free printable easter bunny templates

Free printable easter bunny templates (pdf)

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Like every year easter is coming up quick and there is so much to think about from easter food planning and fun activities for kids to ideas on what to add to your children’s easter basket.

This free printable easter bunny template makes your life as a parent a lot easier when it comes to some easter craft projects for your kids.

The printable template is very versatile and can be used in many different ways.

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Did you know the easter bunny originates in Germany?

It was said that the so-called “easter hare” was this creature that can lay colored eggs and basically only gave kids eggs in their nests if they were nice – kinda like santa and his naughty list.

Sometime in the 1700s the tradition was brought to the united states by german immigrants.

Ever since it has become a popular tradition that the easter bunny brings eggs.

What can you use an easter bunny template for?

Since easter is all about the bunny a template can be used in many different ways and is a quick helper in all easter crafts since you can print it out as many times as needed with little to no preparation.

You can use the easter bunny template for example:

  • Just printed out as a coloring page for kids
  • Printed and laminated to use as a play dough mat
  • Use the easter bunny shape as a stencil to cut out a bunch of cardstock bunnies
  • Create a beautiful easter garland with basic bunny shapes made of cardstock
  • Print out multiple easter bunnies in small, color them in, and use them as decorations for your easter table
  • Cut out the inside of the bunny and add tissue paper for a cute easter window decor

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Free printable easter bunny templates

Get a set of three different bunny shapes for free to download and print at home for all your easter crafts.

Ready to make easter bunny crafts?

Download the free easter bunny shape templates (it will open in another window where you can download and print the pdf file)

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