Paper snowman

Cute Paper Snowman craft for kids

Make a simple yet adorable paper snowman with your kids for this Christmas.

Crafts with paper are always a fun and easy way to create decorations with kids of all ages.

This paper snowman is very simple and looks great as a small table topper or simple decoration with the rest of your Christmas decorations.

As usual, you can get all the supplies you need for the snowman from any dollar store nearby for a really good price.

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Supplies needed for the paper snowman craft:

Construction Paper in different colors (black, white, orange)
Red ribbon (or any other color you prefer)
● Double sided tape
Pipe cleaners (maroon, black or brown)
● Scissors
● Googly eyes

You can find all the crafting supplies you need for the snowman on amazon right here on one page.

Step-by-step Instructions to make the paper snowman decoration:

1. Gather all your materials.Then start by cutting your white construction paper into thin strips lengthwise.

If you want a smaller paper snowman you can also cut it sideways or you can also adjust the thickness of the paper strips to make it look different if you make several.

Then you want to spread the paper strips in a circle and stick them together with double-sided tape. Once you’re satisfied with how it looks you get all the ends of the strips together to form a round shape and use the double-sided tape to keep them in place as well.

When you finished your first paper ball for the snowman body you are going to follow the same steps to make a smaller one for the head.

Assemble the smaller one on top of the big one and glue them together with double-sided tape.

2. Now using a black construction paper you are gonna three small circles for the body of the Snowman, one big circle for the hat and a rectangle size piece that will make the body of the hat.

paper pieces needed for snowman hat

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3. Cut a rectangle shape from the orange construction paper and roll it into a cone shape to make the Snowman nose.

You can cut that rectangle shape as big or small if you want to pending on how big you want the nose of your paper snowman.

Glue it together with the double-sided tape.

paper snowman nose

4. Now it’s time to assemble the hat of the paper craft snowman.

Grab the big circle and the rectangle shape that you cut out from the black construction paper. Roll the rectangle into a tube shape and use the tape to glued together.

Depending on how big you made that rectangle is how big the head for your snowman is going to be at the end. You can still cut it smaller to make a smaller hat.

Take the tube and and cut around one end and fold those pieces inward so you can attach the circle on top of it. 

5. Glue the hat on top of the Snowman and attach the nose, googly eyes and the three small circles to the Snowman body.

Paper snowman completely put together

6. Of course your paper snowman also needs Arms so we’re gonna create those with pipe cleaners. For each time you are going to need one long and two short pieces of the pipe cleaners.

Twist the two shorter pieces along the longer one to create the arm of the Snowman and repeat that process so you end up with two arms.

Arms for the paper snowman

7. Now all you need to do is attaching the arms to the paper snowman and you’re almost done.

Paper snowman with arms attached

8. For the last decorative part you are going to need your ribbon and cut two pieces. One will go around the hat and the other one is going to be the scarf of your snowman.

Now you created a cute paper snowman craft that can be part of your christmas dinner table.

Finished paper snowman craft

What can you use the paper snowman for?

  • Easy Christmas decoration to go on top of your fireplace
  • Create different sized paper snowmans for a cute Christmas dinner table center piece adding some fake snow and candles as well (be careful the candles are not too close to the snowman)
  • Use the snowman craft as a creative winter activity to make with your kids

What are you going to use the paper snowman craft for? Let us know in the comments!

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