make your own easter basket with card stock

Cardstock Easter Basket (with free printable)

Can you believe that March is half way over already and Easter is coming up next month?

Yeah me neither.

In just a few weeks from now we will be celebrating the resurrection of christ.

That is the original reason for Easter.

However over the last decades the Easter Bunny that brings colorful eggs has become a huge tradition all over the world.

But where does the bunny for Easter even come from?

 bunnies are known to have big litters of babies and therefore stand for the creation of life which is technically celebrated on Easter. 

The actual Easter Bunny is a German tradition where the so-called “Osterhase” Lays eggs,  decorates them with beautiful colors and then hides them.

The eggs are also seen as a symbol of New Life.

The tradition of Easter Bunny was brought to America in the 1700 from German immigrants that would build a nest for the Osterhase to lay his eggs in.

Nowadays children usually get an Easter basket filled with candy and other Easter related things like bunnies and little chicks.

What to do on Easter this year?

This year will be our second Easter that we are celebrating at home most likely without Easter egg hunts in public or any other festivities.

So how about making a fun and colorful Easter basket out of cardstock with your little ones?

All you have to do is download the template and let your kids color it in how they want before cutting the card stock and gluing the basket together.

Make sure you download this printable to make it even easier.

To download and print simply click on the picture.

Printable Easter Basket with Cardstock

Once that is done you can fill the easter basket with everything you would put in their normal basket and you could also hide it outside on easter day when the weather is good.

You know, maybe the Easter bunny comes around at night leaving eggs in their homemade basket.

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