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Thanksgiving turkey headband DIY

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The holiday season is here!

With the leaves starting to fall off the trees, pumpkin spice everything coming back and the temperatures dropping it is finally here – my favorite season fall.

And with the beginning of fall we all start thinking and preparing for holiday season and the last quarter of the year.

Thanksgiving is always a exciting part of the year and a big holiday for everyone in the USA.

While most people get the day off we like to gather with family and eat delicious food that has been prepared all day.

Being a foreigner this whole tradition was completely new to me when I migrated to the US but I really enjoy it.

So if you are the lucky one that does not have to cook why not use the time and make a few cute headbands with the kids until the food is ready?

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What you need:

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– Patriotic tealight holder

How to make it:

First start by measuring around your kids head to find out how much material you need.

Use that measurement and cut a piece that is long enough to go around your kids head plus 1 inch extra so you can glue it together and make the stripe about 2 inches wide.

Instead of a measuring tape you can also use copier paper.

Cut a 2 inch wide stripe from the paper and place it around your kids head. If you need more length cut more paper and use tape to glue them together.

Once you got the right length add one more inch for gluing later and there you have your stencil for the headband that you can now draw on the cardstock.

You can get completely creative and start cutting your own shapes from different colors for the feathers or use just one lighter brown color for the feathers compared to the turkey body.

You can also download this free seven page printable for the thanksgiving turkey head with different colored feathers.

free printable thanksgiving turkey headband

Print out the printable and either use the colored version printed on white cardboard or print out the ink-saving version printed out on normal paper to use as a stencil on colored carstock. (simply print out the lightest color only and black and white for the stencil)

If you don’t want to use the printable above you can just use simple shapes to make a thanksgiving turkey on paper and use that as stencil.

And that’s it!

Making this headband is a great cutting exercise for kids as well as a fun and creative way to spend the time until thanksgiving dinner.

Extra tip:

Instead of using it as a headband you can also use it as:

  • Tabletop decoration
  • Print in half the size twice and add a turkey on both sides of a mason jar filled with fall items like acorns and leaves
  • Print and cut the turkey only and use it as Wall decoration
  • Use the turkey only a few times to decorate the Thanksgiving dinner table

Did you make your own headband?

I would love to feature your pictures! – Send me a email.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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free printable thanksgiving turkey decoration

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