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DIY Busy Book for toddler and preschool kids

How to make a busy book or also called quiet book.

It can be very hard to entertain your toddler or young school child at home.

Especially when the school is closed like it is right now with the virus going around.

But don’t worry here is a tutorial for a DIY busy book that you can easily make and customize as you like.

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You can let your imagination run wild and get as creative as you can.

I just went to the dollar tree and grabbed whatever was catching my eye.

Our busy book is nowhere near finished but I still decided to upload the tutorial simply to show you some ideas.

The possibilities are endless.

Grab these free busy book pages and preschool worksheets to go with your new busy book that you can simply print at home on regular printer paper and then laminate for unlimited uses with colorful dry erase markers.

These are perfect for preschool kids and elementary school kids.

But you can also make a busy book or busy binder for a baby under 12 months.

free printable busy book worksheets

These are all the supplies that came home with me.

I especially like those little card games with numbers and shapes, colors and so on that are perfect for the busy book.

And the little fastener dots will make everything a lot easier.

supplies busy book

I used sheet protectors but it is definitely better to laminate the pages if you have a chance to do so.

That way they can’t get destroyed and it is easier to draw on them with a dry erase marker.

After using this book a few times with only the sheet protectors I highly recommend laminating all pages.

My daughter pulled all the pages out and ripped them up like a typical toddler.

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Start with a cover for your DIY busy book

I started with making a simple cover for the book by taking a copier paper sheet and drawing on it.

You could write your kids name on it, use stickers, … there are no rules.

busy book cover

As you can probably tell my toddler helped with that task and her crayon.

Your kid can actively participate in designing the cover page of the busy book.

Add different pages

I used the card game in combination with the velcro fastener dots to make a fun game of putting the right colors together or the right numbers.

You can also use normal flash cards with numbers, ABC or Colors and shapes to make the creation of your homemade busy book easier.

My toddler tried it right away while I was taking the photo.

She absolutely loves that part so I might add more of that kind later on.

busy book fastening dots

page busy book

With copier paper and sharpie I drew some simple shapes that can be traced with a dry erase marker on top of the sheet protector or laminated page.

The free busy book printable pages are mostly to draw on with a dry erase marker.

trace me page

This is a fun and simple way to keep your toddler or young child busy and happy while learning something new or repeating already learned knowledge in a fun way.

If you are lucky it will give you enough time to work from home while your kid is entertained with their new book.

Do you not feel like crafting so much? You can buy my 30 pages printable busy book here:
Printable busy book
All you have to do is print, laminate, and then cut and attach the velcro fastener dots.
Easy peasy.

Here is a short video of how far we got with the busy book

Don’t forget to grab the free printable busy book pages here:

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free printable worksheets preschool

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