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Easy Easter Craft – Cardstock Easter Bunny DIY

What would Easter be without some crafting? We made some really easy Easter craft – A card stock Easter bunny girl and boy. The Easter bunny feet are made with your toddler or small children’s footprint. This Easter bunny craft is great to gift to parents or grandparents and can be used as decoration in your house to hang on the wall.

The best part about this craft? It is easy and besides the hot glue gun you can get all the supplies at your local dollar store saving you some money.

Do you need to keep your child busy during school closure? Grab your free Easter Worksheets here:

easter worksheets free

What you need:

Supplies for DIY Easter bunny craft
  • Colored card stock in the color of your choice
  • Acrylic paint
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cotton balls
  • Brush

Get started

1. Cover your toddlers foot in acrylic paint using the brush. I was sitting on the ground with my toddler doing one foot first and letting her stand on the paper. It’s best to cover the area with old newspaper so you don’t end up with paint all over your floor. As you can see the first footprints had a lot of paint on them so i just let her step on it right next to that one and those actually turned out great.

footprint for easter craft

2. Cut them out. Make sure there is some space around the footprints still.

Cut out footprints easy easter bunny craft

3. Now we’re gonna cut out the Easter bunny body for your craft. The size depends on the size of the footprints. You want it big enough so it looks like the footprints could actually be the bunny’s feet.

easy easter craft

4. Cut out the body for your bunny and additional ears from leftover card stock. Optional you can use another set of footprints as ears.

Easter bunny

5. Using normal white glue you can attach the ears and feet (once the paint is completely dry) and add a face to the bunny with the sharpie.

Easy Easter Bunny


We made a second Easter bunny craft to show you what else can be done. Since this is a girl Easter bunny we added a bow at the end.

1. Follow Step 1-5 from the easy Easter craft above.

girl easter bunny

2. Let the hot glue gun warm up and cut cotton balls in half. Once the hot glue gun is hot enough we are gonna frame the bunny with cotton balls. Always use about a pea size amount of hot glue per half cotton ball.

Fluffy bunny

3. Keep going all around the bunny body until you are back to the bottom again.

girl bunny diy

Optional: Add a bow to the girl Easter bunny.

Finished bunny

And you’re done with two beautiful and easy to make Easter bunny crafts. If you want to hang them on the wall you should also add a little piece of small rope of any sort.

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    1. I’m glad you like it 🙂 I actually published another post with a bunch of different Easter craft ideas too if you need more inspiration 🙂

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