Busy Books

Busy books for preschoolers/toddlers.

Make your life so much easier. No matter if you are homeschooling or need something to keep your kid busy with useful learning activities while you work from home – These busy books are perfect for you.

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Printable busy book

woodland busy book for preschoolers

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Printable busy book farm

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These two busy books with cute forest or farm animals will keep your preschool kid entertained while learning.

The perfect helper when you are working at home and need your kid to entertain themselves. Easy to print in the comfort of your home or any print shop.


1. Print all pages
2. Laminate all pages
3. Cut the pages that need to be cut (marked)
4. Attach fastener dots to the back of the cut outs and the busy book pages
5. Use a binder to store all pages in one place

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