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Free printable cupcake templates (PDF)

Cupcake crafts are super fun for kids of all ages starting with toddlers to preschoolers and even older kids.

A cupcake template can come in handy if you just want to have it quickly available without having to draw your own.

The template can also help to print a couple at once and cut them out as needed as well so you have them quickly available for tracing.

These simple cupcake templates are free to download in pdf format and can be used for a variety of different purposes.

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What to use the cupcake template for

There are different ways to use the cupcake templates.

– They can be used as a cupcake coloring page to create colorful cupcakes

– You can cut out the individual cupcakes and do a cupcake craft on a separate paper

– Cut out every single component of the cupcake and trace them on different paper to create a unique cupcake

– Apply glue on the cupcake template and add different materials like confetti or glitter

– Color them in and add more toppings like fun colorful sprinkles

– Use the cupcake template as a stencil to paint your own cupcake

– Make unique window art crafts by cutting out the cupcake template printed on cardboard and trace them

– Cut the cupcakes out and trace them on clear acrylic sheets, color them in and you have beautiful suncatchers

– Use the printed cupcakes to trace them on heat shrink sheets to create unique key chain charms

The possibilities to use the free cupcake templates are endless.

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What kind of paint can you use for the cupcake template?

You can really use anything you usually do on normal paper or Cardstock.

From simple pens or crayons to more advanced ones like acrylic paint or watercolor.

For smaller children, it might be easier to use big markers like these washable paint sticks.

Whatever you use – we always love the products from crayola.

How to download the cupcake templates

To download the free cupcake templates in pdf format you can simply click on the picture below which will open a new tab where you can instantly download the whole pack.

The cupcake templates come in 4 different designs and sizes with a total of 8 pages.

To create your own custom size for the cupcakes you can print them in different sizes as well or use the enlarge or shrink option on a copier.

free pdf cupcake templates
free download cupcake templates

Do you have any other great ideas on what to use the cupcake templates for? Which cupcake is your favorite?

Let us know in the comments!

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