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13 Genius tips to make shopping with baby a breeze

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Shopping with a baby in tow can be challenging. 

No matter if it’s at the grocery store or shopping for clothes – new moms still get used to a brand new routine that evolves all around the new baby which can make shopping quite stressful.

I personally couldn’t wait to get out of the house after giving birth.

I went to the store the first time when my baby was only 3 days old.

We have a travel system where you can click the car seat into the stroller frame which makes it so much easier if you only shop for a few things.

In this article, I’m going to give you 13 clever tips for shopping with a baby.

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1. Take someone with you

Having another adult or older child with you that can help you out during the grocery shop run just makes things so much easier so if you have the opportunity ask one of your friends or family to go to the store with you.

I know this can be hard if you are a single mom or your significant other is working and you don’t have friends and family nearby so don’t worry there are plenty of other tips to make shopping with your baby easier for you.

2. Park next to a cart return

This tip is not only useful for new moms with babies – To this day my main criteria for the perfect parking spot is being close to a cart return.

Well at least if I have my toddler with me.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be one of those people leaving carts all over the parking area of the grocery store so parking next to or very close to one makes the cart return fast and simple.

You could already buckle your child in and return the cart or take the cart to the stall and then take your baby out after you already put the groceries away.

I always put the groceries away first while my toddler stays in the cart the whole time and then take her with the cart to the return stall and then take her out.

That way I am close to my car, I have her with me at all times and I have eyes on my car the whole time as well (even though I lock it as well once I walk away…you never know)

3. Take a stroller with you in the car

Having the stroller with you is always a good idea.

How to grocery shop with a baby stroller: 

If you only need a couple of items why go through the hassle of getting the baby out and in the cart if you can just use the stroller instead and place the products in the stroller basket.

Before my baby was born I got a travel system stroller that you can use as a stroller alone or click the car seat into the stroller frame so all you have to do is open the frame, take the baby including the car seat out and click it into the stroller.

We used this one by Graco and you can even open the frame with just one hand if you need too – I love it.

And you are ready to go.

I would only do that though when you are planning on running in and out for a short amount of time.

The only place babies should be in the car seat for a longer time should be the car.

4. Take a few snacks with you

Once the baby is old enough to eat actual food you can simply take a few snacks with you inside the store and let them eat when they get fussy.

A hand full of animal crackers or goldfish will do the trick.

Make sure to also offer some water with the snack.

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5. Order pick up or delivery

Walmart just introduced the grocery pickup option in our area right on time when I had my baby and I was so excited to try it out.

This is such a great option if you don’t want to go inside the store but still need a few things.

You order online for pickup at a certain time and then simply pull up and they bring everything to you car AND load it into your trunk.

Once the employee is done you just drive back home.

Easy peasy!

I still use this option once in a while when it is a lot of stuff and I don’t feel like taking my toddler on a shopping tour with me.

Another great option that got especially popular during the last year is grocery delivery.

In that case, all you have to do is order and pay online and it will be brought right to your door so you don’t even have to leave the house in the first place but still get your groceries.

6. Buy a shopping cart cover

The shopping cart covers are great for comfort for the little baby butt and usually have little toys attached to them that will keep your baby occupied and happy while you are shopping.

Of course, you will have to wait until your baby is old enough to sit on its own before placing them in the shopping cart seat.

That is usually somewhere around 5-6 months.

7. Ditch the diaper bag

Just think about it – are you really gonna need all of the baby essentials for a quick shopping trip?

Probably not.

If you are just running to the store to get groceries then a small bag with the most important things you might need for the baby is more than enough.

That bag could include a extra burp cloth, one diaper and wipes and some snacks.

If you plan on going shopping in a mall I would definitely bring the fully stocked diaper bag.

Since you are most likely to stay a few hours shopping it makes sense to take it just in case.

8. Use a baby carrier

Baby wearing while grocery shopping is a really smart idea.

Instead of taking the whole car seat or placing your baby in the shopping cart seat, you can also take a baby carrier and just carry your baby through the store.

That way you have both hands free at all times and your baby feels secure snuggled up against you.

When you are carrying your baby in a baby carrier you could even breastfeed when your baby gets hungry without having to take them out or interrupt your shopping.

That is one of the reasons I love a good baby carrier.

There have been multiple times where I just breastfed my baby in the carrier while shopping or hiking – don’t worry its still very discrete and you can also place a burp cloth over the baby and you.

9. Place the car seat inside the cart

Have you ever asked yourself: How do you grocery shop with a baby in a car seat?

The only place you should ever have a baby with a car seat is in the shopping cart.

Don’t ever put the car seat on top – it is not safe and your baby could fall down with the car seat.

You can put the groceries you are shopping for in the shopping cart seat that is meant for older babies or around the car seat (But don’t pile them up and risk them falling all over your baby)

The good news is that some stores do have grocery carts with an extra attachment to safely place your car seat including your baby on top without losing any space in the grocery cart itself.

10. Make it quick

Babies can get fussy at any time.

Especially when they are still newborns they could need something at the most inconvenient time during shopping.

To avoid running into problems make your shopping trip as quick as possible.

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11. Pick the perfect time

If you know that your baby usually gets tired around the same time every day it might not be the best time to start shopping right then.

Pick a time that works best for your new schedule with the baby.

And make sure the baby has a fresh diaper, is fed, and in a good mood (or at least not super tired and cranky) before your leave the house to head to the store.

12. Leave the baby at home

If you have somebody that can watch your baby while you go get your grocery shopping that it is by far the easiest.

No need for an extra bag, car seat, or stroller and dragging the baby in and out of the store.

Just you and your grocery list – in and out and done.

13. Make sure you have a list

And stay focused.

Making a shopping list before you go shopping makes your trip as fast and efficient as possible.

You can be done a lot quicker just going through the list and getting everything you really need instead of wandering around the store trying to remember if you still have eggs at home or should buy some.

Especially when you already know the layout of the store and know where you have to head first and what to grab last.

We got some cute shopping list notepads that are magnetic so you can attach them to the fridge and just write down what you need whenever you finished something.

How do you carry a baby while shopping?

In my opinion, the easiest way is to put your baby in a baby carrier while you are shopping. 
Some moms also love a baby wrap so it’s really up to you what you are more comfortable with.

Can you put items in the stroller while shopping?

Yes, you can. I used to do this all the time if I was using the stroller for the shopping trip.

I hope you were able to find a few useful tips to make the next or first shopping trip with your new baby as easy as possible.

Do you also have a genius hack for moms while shopping that is not mentioned above?

Let us know in the comments!

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