrier.

Like this awesome camouflage baby carrier from tactical baby gear for men.

This is a extra special gift if the dad is in the military or a Veteran.

12. Dad diaper bag

Same applies to the diaper bag – tactical baby gear also has pretty cool ones for dad like the camouflage diaper bag so he can rock his new baby duty in style.

Not gonna lie, I would totally get one of those for myself since they come with a super handy built-in changing mat and a portable phone charger.

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13. Matching Outfit for dad and baby

There’s tons of mommy and me outfits out there so why not get a matching outfit for baby and dad?

My absolute favorite is the matching outfit inspired by the show “the office” where it say “regional manager” on the onesie and “assistant to the regional manager” on the dad shirt.

If you love the show as much as I do I’m sure you’ll get a good laugh out of it.

The Office matching outfit for baby and dad can be found on Etsy along with lots of other options.

14. Book for daddy and baby

A great opportunity to start reading to your baby early could be gifting the dad a cute father and baby book as a push present.

Like the book “your baby’s first word will be dada” by Jimmy Fallon.

15. Be prepared book for dad

Another great book idea for any new dad is a book that’ll prepare him for his new role as dad.

We got the baby owner’s manual gifted when I was pregnant with my first child and I absolutely love how it is written like the baby is a machine including a troubleshooting page.

It’s an overall fun book to read with lots of helpful information and is now also my go-to gift for new parents.

16. Baby handprint ink set

A mess free handprint ink set for your baby is another great gift idea for dads.

The “magic” ink will not even touch your baby’s hand so there is no chance of any chemicals getting in contact of your baby’s precious skin and you do not have to wipe anything off once you are done creating a keepsake with the baby handprint.

It also comes in a few different colors to choose from.

17. Personalized pocket knife

Having a pocket knife or swiss army knife in your pocket always comes in handy.

My grandpa used to have one on him all the time and then would cut up apples fresh from the tree in his backyard for us when we visited him.

You can get a personalized swiss army knife with a lot of handy tools and his name on it.

18. Men’s lounge pants

Simply because you can never have enough comfy clothes and the new dad can use his new lounge pants for men to relax with his new family on the weekends.

19. Coffee subscription

If the dad was a coffee drinker before he will need even more coffee now having a newborn.

One way to ensure you never run out of coffee is to get a coffee subscription.

To get the coffee delivered to your house you can just use the subscribe and save option on amazon and choose how often you want it delivered (this is amazing for diapers as well by the way).

20. Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

So he can get some uninterrupted quiet time once in a while or you when you need it.

These Active noise cancelling Headphones are the best-selling ones on amazon right now.

I do own similar headphones and in my opinion they are worth every penny.

You can easily recharge them and mine lasts for a very long time in between charges.

21. Wireless charger for the desk

If the phone supports wireless charging of course.

My husband and I both got this wireless charger for our phones because you can also charge your smartwatch as well (which I am wearing on a daily basis)

You can also charge your wireless headphones there as well so its super useful if you use apple products.

22. Audible Membership

This one goes great with the noise cancelling headphones.

Audible has a huge variety of audiobooks in every genre and you can listen to it wherever you are – all that is needed is your phone with the app or you can go through amazon and use your echo dot to play the audiobook out loud for you.

Audible memberships are very affordable and they usually have a promo deal going on all the time as well.

23. New parents decision coin

I thought this one was pretty funny – a new parents decision coin will help you make the decision who’s turn it is for the next diaper change or who has to deal with the giant blowout your baby just had.

24. Letters to my baby

This cute book called Letters to my baby includes differently designed envelopes that you can fill with letters for your baby to read when they grow up or treasured memories like their first picture.

The book could then be gifted to the child at some point.

25. Comfy house slippers

Every new dad needs a pair of comfortable house slippers!

You can choose some in his favorite color or how about some house slippers that say “best dad”?

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26. Matching socks

Get him some matching socks with his new baby like these ones saying “big slice” and “lil’ slice” referring to pizza slices.

27. French Press Dad Tumbler

A French Press Dad Tumbler would go great with his new coffee subscription so he can enjoy freshly brewed coffee on the go or at home.

28. Instant picture camera

Instax cameras became quite popular over the last few years and are a great tool to have your favorite picture printed out right away.

My dad has one of those cameras and we always loved taking pictures with it and getting the small photo right away.

29. Baby sign language book

Sign language for babies is a great tool to help them communicate until they are actually able to speak.

A baby sign language book could be a great push gift for dad so he can teach the baby and bond with his new little human at the same time.

30. New BBQ tools

Does your husband love to BBQ for the family?

How about some new DAD BBQ tools for him?

31. Bump box for dad

Have you ever heard about the bump box for expecting moms?

Now there is a bump box for first time fathers with all kinds of helpful things for the baby.

32. Baby shusher

The baby shusher is a sound machine that helps your baby go to sleep easier and will make your spouse feel like he’s totally killing it being a new dad.

33. Jar of joy

I love the idea behind the jar of joy – it is filled with thoughtful, encouraging and funny quotes for new parents to navigate parenthood.

34. Dad survival kit

The new dad survival kit is filled with small little helpers to get adjusted to the new role as a father and will help dad through the first tough days.

This is supposed to be more of a funny gift though.

What push present are you gonna get? Or did you have THE gift that he loved? Share with us in the comments below.

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