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How to make moon sand with only two ingredients

How to make moon sand with just two simple ingredients.

Diy moon sand or cloud dough is a great way to keep your toddler busy.

It is so much fun to play with and easy to make.

You only need two ingredients that you most likely already have at home and it is safe to eat in case your toddler likes to put everything in the mouth.

This will be a new favorite in our house – my toddler still likes to put everything in her mouth so I wanted to make sure the moon sand is safe to eat.

We always have flour and oil in the house and you can make more whenever you need more.

Or make different colors when you add food coloring.

What is moon sand?

You can almost compare it to kinetic sand – it is kneadable and can be pressed in forms.

It makes less mess than normal sand and is safe for babies and toddler.

It is a great sensory toy to explore and is so much fun for toddler and parents.

Your toddler will be introduced to a new and interesting texture.

We even had fun making it.

Since the moon sand is a easy diy project your toddler can help you making it too.


6 Cups flour

1 cup oil (we used coconut oil)

Yes, that’s really it. All you need are these two ingredients.

Optional: you can use food coloring for more fun and different colors. But keep in mind – food color could possibly leave stains on clothes and skin.

Diy Moon sand

Also needed:

Mixing bowl

Measuring cups

Tupperware container with lid

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Combine the ingredients for DIY moon sand

Put flour and oil in the mixing bowl together and heat it in the microwave for about 30-40 seconds.

Doing this has two reasons:

– heating the ingredients up will melt the oil for easier mixing

– flour is more food safe when it is cooked

Ingredients moon sand

Once heated up you can combine the two ingredients with your hands.

Make sure it’s not too hot especially if your toddler is helping you.

Knead it like you would make pizza or cookie dough.

And crumble it between your fingers.

Kneading ingredients
Crumble texture

It should end up being a very crumbly, flaky yet soft texture that can be formed with pressure. (For example by forming a ball in your hand)

Diy Moon Sand storage

When you’re done fill the diy moon sand in a Tupperware container.

This way you have one designated place to play with it and it will make storage super easy – just put the lid on when you’re done.

You can add cookie cutters or sand forms and let your toddler go crazy.

I would recommend to put a blanket or towel under it or even better take it outside.

It is less mess than normal sand but there will still be some kind of mess with it.

Toddler playing

My toddler had a lot of fun just grabbing the moon sand and feeling it in her hands.

I made balls with my hands for her to grab and just let her do her thing.

It was a new texture and fun to explore.

Moon sand mess

But so was crumbling the moon sand all over herself.

Needless to say we had some cleanup to do after and next time we will play with it in the backyard to make clean up super easy.

My dogs definitely enjoyed eating the moon sand that was crumbled all over the floor so they were great helpers.

I hope you enjoy this easy toddler activity tutorial for moon sand.

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How to make moon sand

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