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How to save money on groceries – two apps to check out

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How can you save money on groceries?

Groceries is one of the products every person needs to buy several times a month. So why not get some money back while you are buying products you were gonna buy anyway? All you need is your phone with Camera and the receipt. YES, it is that easy!

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Cash back on groceries

How can you save money on groceries?

We all know how it is – you are going to the store to buy just a few things and end up buying way more than you intended to. Or what if you are on a strict budget because you don’t have much money to spend to begin with?

Luckily there are a few helpful ways to save money on groceries that you are going to buy anyway.


Ibotta is probably the most popular app used to save money on groceries. It is a classic cash back app where you get money back after scanning your receipt in products they have in their app. You can choose your favorite stores and check the products you are planning to buy. Make sure to always read the fine print. For some products you may have to buy a certain size or quantity to get the cash back.

Ibotta App

You can cash out once you reach $20 in cash back and get paid by PayPal or choose to redeem it for one of their many gift card choices. (Including amazon, Applebee’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, bath and body works and many more)

Ibotta does not only work with your scanned receipt – you can also save money shopping online with retailers like amazon or Walmart. 

Another way to earn money on ibotta is to use their monthly challenges where you have to redeem a certain amount of offers or save a specific amount of money to get extra cash back or to refer friends to the app using your referral code. Speaking of – I would highly appreciate it if you use my referral code to sign up:

Ibotta App Missions save money groceries

Besides just earning cash back you can also pay with Ibotta AND you can use the app for online shopping at big retailers like Amazon, Walmart or Target and still get cash back on purchases.

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Fetch Rewards

Another great app that is very similar to Ibotta is FetchRewards. I personally like this App more. Simply because you do not have to apply all the items you are going to buy before you scan your receipt so you can earn the cashback. Fetch Rewards automatically matches any deals they have going on when you scan your receipt.

With Fetch Rewards you earn points which translate into money. But you can not cash out. The earned points can be used towards Gift Cards. For example 3000 points will get you a $3 Gift Card from the participating Stores.

Instead of keeping the money to yourself you can also donate your points towards a charity of your choice.

The code for your gift card shows up right in your app and you can easily copy it to start shopping online.

On top of that they have regular Sweepstakes where you can use your points for entries to possibly win a $500 Visa Gift Card as the grand prize. 

Make sure to use my referral code when you sign up: XG4MC

If you refer friends and family you will also get 2000 points just for using the app and scan a receipt.

Fetch Rewards App

And the best thing? You can scan the same receipt on BOTH Apps!

I currently have and use both of the apps and was able to get a few gift cards here and there which is really nice if you do not have extra money to spend at the moment.

Of course I spent all the extra money back on my toddler and I do not regret it.

So here’s a short summary for both Apps:


  • Cash back online and in store
  • Either Cash out or get a Gift Card
  • Cash out minimum is $20
  • Have to select the products you want to shop before
  • Ibotta Pay can be used to pay in store instead of using cash or your debit/credit card
  • Earn extra money for missions or inviting friends

Fetch Rewards

  • Cash back in store only
  • Cash-out with Gift Cards only
  • 3000 points cash out minimum (which equals $3)
  • Automatically matches all the available products with your receipt
  • Earn extra points when you invite friends to join the app

While Ibotta has more options both apps are a great way to get some money back for buying products you’re buying anyway.

The greatest thing is that it does not only apply to groceries. I found great cash back deals on diapers and wipes before too and you get cash back on a wide variety of the participating online retailers. (Including the big ones like Amazon, Walmart or Target)

Happy shopping!

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