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33 Creative paper plate crafts for kids

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Crafts with paper plates are super easy things for kids of all ages to do and the possibilities are endless.

They’re fun for toddlers and older ages.

You can do easy paper plate craft projects in as little as 20 minutes and with material that doesn’t cost much.

We love crafting with paper plates because it’s something we always have at home and it’s so easy to do.

Besides paper plates you only need basic crafting supplies like card stock, glue, pencils and scissors.

The paper plates can be transformed into seasonal decoration, movie characters, plants or animals with just a few quick steps.

They are great to make with just one kid or a whole group of kids in a daycare, preschool, birthday parties or at home with your own kids.

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Most of the materials can be found at the dollar store or you can buy them online at any big retailer like , , or .

This list includes 33 creative paper craft projects you can do with your kids.

1. Rainbow wind spiral

A super cute spiral that spins in the wind in different rainbow colors.

Great for everyday decoration and to teach your kids about basic science.

You can find the full tutorial how to make this spinner at the live of a navy nuke wife.

rainbow wind spiral paper plate craft

2. Watermelon paper plate fan

Perfect for the summer heat with a adorable design – Watermelon themed fans made with paper plates.

Find out how to make them here at honey and lime.

paper plate fan watermelo themed

3. Paper plate tropical fish

Make your house looking like a aquarium with this variety of colorful tropical fish made with paper plates.

Want to know how to make them?

Head over to crafts by amanda.

paper plate tropical fish

4. Baby Yoda

Alli from Made with happy came up with this star wars themed paper plate craft of the popular “baby yoda” that you can see in the series called “the mandalorian”

Fun fact: His actual name is Grogu and not baby yoda.

star wars baby yoda paper plate craft

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5. Snail

I absolutely love this fun paper plate snail that attachment mummy came up with.

The pom poms on the snails house make this craft super colorful and fun.

funny snail made with paper plate

6. Growing plant

This project is a great way to teach your kid about the four different seasons.

The plant in the middle grows out of the paper plate and you can easily switch it out according to the season.

It could be a flower in spring, a full apple tree in summer, a tree with yellow leaves in autumn and a snow covered one in winter.

Learn how to make it from crafty hacks.

movable growing plant paper plant craft

7. Rainbow fish

Have you ever read the story about the cute little rainbow fish and his sparkly scales?

If not you should.

It is a adorable story for children and one of my favorite books when I was little.

And you can make a super simple rainbow fish with a paper plate like two pink peonies did.

the rainbow fish paper plate craft

8. Animal masks

If your child loves farm animals this is the perfect craft for you.

Animal mask made out of paper plates for your kid to play pretend with.

That is one of the projects we will have to try out too.

See here how they are made by crafts 4 toddlers.

paper plate animal masks

9. Unicorn

Mama of minis shows you two different ways to transform a paper plate into an adorable unicorn with either the top of the plate or the bottom.

unicorn made with paper plate

10. Paper plate frisbee

Another fun project with crafts by amanda lets you transform paper plates into functional and personalized frisbees.

The kids can paint on them whatever they want and then stay occupied outside.

functional paper plate frisbee

11. Water turtle

Another great idea to use your paper plates to make animals – sea turtles.

You can find the tutorial at taming little monsters.

paper plate sea turtle

12. Rainbow

How about a colorful rainbow with fluffy clouds?

Using half of a paper plate you can create a simple rainbow following the steps in this tutorial by messy little monster.

rainbow and clouds made with paper plate

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13. Advanced rainbow

Then we also have a little more advanced rainbow that is using paper instead of just paint and looks super cute too.

Head over to Little Adoo to find out how to make it.

paper plate rainbow craft

14. Suncatcher with leaves

This is the perfect craft for autumn.

Combining a paper plates with collected fallen leaves from your backyard or a forest close by and you got yourself a pretty fall themed sun catcher you can hang in your window.

Messy little monster shows you step by step how to make one.

suncatcher with leaves made out of paper plate

15. Pot of gold

A perfect paper plate craft project for St. Patricks day is this pot of gold created by the gingerbread house.

This craft is a little more advanced and definitely needs some help from a grown up.

I would say it is perfect for kids starting around preschool age.

st. patricks day pot of gold paper plate craft

16. Flying unicorn

Also a paper plate craft that is a little more advanced for kids is this flying unicorn made by messy little monster.

The unicorn actually flies on the rainbow and you get the template for the unicorn to download for free.

paper plate flying unicorn craft

17. Lady Bug

A really cute lady bug with different colors made of tissue paper.

The tutorial can be found at crafts by amanda.

lady bug made with paper plate

18. School bus

This little school bus is a great back to school craft for kids or when your kid first starts school.

Very easy to make with the instructions you can find by honey and lime.

school bus paper plate craft back to school

19. Jellyfish

Another fun sea creature made out of paper plats is this jellyfish with tentacles made from straws.

Found at taming little monsters.

jellyfish made with paper plate

20. Sunflower

A sunflower with real sunflower seeds will brighten up the whole room.

Taming little monsters came up with this fun spring or summer themed paper plate project.

paper plate sunflower

21. Pizza (with box)

Moms creative cupboard shows you how to make your own paper plate pizza with a variety of fun toppings to add.

Louisa explains exactly what craft materials you can use to make toppings like bacon, lettuce, pineapple or red onion.

You can make it as a whole pizza or cut the paper plate in individual pizza slices.

pizza and pizza slices made with paper plate

22. Paper plate snow globe

For the winter time you can make your own snow globe with the tutorial by ottawa mommy club.

It features a small snowman in a winter wonderland and is the perfect decoration for winter.

Winter themed snow globe paper plate

23. Universe

Did you know you can fit a whole universe on a paper plate?

The inspiration edit made it happen with a super cute space paper plate craft that includes stars, planets and rockets.

paper plate space craft universe

24. Pirate

This friendly pirate made with a paper plate by easy crafts for kids comes with a eye patch that actually moves.

So you can cover either eye of the pirate with the patch.

paper plate pirate craft

25. Floral wreath

This paper plate wreath with flowers is the perfect spring decoration for your house.

Found at embark on the journey.

paper plate wreath with flowers

26. Patriotic wreath

The keele deal made a super simple to make patriotic wreath that is perfect for any patriotic holiday decoration.

You can use if for July 4th, Memorial day or Veterans day.

It is made with the american flag and colors.

paper plate patriotic wreath american flag

27. Minion

Who doesn’t love the quirky, yellow minions with their funny appearance?

You can make a paper plate minion with just a few steps lined out by gluesticks gumdrops.

paper plate minion craft

28. Flower monsters

A super fun spring craft with paper plates making them into Monster flowers in different colors and spooky faces.

You can even download a printable for the faces for free on DIY Thought.

paper plate monster flowers with printable

29. Hot air ballons

Thanks to their textured ballon parts these paper plate hot air balloons are also a great sensory activity for kids of all ages.

You can find the full tutorial at Artsy momma.

paper plate hot air ballons craft

30. Fruit envelopes

Sending letters has never been more fun – Use paper plates to make super cute and colorful fruit envelopes that you can actually use to send via mail to friends and family.

Find out how to make them at my poppet.

paper plate envelopes with fruit themes

31. Yarn Heart

A perfect paper plate craft to make for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day or any other occasion is this heart made with yarn inside a paper plate.

It can also be used as a unique decoration in your house.

To find out how to make it click over to red tedart.

Paper plate with yarn heart

32. Parrot

Artsy craftsy mom came up with a colorful Parrot made out of a paper plate.

A great decoration for any tropical themed kids room or birthday party.

parrot made with paper plate

33. Toy story alien

The perfect paper plate craft for all little toy story fans out there.

Hunny I’m home DIY shows you how to make a cute toy story alien out of a paper plate.

Alien from toy story made with paper plate

I hope you were able to find inspiration for your next paper plate craft with your kids.

Do you have a great project you love to make with paper plates?

Share it with us in the comments.

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