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Emergency contact sheet for the babysitter (with free template)

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Leaving your kids at home with a babysitter can be nerve-wracking but let’s be honest we all need a break in that all of us have the luxury of having family or a great support system with friends around so we have to rely on a babysitter or Nanny.

But don’t worry with an emergency contact sheet for your babysitter you can enjoy your night out with a sigh of relief that your kids are in safe hands even when you are not there.

An emergency contact sheet basically is a document in list form that includes important phone numbers names and addresses that babysitters are nannies can get in contact with in case of an emergency.

The contact sheet ensures that a relative or friend can be contacted in case anything should happen while you were away.

Find out what is important to have on an emergency contact sheet for your babysitter and fixture to download the free printable template to print and use as often as needed.

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What emergency numbers should a babysitter or nanny have?

It is very important to provide your babysitter with the most important emergency contact information for your home and kids.

Here are some of the most important phone numbers and contact information that should not be missing on your emergency contact form:

Emergency Hotline

For the worst case scenario you can write the emercency hotline on your contact sheet as well.

Your cell phone number

This is one of the most important pieces of information on your sheet and you should make sure that you are always reachable while having your kids in the care of someone else.

The phone number of the other parent should be listed here as well

You should also note where you are going (for example the restaurant name and address) and how you can be reached there just in case your cell is not working.

Your work phone number 

Is the babysitters taking care of your child while you are at work the phone number of your workplace it’s also a very important number to be able to reach you. 

Family and friends

In case you cannot be reached for an ever reason it is a good idea to also have a few family members or good friends on your emergency contact sheet for the babysitter to should there be an emergency.

That way the family member or friend can come get the child or take other necessary actions for you.

Poison control

The number for the poison control center is one you should have close by at all times. 

You can call them whenever your child ingests something they shouldn’t to find out if they are real danger and you need to go to an emergency room or if it is a situation that can be waited out with Close monitoring.

 I’m pretty sure there’s not one parent that never had to call the poison control hotline.

We always have the number posted right on the fridge in the kitchen.

Small kids and especially toddlers  or babies that just started crawling can get into stuff so quick so it’s great to know how bad the situation is before heading to the ER right away.

Local and nearest hospital

If your babysitter ever comes in a situation where they have to take your child to the emergency room they should know where the closest hospital is and how to get there quick.

Police department

This is where you can write down the non-emergency phone number for your local police department.

Fire department

Same goes for the fire department write down the non emergency phone number for your local firefighters in case it is needed.

Your pediatrician or family doctor

If there’s a medical emergency or something they would  have to ask your doctor when it comes to medication and they cannot reach you giving them the phone number of your doctor ensure that they can get in touch with them if needed.

Local pharmacy

It is a good idea to write this one down as well in case your babysitter needs to pick up some medication for your child.

Taxi service

If your babysitter is a minor or has no way of transportation you can write down a phone number for the taxi service as well if they need to go somewhere.

Utility emergency hotline

It also doesn’t hurt to write down the emergency shut-off numbers for each of your utility companies so your nanny or babysitter can contact them.

Those are the most important numbers you should always have on a emergency contact sheet. 

Of course you can always add any other numbers as needed or replace one of them to write down a different one.

Free printable emergency contact sheet template

Below you can download the free emergency contact sheet template in pdf format to fill in in the numbers and addresses for your babysitter.

The free printable emergency contact form for babysitter can be downloaded and printed as often as you need so you can give them to different people as well.

What other information should the babysitter have?

Besides emergency contact sheet it is a great idea to leave some of these documents with your babysitter as well. 

You could actually make a whole emergency folder out of it with important information and documents about your child and home.

Documents for your emergency organizer:

  • Allergy informations
  • Medical authorization form
  • List of medications your child is currently taking
  • Insurance information
  • Emergency plan if you have one

Also make sure your babysitter or nanny knows where all the exits are in your home to get everyone out safely in case of a fire or other emergency situation.

Do you think we have everything covered or is something important missing? Let us know in the comments!

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