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Mother’s Day Craft – two easy DIY projects

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Crafting for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is approaching and the question is – what can you make?  Crafting is always fun no matter what season or for what occasion. These two DIY Mother’s Day projects are easy to make with material you most likely already have at home.

This is a fun activity for kids too. You can let your kids write themselves and help if they are old enough.

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Mother's day craft

What you need:

  • copier paper 
  • Colored paper or cardstock 
  • Scissors 
  • Pencil and sharpie 
  • Round objects in different sizes (we used spice lids and water bottle lids)
  • Glue
  • String if you want to hang them up


  • Old Cardboard box
  • Glitter or other decoration elements
  • Crayons and other colored pencils

All of these supplies can be found at the Dollar Tree and yes, you can even order most of them online (in bulk)

How to make them: 

  • Start making your heart stencil with the different size round objects. (For our hearts we used a big and small lid from different spice bottles and a water bottle lid) For that simply make a circle in each size on a sheet of copier paper. Make sure to leave enough space in between the circles. Fold the paper right next to the circle and paint a straight line from the side of the circle to the folded line so it looks like a half of a heart. You can do that free handed or use a ruler. Now cut them out and you have perfectly symmetrical and beautiful heart shapes in different sizes.
Heart diy
Cut heart stencils
heart stencils
  • Either use the paper stencils or trace them on cardboard and use the cardboard as stencil. They will last longer if you cut the cardboard and you can reuse them for other projects later.
DIY heart stencil for mother's day craft
  • Trace your heart stencils on the colored paper or card stock and cut them out. If you only have colored paper you can make more of the cardboard stencils and glue the colored paper on the cardboard hearts.
    For the first project you will need one of each size.
Cut out hearts
  • Glue them together. You can make multiple hearts and assemble them different every time or add more in more different sizes.
Mothers day hearts

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Mother’s day craft projects for kids

  • You can leave it as it is or write something on it. For our project we just wrote MOM on the big heard and added some string to hang it up.
Mother's day craft
  • For the second project use your stencils again and cut one heart or the two bigger shapes and several small hearts. We did four small hearts. You can always add more or use less.
  • Glue the two big hearts together so they make a straight line on the bottom.
Hearst for crafting
  • Now add string to each heart for the small hearts. We used two strings for four hearts. You can switch it up with only one string or more and add only one small heart per string.
Mother's day heart craft
  • You can use this as decoration as it is or write on it. For our example we wrote thank you for… and then on the little hearts what you are thankful for that your mom is doing. Alternatively the small hearts could also contain the names of each child.
diy mother's day heart craft

Hang them up in your house or give them away as a small gift to friends and family.


During this crazy time with the quarantine going on you can have a zoom call with your kids grandparents or other family member and they can craft together. You can let the other person know what supplies are needed. Or turn it into a crafting party with other kids.

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