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DIY no sew busy book – Great entertainment for kids

Felt quiet book tutorial step by step without sewing

No sewing machine or sewing knowledge? – No problem!

My toddler daughter likes to be very destructive so the normal paper busy books don’t really work for her.

While I am good at sewing I have very limited time to actually make a whole busy book with sewing everything together.

Not even mentioning how much work it is.

That’s why I came up with a no sew busy book.

You only need a few materials for that and a bit of creativity.

This is perfect for kids starting at just 1 year all the way trough toddlerhood.

Since it is a felt quiet book it is very hard to destroy the actual material.

no sew busy book page

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Not feeling very crafty? No problem! Check out this custom made quiet book on etsy:

What you need:

And any other materials you think would work with it. (it could literally be anything)

How to make it:

Decide on a size you want the book to be. 

I ended up just folding the sheets of felt in the house for the cover of the book.

But you can use a totally different size – just make sure you cut all the pieces exactly the same.

We did the cover in pages in the same color.

If I make another one I would probably choose a different color and more neutral.

Think about the designs you want to use in the book.

You can just scribble them down on a piece of paper or cut them out of paper in the actual size you need for the busy book.

I ended up doing both.

These are my super inspiring scribbles for the pages I wanted to create.

busy book page ideas

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Once you decide on what you want to put on each page you can start cutting the felt in the different colors you need.

you can get a lot of inspiration on the Internet for busy book pages or create your own.

Warm up the glue gun and carefully clue everything to the pages.

Make sure you don’t touch the hot glue with your hands – I burnt myself pretty good.

Once you glued all the felt pieces to your busy book pages you can add buttons and other decoration.

With a sharpie you can add numbers, eyes or anything else you might need.

I decided to make a lady bug with opening in the middle for the first page.

You can see the step by step process for the lady bug in the video below.

lady bug busy book page

And that’s pretty much it you just created your no sew busy book.

If you are more the visual type make sure to check out the video below for the full tutorial easily explained with step by step instruction and a look into the finished busy book.

You can also make a quiet book for babies this way even though I would recommend to sew one to make sure the baby can not pick anything off or eat hot glue by accident.

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