Useless baby products

Most useless baby items – these products are a waste of money

Totally overrated baby products

Becoming a mom for the first time is beyond exciting.

If you are anything like me you probably want to go and buy all the things your newborn will need right away.

You might check the internet on must buy lists for a new baby, how many clothes a new baby needs and so on.

But there are a few products you can just forget about.

That’s right – Baby products that are a complete waste of money that you can go without perfectly fine.

I decided to ask moms in one of my mom groups what they would never buy again and surprisingly they mostly said the same thing.

Rather save your money for another cute outfit or pamper yourself before the baby gets here instead of buying these products:

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Wipe warmer

A baby wipe warmer is intended to warm the baby wipes up before you use them so it doesn’t feel so cold on the baby bottom.

I have never met a mom that found this product actually useful though.

Most of the time you will end up with dried out baby wipes that you now have to get wet again or use new ones.

INSTEAD: Buy a nice plastic container for your wipes and store them at room temperature. Most babies don’t even mind their butt getting a little cold – they just want to be clean.


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Diaper Pail

This trash can just for dirty diapers will take all the nasty smell of pee soaked diapers away.

You don’t even really have to get your hands dirty.

Just push the diaper in and forget about it until the diaper genie is full.

This special trash can needs special inserts which are very expensive and really don’t hold a lot of diapers.

And let’s be honest – if you take the trash out regularly or use a small normal trash can just for diapers that get’s taken out daily it won’t even start to smell in the first place.

This one is really unpopular to fellow moms.

Pretty much any mom I asked mentioned that the diaper pail was a waste of their money.

INSTEAD: Use a regular small trash can designated for diapers and a regular trash bag and empty it daily.


Newborn Baby Shoes

I know – they are so adorable but why would your newborn baby need shoes?

Rather buy some cute socks that will keep the baby feet cozy and warm.

Baby Bottle Warmer

Surprisingly about 80% of the moms I asked also said that a bottle warmer was a item they would not buy again.

Often known as must have baby item for new parents it is not that popular.

Most bottle warmer take quite some time to actually warm the bottle up to the desired temperature.

Time you do not have with a cranky baby on your hands.

Giving your baby room temperature milk is absolutely fine even though some may prefer it a little warmer.

INSTEAD: Heat water in the microwave and place the bottle in it for a minute. Make sure to mix the milk inside the bottle so it is evenly warmed up. You can also place the bottle under running hot water or feed milk at room temperature.

Changing Table

A changing table can be useful but let’s be honest – are you really going to go to the room with the changing table when your baby needs a new diaper when you are all the way on the other side of the house?

Probably not.

We never bought one and I don’t regret it one bit.

Most of the time I spend in the living room and just changing the baby wherever I was.

INSTEAD: Get a diaper caddy to carry the diapers and wipes where you need them. Some of them even come with their own changing pad.


Baby Bottle Sanitizer

A baby bottle sanitizer may sound like a really great and helpful invention.

You can clean – depending on the size of the sanitizer – a variety of baby bottles, pacifier and breast pump parts at once.

But guess what – so can your pot filled with boiling water.

“But a sanitizer save me time” – Does it really though?

Just think about how long it takes you to stack all the bottles neatly inside the sanitizer making sure everything has it’s place.

INSTEAD: Use the old fashioned method with a pot and boiling water to clean bottles, pacifier and pump parts. Cleaning the bottle with hot water and soap is actually proven to be just as effective as using a sanitizer.

According to the CDC washing the bottles inside a dishwasher with hot water and a hot drying cycle makes sanitizing the bottle after NOT necessary.

Do you know any other useless baby products?

Let me know in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Most useless baby items – these products are a waste of money”

  1. So true, we’re so conditioned to think we need all of this useless junk for babies haha. The real needs are such a short list.

  2. The crib was a pretty big waste of money, in my opinion! My babies hardly slept in it. It did have an attached changing table, which I actually did use for a little while — now, diaper changes happen right on the floor here, but the first few months after having a baby it’s a little hard to get back up off the floor, so it did come in pretty handy. After my second baby, we just kept the changing table (minus the crib) in the main living area, so it was pretty handy! 🙂

    1. Yeah that part with getting off the floor is true when everything is still hurting – then a changing table definitely makes it easier 🙂 we just always used the couch 🙂

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