Paper cup carrot easter craft for kids

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Crafting with paper cups it’s always fun and the possibilities are endless.

This craft is a fun Easter activity to create cute carrots that can be used as a centerpiece on your easter dinner table and decoration around the house plus it keeps your kids entertained.

It’s a great idea to buy some paper cups in bulk for many fun crafting projects.

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What you need for the paper cup carrots

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How to make the easter carrots

Gather all your supplies so they are ready to go and you don’t have to search for anything in the middle of crafting.

Let’s start by painting your paper cup with orange acrylic paint and a paintbrush. 

You want to make sure the paint covers the paper cup really well and not miss any spots. You might need two coats depending on what color you use (some have better coverage than others)

You can use the same size paper cup or switch it up with different sizes to end up with a bunch of different paper cup easter carrots.

Make sure your paper cup is completely dry before proceeding.

Take one sheet of the green tissue paper and add it to your paper cup for the carrot greens.

You could even use different green shades to make the carrots a bit more unique when you create multiple ones.

When pushing the paper inside the orange paper cup you can also crumble it up a bit.

Now all that is left to do is paint the black lines that carrots usually have onto your carrot cup. 

Using the black marker and a steady hand create a few horizontal lines on the paper cup and you are done with your carrot.

Just make sure to let everything dry completely before you put them anywhere as decoration.

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What to use the paper cup carrots for

There are many fun ways to use your handmade easter decoration:

  • Centerpiece on your dinner table
  • Decoration around the house
  • Add a few chocolate eggs between or under the green paper and use them as a gift for friends
  • Make it a game: Create a few paper cup carrots and only add 1-2 chocolate eggs to one of them. Now take turns picking a cup and the person getting the cup with the chocolate easter eggs is the winner. 

How many paper cup carrots are you gonna make and what are you planning on doing with them? Do you have more creative ideas to use them?

Let us know in the comments below.

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