diy paper cup turkey

Paper cup turkey craft

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This simple paper cup turkey craft is super easy to make for kids of all ages and the perfect activity for thanksgiving or in general as a seasonal craft for fall.

You can use them as a cute little centerpiece for your thanksgiving table or let kids create their own paper cup turkeys on thanksgiving to keep them entertained while waiting for the food.

We all know how difficult it can be to keep little kids entertained when you are busy cooking the big family feast.

This turkey craft is easy enough for older kids to create with the little kids together.

All you need are a few things you can get at any dollar store.

What you need:

● Colored paper or cardboard (orange, red, and yellow)
● Paper cups
● Brown acrylic paint & paintbrush
● Googly eyes
● Scissor
● Glue gun/glue

paper cup turkey materials
Supplies needed to make the paper cup turkey

How to make the paper cup turkey:

1. Gather all the supplies you need.

2. Then start by cutting the paper cup to make it shorter and paint it with brown color all around.

3. While letting the paper dry, cut a leaf shape from each of the colored papers of your choice and attach them to the back of the painted paper cup using a glue gun (be careful not to burn your fingers!)

cut leaf shapes for feathers

4. Cut out a diamond shape from the yellow colored paper and fold it in half (lengthwise) for the turkey beak.

5. Glue it at the center of the paper cup.

paper cup turkey glued together

To complete the Brown Turkey craft, just add the googly eyes and you’re done.

Easy-peasy right?

This is what it should look like when you are completely done:

Paper cup turkey craft done

TIPS for crafting:

● Make sure to choose the right materials to achieve the desired
outcome – rather use thicker cardboard than a thin one to make your paper cup turkey more stable.
● Be careful when using the scissor and glue gun.
● Let your artistic self show in everything you do!

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To make your thanksgiving turkey unique you can also try one of these:

  • Instead of a simple leaf shape, you can also get more creative and make more cuts to make it look like a feather.
  • Use different shapes for different colors
  • Download and print the fall leaf templates below to cut out and trace for different leaf shapes or use them as an extra fall-themed coloring page for your kids.
  • Use different sizes for the feathers to attach to the paper cup turkey craft
  • Write on the turkey feathers what you are thankful for
  • Instead of cutting out leaf shapes you can also make one big “feather” with your kids handprint cutout from cardboard
  • Use real feathers instead of paper
fall leaves template

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