Activities for baby showers

Baby shower activities (NO games)

Baby showers are an exciting time for new parents.

They get to celebrate their new bundle of joy and enjoy the company of friends and family.

But while there are plenty of fun activities to do at a baby shower, not everyone wants to play games.

Games can be fun but some people find them rather annoying.

They might prefer to spend the day relaxing and having fun.

If you’re looking for ways to keep the party going without playing games, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some ideas for baby shower activities that are not games for you to try out.

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1. Diaper Raffle

A diaper raffle is one way to give your guests something they will really want or participate in just to help you out.

You can give away prizes like toys or clothing or just a gift card and you could even do one really big prize.

You don’t need any special equipment to host a diaper raffle.

All you need is a container where each guest gets to write down his or her name in order to receive a prize when it’s drawn later.

To be able to participate all your guests have to do is bring diapers.

1 pack of diapers could equal 1 raffle ticket (raffle tickets can be bought at all big retailers like Walmart, Target or Amazon)

Hosting a diaper raffle is a really great opportunity to stock up on diapers before your new baby arrives.

I would definitely do a diaper raffle on my next baby shower.

2. Instead of a card, bring a book.

Instead of giving out cards as gifts, why not buy books instead?

This works especially well if you know what kind of book interests your mom-to-be.

It might take more work but this option gives you a chance to show off how much thought went into choosing presents.

Really popular books include “what to expect: the first year

That was one of the books I bought for myself before the baby was born and I would always recommend it to friends and family that want to start a family.

It already prepares you so much for your baby and is split up into 12 chapters for every month of the first year with lots of detailed information.

Another great idea for a book is baby books.

That way you can get the parents started on a little baby book library already before their bundle of joy is born.

3. Diaper Messages

Another idea is to create supportive messages using different colored markers. 

Take a few diapers in newborn size or size 1 diapers and a sharpie and write whatever comes to your mind.

It can be a really great tip you can give as a parent, something funny or just a simple “you got this”.

When I had my baby it was really the hardest to get used to the new or better non-existent sleep schedule.

Nights with a newborn can feel neverending and so exhausting so it can really make a new mom’s night seeing an uplifting, supportive, or just funny message on a diaper during one of the many diaper changes.

The best thing about these messages is that they don’t require writing skills. Just draw them up!

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4. Let guests write their favorite poem on a poster

Posters made from old magazines are perfect for creating personalized greetings.

Collect a stash of old magazines that are just laying around in your house or would go to the trash otherwise.

Then let your guests cut out letters or words and pictures from the magazines to create their favorite poem about moms or a cute quote and glue everything to a poster board.

You can then frame the poster board and hang it somewhere in your house or the nursery.

5. Alternative Guestbook

Instead of using a classic Guestbook for your guests to sign that will probably just collect dust somewhere in a shelf you can get creative and try a few other ideas.

For our baby shower we had a big picture from the maternity shooting and everyone was writing sweet messages around it.

It is still hanging in our living room for everyone to see and a really great keepsake for our baby shower.

Another really cute idea I absolutely love and have seen at wedding receptions before is to create a fingerprint canvas.

The guests dip one of their fingers in paint and then push it down on the canvas.

You can let them do it wherever or have it in the shape of a tree or Balloons.

After the fingerprints are on the canvas they can also sign with their name right under it.

You could then hang the finished and dry canvas in the baby nursery.

There are even super cute sets you can buy for this like the woodland keepsake fingerprint canvas.

6. Baby time capsule

A time capsule can be so much fun no matter what occasion.

To find out how to make one check out my post about a first birthday time capsule.

It can be easily adapted to baby shower items or just left as is and then added more items later.

7. Decoration Station

Setting up a decoration station for different baby items is a really great baby shower activity as well.

You can use bibs, onesies or hair bows if it is a girl and just start creating with textile paint.

At this station, your guests can write, draw or even stamp on the baby items making them truly unique.

If you decide to create bibs you can just buy a pack of different colored ones that are plain.

When you decide to decorate some baby burp clothes or whole blankets you could stamp a pattern with cute animals or shapes.

8. Baby predictions cards

This is super fun if nobody knows the gender yet.

You can buy some of these super cute ones on Etsy or download this free printable for baby predictions by clicking in the picture (it will open up a pdf file)

Then the guests can sit down and predict what they think your baby will look like, what gender it will have and when it will be born beside a few other stats.

You could even turn this into another raffle where the person that comes closest with the most predictions wins another prize.

9. New parent survival kit

If you are the person hosting the baby shower or a guest attending this can be a really great and helpful gift for the parents to be.

You can also do this as a group of gifts and create a new parent survival kit that could include some of these items:

  • Advil
  • Wipes
  • Earplugs
  • Stain remover
  • Coffee
  • Sheet face masks
  • Tea
  • Gripe water

and anything else you can think of that would be helpful for new parents or what helped you a lot with a newborn baby.

10. Create a Headband

This is a great baby shower activity if the baby is gonna be a girl.

All you need to create your custom headbands for the baby is a ton of plain baby headbands, decorative flowers and buttons, and a hot glue gun.

If you don’t want to buy everything separately you should definitely check out one of these baby headband-making kits on Etsy that comes with everything you need.

Then once it is time for this fun activity your guests can create a super unique headband for your baby girl.

11. Baby alphabet book

Another really cute and creative baby shower activity is the creation of a DIY ABC book for the baby.

For this activity, you can print out templates for each letter or create your own and let your guests color them in.

That way your baby will end up with a custom-made ABC book.

Of course, you can find really great templates to print out on Etsy as well.

12. Advice for the Parents

Granted some parents don’t really want advice from everyone this can still be a great activity for your baby shower.

Get yourself a bunch of baby advice cards and let the guest write down their absolute best and life-saving advice they wish they knew when they had a newborn.

Anything that makes the life of a new parent easier.

It could be a time-saving parent hack, a way to help with gassy babies, or just something you did to prepare for your baby.

13. Photo booth

Set up a classic photo booth with polaroid pictures.

You can also include some fun baby-themed photo props that your guests can use to take a picture and let them sign on the back of the polaroid.

Usually, those booths make two sets of pictures – one for the guest and one for you.

After the baby shower, you can add all of the photos in a big collage and frame it.

Or use it as a guestbook and let your guest glue their own picture on a big posterboard and write something next to it.

14. Family Tradition

For this activity, guests write down their favorite family tradition they developed with their new family to share with you.

Those traditions could be a great inspiration to start a family tradition of your own.

Giving one of your family traditions is a very thoughtful and sweet gift to new parents.

In case you need some great Christmas traditions you should read more here: Christmas traditions for families

15. Pacifier Hunt

Yes, technically this could be considered a game.

Place a bunch of pacifiers around the baby shower venue and see who can find the most pacifiers before the baby shower is over.

That person could win a prize.

16. Make Your Own Bubble Bath

For those who love bubbles, making a homemade bubble bath should definitely be included in the list of baby shower activities.

All you need is water and soap and maybe even essential oils or you can go all out and create bath bombs.

Those bubble baths can then be taken home by the guests as a little thank you for coming to the baby shower or stay with the expecting parents for that bit of extra relaxation before the baby makes the big entrance into the world.

You could even add a bunch of dried flowers just for the looks.

Frequently asked questions about baby shower activities:

How many activities do you do at a baby shower?

The typical baby shower will consist of about 2-3 different activities or games. Otherwise, it can just become too much.
You can combine 1-2 very long activities like creating headbands and a short activity like the keepsake guestbook.

How long is a baby shower?

A baby shower shouldn’t last longer than about 3 hours, especially if there are kids at the party. If you do want to keep partying it could turn into a regular BBQ with friends though.

What should you not do at a baby shower?

Absolutely do NOT get drunk.

Do fathers attend baby showers?

Yes definitely! The times are over where only women would be at the baby shower with the expecting mother. Nowadays a baby shower is more a get-together with family and friends celebrating the new baby.

What are good prizes for a baby shower activity?

It can be really anything but most popular are probably gift cards, home decor or beauty items.

I hope you love these fun baby shower activities instead of games.

Was there an activity you had at your own baby shower that you absolutely loved and didn’t see it on the list?

Please share it with us in the comments.

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