The best holiday Recipes

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Delicious recipes for the holiday season

With the holidays approaching fast this year and all the craziness going on it is great to settle down and relax with family over a delicious thanksgiving dinner.

Fall time is the perfect time to take a step back and enjoy the colder weather.

A lot of these recipes are great for Thanksgiving as well as Christmas and overall for any cozy fall night in.

No matter if you are a fan of the traditional recipes or like to experiment – you will find the perfect recipe for you.

And case you can not travel to see family this year why not make it a friendsgiving?

A Friendsgiving is basically the same as Thanksgiving but with your best friends sharing delicious food and cocktails instead of family.

Main Dishes

Stuffed Turkey Roulade

Instead of making the classic turkey how about a turkey roulade stuffed with butternut squash, mushrooms and cranberry?

Sounds good? – Head over to everyday delicious and get the full recipe.

Stuffed turkey roulade

Smoked turkey breast

Instead of making a whole turkey this recipe from miss in the kitchen only uses turkey breast.

This is a simple and classic recipe for Thanksgiving and Christmas and perfect for smaller families that don’t want to end up with huge amounts of leftover turkey.

Juicy and with a nice smoked flavor this is the turkey you need in your life.

smoked turkey breast

Vegetarian Meatloaf

All ways delicious also has a great vegetarian alternative for everyone not eating meat.

The main ingredients of the dish is mushrooms.

Vegetarian meatloaf with mushrooms

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Honey Glazed Ham

A Ham is a absolute must have for any thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner.

So why not try this recipe for a classic honey glazed baked ham from at home with Katy?

honey baked ham thanksgiving

Dry Brine Turkey With Herb Butter

This Spatchcock turkey has the backbone removed which makes it easier to lay flat.

Dry brining is generally done to retain all the moisture inside the turkey so you are rewarded with a absolutely juicy turkey.

Maple and Mango explains to you step by step how to make it and any additional information that is great to know about the recipe.

dry bring turkey thanksgiving christmas


French fried onions

When I was reading this recipe for french fried onions from scratch my mouth was already watering.

I don’t really like onions in general but if they are fried – don’t mind if I do.

This whole recipe is completely from scratch and can be found over at served from scratch.

french fried onions from scratch

Green Bean Salad

Green beans are one of the classic side dishes when it comes to thanksgiving or christmas.

This recipe from all ways delicious uses green beans in a salad with crispy fried onions instead of the classic green bean casserole.

I think this is something we will have to try and you can use the homemade french fried onions in the recipe above to add to the salad as a topping. Yummy!

green bean salad with fried onions

Parmesan roasted green beans

If you don’t want to make the green bean casserole again like you do every year and the green bean salad doesn’t sound right how about parmesan roasted green beans instead?

The recipe for this delicious combination comes from saving talents and is so easy to make.

Pro tip: If you want some really good parmesan try to get parmigiano reggiano original from italy – thank me later!

Parmesan roasted green beans

Cheesy Butternut Squash Casserole

Butternut squash is always a great ingredient for a side dish.

This cheesy casserole could also be a great vegetarian main dish instead of just a side dish with the turkey.

You can head to two pink peonies to get the full recipe.

Cheesy butternut squash casserole

Quinoa stuffed butternut squash

Another great way to use a butternut squash for a side dish is this delicious recipe from green scheme tv.

Baked and stuffed with quinoa it is actually also a great vegan dish with lots of flavor.

In addition to the recipe you also get a few great tips about cooking with butternut squash.

Quinoa stuffed butternut squash

Thanksgiving Enchiladas

Why not put a little mexican twist to the classic thanksgiving feast?

These thanksgiving enchiladas from burrat and bubbles are made with typical thanksgiving or Christmas ingredients like butternut squash and turkey.

They can also be made with leftovers from thanksgiving.

And they are served with a pomegranate guacamole – What? That sounds really interesting!

Turkey thanksgiving enchiladas

Bacon and Apple Stuffing

No thanksgiving or Christmas dinner is complete without stuffing for the turkey.

Food folks and fun made this easy stuffing with bacon and apple pieces which makes it so good with the saltiness of the bacon and the sweetness of the apple perfectly balanced.

Bacon and Apple Stuffing

Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Balsamic roasted Brussels sprouts are a great healthier alternative to the classic side dishes.

If you love brussels sprouts this recipe from masala herb is perfect for you.

Balsamic roasted brussels sprouts

Caramelized Shallot Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are my personal favorite side dish for all the holiday meals.

This recipe from julie blanner is made with caramelized shallots mixes up the normal mashed potatoes with lots of extra flavor.

caramelized shallot mashed potatoes

Panera Bread Mac and Cheese Copycat

The cozy cook came up with a copycat recipe for panera breads famous mac and cheese which are absolutely delicious.

This is a recipe I am definitely gonna have to try out.

Mac and cheese are the ultimate comfort food.

Panera bread copycat mac and cheese

Cider & Elderberry Cranberry Sauce

Of course you also need a great cranberry sauce for all the meat and side dishes.

This cranberry sauce is made with cider and elderberry is a great alternative to the normal classic cranberry sauce.

You can find the recipe at Raias Recipes.

cider elderberry cranberry sauce thanksgiving christmas

Raspberry Lavender Cranberry Sauce

And if you like it a little more exotic this cranberry sauce recipe is for you.

Made with raspberry and lavender is a fruity twist on the classic sauce and can be found at kitchen of youth.

raspberry lavender cranberry sauce


Cinnamon and Carrot Pie

Of course every good lunch or dinner needs a good dessert.

Something sweet after a festive feast with your family and the world is OK.

The gifted gabber came up with this odd but delicious combination and I think it sounds like it’s worth a try.

Carrot pie with cinnamon

Pumpkin Bars

With a consistency that is close to a cookie and all the taste from a pumpkin pie these pumpkin bars are also gluten free and made without refined sugar.

So all the people that normally have to skip pie because of gluten can say yes to this one.

Head over to allergy free alaska to get the full recipe.

pumpkin pie bars gluten free

Turkey Cookies

How absolutely adorable are these turkey cookies?

These eye-catching cookies are so much fun to make and eat especially for kids.

You can find the recipe here at seasoned sprinkles.

Cute turkey cookies

Apple Pandowdy

This mouth watering dessert with lots of apples is a american classic from the 1800s and early 1900s and can be compared to a apple pie.

Just reading the recipe from the toasty kitchen makes me want to try it out right now.

Apple pandowdy dessert

Sweet Potato Cake

This sweet potato cake is pretty much the classic sweet potato casserole with marshmallows but in cake form with marshmallow frosting.

Perfectly spiced, sweet and with a caramel sauce drizzle this is a true treat for your tastebuds.

The simple sweet life came up with this delicious variation.

Sweet potato cake with marshmallow frosting


Apple cider with spices

If this spiced apple cider doesn’t make you feel warm and cozy then I don’t know what will.

If you ask me this is the ultimative fall and holiday drink.

Just imagine the delicious smell of apples and cinnamon enjoyed hot or cold.

While this recipe from everyday delicious is non-alcoholic it can always be spiked with some alcohol and make it a more adult version for late nights in front of the fireplace.

Spiced apple cider recipe

Cranberry Infused Water

Refreshing, no extra sugar and tasty?

This cranberry and apple infused water from tasty galaxy has it all without any extra stuff that you would find in store bought flavored water.

Cranberry and Apple are probably THE fall fruits besides pumpkin.

cranberry apple infused water

Pumpkin Pie Milkshake

Of course we also need a drink for all the pumpkin lovers.

Crave the good comes trough with a recipe for a pumpkin pie milkshake that will leave every fan of pumpkin pie on cloud 9.

And it is actually made with a real pumpkin pie so this is a great recipe for Thanksgiving or Christmas leftovers the next day.

It could also count as a dessert more than a drink because it is so rich.

pumpkin pie milkshake

Thanksgiving / Fall Punch

If you are looking for a apple filled cocktail this is the one.

Besides the recipe Thyme and Joy also gives you some great tips and tricks to go with the recipe.

It can easily be made as a mocktail without alcohol too.

Thanksgiving punch

Orange Spiced Black Tea

All the ingredients for this orange spiced black tea literally scream holiday season with cozy nights in and lots of family time.

The perfect hot drink for fall that will warm your soul.

Spoons of flavor has the whole recipe for you.

Orange spiced Black tea

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Brilliant recipes for thanksgiving

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