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20 genius Baby shower favors for your party

Baby showers are fun events where friends get together to celebrate the new arrival. They are usually held at the home of the mother or father of the baby.

These baby parties are often a time for family members to gather around the parents-to-be and wish them good luck. The party usually involves food, drinks, games, gifts, and decorations.

Having baby shower favors is a great way to let your guests know they are appreciated.

It doesn’t really matter so much what you use for a baby shower favor – this is one of the things where the thought counts.

But what could you even use for a baby shower favor?

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Baby shower favor ideas

Here are some simple and inexpensive baby shower favor ideas that won’t break the bank so don’t worry about spending too much on this part of the event!

Most of these ideas are from independent small businesses but of course, you can also find easy-to-shop baby shower favors on amazon and other retailers.

There’s a great variety of baby shower favors diy ideas and even some luxury baby shower favor ideas on this list.

Say thank you with a kiss

All you need for this idea is Hershey kisses, custom stickers to put on the kisses and a cute little gift box.

Then you just grab a hand full of the delicious candy and add them to the small gift box and you have a sweet and simple baby shower favor.

Keychain bottle opener

To use for the grown-up bottles.

This bottle opener keychain is a practical favor shaped like a baby bottle to go with the theme.

Hand sanitizer with label

This is a really useful baby shower favor idea especially in the times we live in right now.

Customized labels for hand sanitizer – in this picture the hand sanitizer from bath & body works was used.

They come in a bunch of different scents and smell so gut while also making sure your hands stay germ-free.

You should keep yours eyes open for their sales on those cuties when they are $5 for 5 of them!

Yummy cake pops

How absolutely adorable are these cake pops?

Carefully wrapped up they are the perfect party favor to go even if they are almost too cute to eat.

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Jars with honey

Another sweet idea are small jars you can fill with honey for your guests to take home to sweeten their tea.

Genius cookie

Or you could say thank you with a cookie that is baby themed.

Like this genius idea with the coffee-to-go cup that says “little bean” and a little tag reminding the guest of your special event.

Beary candle

Candles are great gifts in general so of course, they also make a really good baby shower party favor.

These hand poured candles are stinkin cute and come with a custom label so your guests will remember the baby shower every time they light the candle.

Wildflower seeds

This is also a really cute and genius baby shower favor idea – wildflower seeds.

They come in adorable little packaging and are saving the bees at the same time if your guests are putting them in their yards at home.

Thanks for popping by

Another really cute and edible party favor idea – popcorn!

No matter if you use plain popcorn, butter flavor or any crazy flavor or color combinations your guests will love it.

Small tin cans

These adorable tin cans could be filled with anything and then be reused for other things like lotion.

Pop it when she pops

I love this idea.

Take some small wine bottles and add a custom label saying “pop it when she pops” implying to open the wine ones the baby is born.


A whole different approach than the usual stuff is this awesome handmade bookmark.

You could also add the date of your baby shower on it to make it even more special.

Little stuffed bears

They are just so cute!

These little stuffed bear look great as decoration for a kids room or living room right in the clear packaging they come in or you can take them out and let your children play with it.

Chocolate Almonds

Not only are these chocolate-covered almonds a delicious snack – almonds are actually healthy.

Combined with the cute welcoming baby packaging they make a great baby shower favor for your guests.

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I absolutely love this idea!

Succulents are pretty simple small plants that look great and are easy to take care of.

They make a great unusual baby shower favor that your guests will have a lot of joy with for a long time.

Succulents do not need a lot of water and do great in hot climate.

We used to have some in our backyard in southern california and they handle the heat like a champ!

Wax melts

These cute baby foot-shaped wax melts are a cute idea for a baby party favor.

Cute Bath Bomb

A simple thank you card including a bath bomb for baby shower guests to enjoy.

party favor bath bomb
Photo credit: Stacy’s soap suds

Lip balm

Especially during the cold months of the year a lip balm is very handy to have so this makes a great baby shower favor gift.

baby shower favor lip balm
Photo credit: Serious lip balm

Baby-shaped soap

These soaps are almost too cute to use!

Shaped like a baby with a beautiful scent your baby shower guests can use this practical gift fir a long time while being reminded of the fun party.

Oh baby lollipop

A delicious colorful treat with a giant lollipop to enjoy later and a personalized message.

Did you have any amazing ideas for a baby shower favor at your own party? Let us know in the comments!

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