Perfect gifts for dads

Dad’s perfect gift guide – what men really want this year.

Dads deserve the best gifts.

Father’s day is coming up and it is time to find the perfect present for your partner or dad.

I was searching for a good gift for my husband and came across a few pretty cool ideas for father’s that I decided to share with you in this gift guide.

From the small stocking stuffer to the biggest and best gift you can find.

These gifts could also be great for a birthday or christmas.

And of course we can’t forget the freshly baked dads with newborn babies – this gift guide for dads has a few genius ideas for new dads too.

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What I love about dad book and I wrote this book for you

Both of these books come with blanks for you to fill in. This way you end up with a completely personalized book just for your dad.

101 Dad jokes

Oh man this looks like the perfect gift for my dad – he loves making the classic dad jokes all day long.

This would probably give him a lot more material.


Best Buckin Dad

I absolutely love this!

Basically all my in-law family likes to swear a lot (I am guilty of that too) but we all have to watch our mouths with the little ones running around.

This shirt fits in perfectly. I might have to get it.

My favorite people call me daddy

How absolutely adorable – for the special dad.

Star Wars shirt

This shirt come in a variety of styles and colors – perfect for any star wars fan.

Matching Set “the office”

If you love the popular TV show “the office” as much as I do you will know how hilarious this matching combo is for a dad and kid.

For everyone else: go and watch the show – you won’t regret it!

Daddy and daugther matching set

Guns don’t kill people

I’m your father’s day gift

This onesie is perfect for dads that just became dads or you could even use it to tell your partner about a pregnancy.

Best dad ever

This might also be interesting:
– Free printable father’s day questionnaire and coloring pages

Funny gifts

Best Farter ever

Fresh Balls

You’re the man


Captain America

Where are the marvel fans?

Star Wars

Talking trump card

This is the perfect card for all the big trump fans.

There are also cards available for birthday, Christmas and all kinds of other occasions.

Food or Drinks

Wiskey set with wiskey stones

The Set includes two glasses and high quality wiskey stones. Also a stainless steel tong, two coasters and a velvet bag for the wiskey stones.

This is a great value in a cute wooden gift box.

Excuse me while I go shop this for my husband.

Bullet shaped whiskey stones

In case the regular shape is too boring why not get some bullet shaped whiskey stones?

Personalized Tumbler

You can completely personalize these tumblers with your own text.

Many different colors available.

Exotic Jerky sampler

Samplers include the regular pork or venison to really exotic jerky like alligator, ostrich or kangaroo.

Definitely something special for beef jerky lovers.


Universal tool

This is so cool I want to have it for myself.

You can use this tool for literally everything.

Need a screwdriver? here you go. Allan Key? no problem.

Pretty much for whatever has to be screwed.

Survival Set

This set was made for all the outdoor dads.

Including a knife, compass and flashlight and even a first aid blanket (the silver one) and many more.

Magnetic Wristband

Another super helpful tool I want for myself.

This makes hanging pictures on the wall so much easier without loosing any nail or having to go up and down the ladder for new nails.

Beard Groom Kit

If you have a dad or partner that loves his beard scroll no further.

This top rated grooming kit for beards includes everything you could possibly need to keep the beard in shape and healthy.

Plus all the products are organic.

Massage Gun

This one kept popping up while I was looking for great gifts.

Apparently it is a new trend and has more than 4 out of 5 stars in reviews on amazon.

The massage gun comes with 7 different attachements.

Definitely a interesting gift that your partner could use on you too for a relaxing massage.


I’ll feed all you fuckers

Definitely something my Father in law would say.

Very useful apron for the BBQ master in your home with pockets to store all the important things.

BBQ Tools Set

With the brand new apron a great set of BBQ tools can not be missed.

Grilling Spices

And while we’re at it why not get a few new spices for the perfect bbq flavor too?

#1 Dad BBQ tools

This set does not include as many tools as the one above but it has #1 Dad written all over it.

What are you gonna get for Christmas this year?

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