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What to wear after giving birth

You have been on an incredible journey leading up to the day of childbirth.

Beautiful moments are forever yours to cherish.

A time full of wonder.

The first time hearing your baby’s heartbeat, your baby’s tumbling moves and karate chops, and the heartburn.

Oh, the heartburn with morning sickness mixed in.

The road, as wonderful as it is, isn’t always an easy one.

You are transitioning from carrying your sweet bundle of joy in your womb to your arms.

You need this time to heal and nurture your postpartum body.

Congratulations, Momma! Now is the time to work on your self-care.

Taking care of a newborn, and possibly other children is full of beautiful chaos.

Let’s walk through what will help you make the most of your postpartum time and how to embrace and support your body.

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Comfortable clothes to wear after giving birth in the hospital

The first time I gave birth I packed a random variety of supposedly comfortable clothes that I thought I would wear after giving birth.

Honestly ,the best thing you can do though is to wear your old maternity clothes.

Your belly will still be somewhat big after birth so even though you do not have a baby in there any more you want clothes that fit your tummy without putting pressure on it.

Especially the first few days after giving birth I could not handle any pressure on my belly so just keep wearing my maternity clothes was the best choice.

Bonus points if your maternity clothes are also with nursing access for breastfeeding.

Otherwise, you should make sure to have a few nursing bras and nursing tops on hand to make breastfeeding super simple from the start.

Free flowing maxi dress

Deciding to formula feed or breastfeed leads to a simple statement – Comfort.

You will want some comfortable clothing to lounge in while nurturing your baby and body.

A favorite is a maxi dress. They are free flowing, make going to the bathroom a breeze, and are excellent for breast or formula feeding.

Therefore, it will be comfortable without putting any pressure on your skin while you’re healing.

C-section or vaginal delivery mothers will enjoy wearing this!

Check out the long-sleeved, long-length maxi dresses for the cooler months. It isn’t just for summer!

This long sleeve, long-length Maxi Dress is available on Amazon, and with over 11k Reviews plus plenty of different colors to choose from is definitely a winner.

And this short sleeve, long-length Maxi dress has the same style.

If you need something more accessible for breastfeeding then this is the one – Tank top, summer Maxi dress.

Recovery wrap

After a c-section, it is important to help your body heal.

Give yourself grace and time.

Your body just worked a beautiful miracle and also went through major surgery.

Using a recovery wrap will surround your body in comforting support, allowing your body to heal at its own pace.

It will provide ergonomic back support, improve core strength, and help speed up the healing process.

The Keababies 3 In 1 Postpartum Belly Support Recovery Wrap is perfect for that.

Keababies has a pretty good reputation amongst baby and postpartum products.

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Nursing bras, dresses, and tanks

Breastfeeding is a lovely way to provide nutrient-dense milk and bond with your baby, where you can study their sweet face.

Oh, their little nose!

Fighting with your clothing is the last thing you want to do as you’re trying to feed your hungry baby.

Clogged milk ducts, or even worse, mastitis.

One cause is tight bras or underwire, you want to avoid that if possible.

Nursing clothing makes breastfeeding so much easier.

It was one of the things I would spoil postpartum me with – some comfortable nursing clothes that make breastfeeding a breeze.

Look into some breastfeeding tanks, dresses, bras, and even hoodies for those chilly times!

There will be enough challenges – give yourself the gift of easy access!

Nursing bras

You can wear nursing bras during pregnancy as maternity bras as well.

To prevent leaking from breastmilk make sure to add nursing pads to your nursing bras as well.

When it comes to nursing bras my absolute favorite is the bras from motherhood maternity.

They have a variety of different nursing bras for different needs and are so comfortable.

Another great place to purchase nursing bras is H&M.

If you are looking for a comfortable nursing sleep bra then you should go with a seamless nursing bra.

I like their clothes in general since they have a really good quality and are more affordable than other places.

By the way – H&M also has amazing clothes for your baby!

Nursing tank tops

When I had my first baby I got some of these nursing tops from Bearsland and can tell you this is all I am wearing while breastfeeding and still use them right now for baby number 2.

Bearsland Women’s Maternity Nursing Tank Tops have a comfortable fit and good quality that will last you during your breastfeeding journey.

If you want to get some really basic nursing tops then H&M is a good place to check out for your breastfeeding clothes.

Nursing dress

I love dresses so of course they where one of the things I had to get in breastfeeding friendly.

It is so hard to find cute breastfeeding dresses but these finds might be a good fit for you too.

This nursing dress is a basic dress with short sleeves and skater dress style with different colors to choose from.

Another great dress is this breastfeeding friendly dress that you can already wear during pregnancy which means you only need to buy one dress that can be used as maternity dress and after pregnancy for breastfeeding.

Stretchy pants

After childbirth, moving easily without being restricted or painful pressure is a must!

I could absolutely not tolerate any pressure on my belly after giving birth so comfortable pants are a must have.

This is especially true when taking care of your little one.

Call all the stretchy pants! All types.

Think yoga, leggings, sweatpants-your husband’s pants!

Postpartum leggings

I have two different lengths of the Postpartum Active Maternity Leggings from Target that are perfect during pregnancy as well as right after giving birth.

They are made with super soft material and put absolutely no pressure on the belly thanks to the maternity belly part.

Postpartum shorts

Of course there are also postpartum shorts you can wear while recovering from childbirth and living in a hot climate.

Postpartum shape wear

And once you are ready to tolerate pressure on your belly you can start wearing postpartum shapewear to help you get back in shape.

Maternity Jeans

If you do like comfort but don’t like the style of comfy pants or leggings while out and about you can definitely still wear your maternity jeans.

It’s best to use maternity clothes that fit you around 5-6 months pregnant to accommodate your postpartum belly.

Get yourself a robe

A silky, soft robe to wrap yourself up in cool bliss, ready for nighttime–or daytime.

Grab your robe and toss it on.

Now you’re ready for bed, or to lounge.

When you need to feed your baby, if breastfeeding, just open it up and you’re ready to nurse.

It is a great way to keep your temp down when battling those hormonal hot flashes post-birth.

Soft robe

A great soft robe can really make you feeling super comfortable in your new postpartum body.

Silky robe

If you prefer a more silky feeling on your skin then a silky robe is the right fit for you.

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Slip-on shoes

Shoes that you can slip on without bending over are ideal for your postpartum healing!

Many mothers experience water gain and foot swelling that carries on for a few weeks after birth.

Don’t worry Momma, this is normal. Look at what your beautiful body created!

Easy to put on shoes are excellent for checking the mail, running an errand, or bringing in those Amazon packages!

Honestly slip on shoes is all I am wearing now as a mom in general.

They just make it so easy to get out of the house and were also great during pregnancy.

Slip-on shoes with a scrunch back

I would say these slip on shoes with scrunched back in basic colors are a great staple for every women.

They look good and are very affordable so you can definitely buy more than one pair.

Backless slip-on shoes

Slip on shoes without a back are even faster to put on and get out the door.

A perfect example for shoes like that are crocs (I know, either you love them or hate them)


I’m sure you aren’t in a hurry to put on a thong after having a baby, but there are medical reasons to avoid them for at least 4 to 6 weeks.

Give your body time to heal and pick a breathable, not too tight fabric.

Wearing tight or non-breathable underwear can cause infections – the last thing you want to add to your plate of things to take care of when you get home.

Cotton is a great choice! Think about the style too.

High-waisted is best, but not always everyone’s first choice.

I get it.

However, hipsters or low rise aren’t great for healing if you had a c-section.

Briefs or boy shorts are wonderful options if high-waisted isn’t your thing.

For the first few weeks after having a baby and while still bleeding I totally recommend wearing adult diapers though.

High waist postpartum underwear

Super comfortable and stretchy high-waist postpartum underwear is the best thing you can do for your postpartum body.

These high-waist panties are also great as c-section recovery maternity panties.

Since they are super soft and stretchy around the belly they will not put any pressure on your c-section opening.

Period underwear

Another excellent option is period underwear.

If you aren’t a fan of wearing large pads or diaper-style pads, this may have your attention.

It really does feel like regular underwear, but without all the bulk.

They absorb great, giving you peace of mind.

And since you will have more periods in your life they are super useful for regular periods as well.

Postpartum period leakproof underwear

Period underwear comes in just black like this 3-pack of period underwear or you can choose to wear them in fun colors for different moods.

These different colored period panties come in a pack of five.

Lounge sets

If you are all about comfort but want to dress it up, these are wonderful.

They are extremely comfortable, while not fitting tightly.

Remember, your wonderful body needs to heal!

So, head to that BBQ, invite your parents over to meet your newest baby, or go on a walk – all while feeling amazing.

Long sleeve and shorts lounge set

I love this super cute Casual Top and Shorts 2 Piece Outfit for just lounging around the house but it still looks good enough to also wear it for other occasions.

It is oversized with long sleeves and shorts.

Tank top and short lounge set

If you don’t want a long sleeve shirt then you should go with this knit 2 piece lounge set.

Long sleeve and pant lounge set

Or of course you can go with a classic Lounge set that has a longe sleeve shirt and long pants.

No matter what clothes you choose to wear postpartum – Enjoy your time snuggling with your newest family member and getting adjusted. Remember to soak in these precious moments. Give yourself grace, don’t be too hard on yourself.

You are doing a wonderful job, even when you question yourself.

Just take a deep breath and relax.

Create some deserved comfort for yourself.

Get some breathable, loose-fitting, easy to feed in clothing as you embark on the most beautiful adventure.

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