potty training in three days

How I potty trained my toddler in three days

A potty training schedule that is easy to follow

Once you’re ready to start potty training the most important thing is to keep at it. 

You can usually start potty training as early as one year and most kids are done potty training by 3 1/2 to 4 years.

We started potty training when my toddler was about 20 months old. 

>> If you just want a quick do and don’t checklist for potty training scroll all the way to the bottom of this post. <<

She always loved sitting down fully clothed on her potty when we went to the bathroom.

Since she really liked going and doing everything that we’re doing I thought it would be the perfect time to start potty training.

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Toddler potty for potty training

Where do I start potty training?

You can always start trying but if your kid is not ready just stop and try it again a few weeks later. It is better to give it more time than to force your kid.

We were successful on our second try and I have to admit that the first try I wasn’t fully committed so it didn’t work.

Once I was in the right mindset a few weeks later we started potty training again.

So yes – the big secret of successful potty training is not only a kid that is ready but also a parent that is fully committed to it.

You should make sure you have at least three days to actually watch your kid all day long and every move they make.

And by every move I mean literally EVERY move they make.

We started our day as usual and instead of getting her fully dressed I just let her walk around with nothing on the bottom.

She was wearing a sweater or T-shirt depending on the weather but no diapers or any pull up. (After all a pull-up is still a diaper)

I placed her potty in the living room since that is where we are most of the day.

Be prepared that accidents will happen.

After all your kid needs to learn and understand what you want from them.

You should never punish your kid for having an accident. Instead only do positive reinforcement.

That means if your kid uses the bathroom somewhere in the room instead of the potty don’t get mad.

I know this can be hard especially when it happens on the carpet or over their own toys. (We had to wash our fair share of stuffed animals)

If you can see that your baby is about to go put them on the potty immediately and try to be patient.

Once your kid actually uses the potty, get really excited. Like REALLY excited. We would even do a little potty dance.

Depending on the age of your child you can also use reward charts with stickers or candy and snacks as an incentive for going to the potty.

Download a free potty training reward poster here (simply click on the picture)

free potty training chart printable

After your toddler is done take the potty insert out and and dump it in the big toilet together with your toddler.

Start showing them the whole routine with wiping their butt and washing their hands after they’re done.

If you start showing them right away they will just keep doing it.

All day routine

You will be spending the majority of the day asking your kid if they need to use the bathroom.

Additionally to that place your toddler on the potty on a regular basis.

Keep asking nonstop.

Even if you just asked two minutes ago – ask again.

And make sure you watch your kid like a hawk. 

If you keep watching all day you might be able to see signs that your kid has to go or your kid starts to realizing what you want from them and say something when they have to go.

Many kids start out potty training by telling you after they already went but they will learn.

You should do all of this with no pressure though.

We had a lot of accidents the first two days. A LOT.

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She would always say “oh no” when she had an accident so I know it happened and I let her know it’s OK.

The third day was a lot better and on day four she had no accident at all.

My toddler now goes to the potty independently. I will still ask her occasionally when she is in the middle of playing with her toys or reading her book because she likes to forget when she is really busy with other stuff.

Whenever she has to go she just sits down and then even takes it to the big potty when she’s done.


I think it was around Day 6 that I started putting her in underwear.

At first she thought it was a diaper and she can just go whenever she has to so the accidents happened again.

I just keep showing her that she has to pull it down before going to the potty which she now does pretty good.

As you can tell we are still slowly working on that whole process.

For now I only put her in diapers or pull-ups when we go anywhere and we got a separate potty just for the car to take wherever we go.

TIP: Place a diaper inside your on-the-go potty for super easy clean up. All you need to do is throw away the diaper after your kid used the potty.

Keep in mind that every kid is different and some kids may take longer than others to fully potty train.

Not every kid will be done within three days and that is totally OK.

Let’s recap the do’s and don’ts of potty training:

Do’s of potty training

Get excited when the party was used correctly

Let your toddler actively participate (with dumping in the big toilet)

Let your kid be naked which is partially dressed

Postpone a few weeks if your kid is not ready

Let your kid take a active part in potty training

Use rewards if you want to

Don’ts of potty training

Punish for accidents (it will happen)

Use pull ups (after all pull-ups are still diapers)

Force anything (it’s OK if your kid is not ready yet)

Entertainment on the potty

At first I had a hard time to keep her on the potty. 

She would always get up and walk around instead of staying on the potty.

I started reading a book to her while sitting on the potty or showing her a video about potty training.

You could also play songs about potty training.

I found this video on YouTube about pirate Pete using the potty which explains the whole process of going to the restroom to your kid.

Have you successfully potty trained your kid?

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